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Updated: September 25th, 2021 06:38 PM IST

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United XI vs West Ham: Henderson, Dalot, Bailly, Lindelof, Telles, Matic (c), Van de Beek, Lingard, Mata, Sancho, Martial #mufc

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On the hour mark, #mufc pass completion Bruno 64% Pogba 69% Fred 72% Ronaldo 73% AWB 77% Varane 78% Maguire 79% Mctominay 83% Greenwood 85% Dalot 86% Having no control of the game. Donny , Matic sub on? #MUNAVL

One thing I learned yesterday is that if we are dominating games or need a goal it’s AWB out and Dalot in #MUFC

Dalot dipertahankan untuk suatu alasan. Tiga laga #UCL kedepan akan jd pembuktian, plus boleh juga dicoba di liga kapan-kapan. Manyala, @DalotDiogo 👊🔥

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The only and Dalot. Martial is Martial. Sama macam Fred. Malas nak cakap. #mufc #manutd

प्रतापगढ़ हुई कांग्रेस मय @RamlalMeenaINC

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Swinging crosses in from Dalot and Telles to Martial was suicide from minute 1 looool he hasn’t scored a header since like Chelsea away 19/20

Dalot had a better performance tdy than any AWB performance in his career

I’m not including Dalot. Bailly, Lindelof, Mata, Lingard, Matic and Martial. You should know that really. I don’t know where you’re going with this? That XI he fielded tonight are good enough to beat West Ham reserved, he’s failed again and another chance to win a trophy has gone

you don’t take into account that de gea completely carried us that season? Why do people never take into account players man… and you’re including players like dalot who did absolutely nothing, we also made a full team of changes i forgot we’re West Ham fans now?

Player ratings Henderson - 6 Dalot - 7 Bailly - 5 Lindelof - 6 Telles - 3 Matic - 7 VDB - 6 Lingard - 3 Mata - 4 Sancho - 4 Martial - 2

Donny did a average Mctominay performance(Scott defends better too) Matić, Bailly I agree they were very good. Dalot was decent.

@RedDevilTillDie De acuerdo, lo triste de la eliminación no es la copa en sí, es que es un espacio donde jugadores como el pueden tener más minutos. A mi lo de Dalot también me pareció bueno.

Querem forçar que existe uma briga pela titularidade entre Wan-Bissaka e Dalot atualmente. Vamos aos fatos: Wan-Bissaka, 23 anos: 2 temporadas em alto nível, salvando inúmeros erros dos zagueiros, mal em 2 jogos apenas (Brighton 19/20 e Young Boys 21/22).

Dalot, 22 anos: reserva, emprestado ao Milan (reserva também) e hoje fez um jogo médio pela possante Copa da Liga. Preciso falar alguma coisa?

It’s sad that the likes of bailly dalot Donny Lingard and the rest of today’s team won’t get much more game time this season the Carabao was the 1 competition these guys could prove their worth and now we are out!!

@Jetmiiir1 @Culturecams I’m talking overall, I don’t rate awb highly but I don’t think dalot is any better

@thesniperunited @Culturecams If you watched the game tonight Dalot was our best player, he picked up amazing spaces and good crosses. Better than Booker T 100%.

Dalot played well so I can’t give less of a fvck that we lost. Enjoy your complaining, I’m sleeping well tonight


Just to balance out the negativity, I want to mention some players that did well tonight. Sancho was better again. Keep playing him, it will come. Donny was decent on the ball, tried hard (👀) but still room for improvement. Dalot as well. Energetic, intent was there. Promising.

First 10 minutes the defence was so shit. Full backs especially. Can’t believe people rate Dalot. No one rates Telles so it’s fine but Dalot doesn’t have a clue defensively

Quiero resaltar algunos nombres de buen rendimiento: • Diogo Dalot: Personalidad en ataque y no desentonó en defensa. • Victor Lindelöf: Mucha seguridad atrás. • Nemanja Matic: Mucha inteligencia en salida. • Donny van de Beek🏆: Juego sencillo y sacrificio. Merece titular.

Positives from united game were VDB, dalot and a rested matic. And greenwood lit up the stadium as soon as he came on. #MUNWHU #EFLCup

Dalot trending rn for positive reasons. Istg people get swayed so much by aesthetics, they forget these players have an actual job to perform

Buenas intervenciones de Jadon Sancho y Diogo Dalot. El dueño de casa no baja los brazos. 🔴 0-1 ⚒️ (60’)

Watching Diego Dalot play is so refreshing when you’re used to watching AWB falling over every time he dribbles

💭 Partidas boas de Van de Beek, Matic e Dalot até o momento. Vai parecer que eu pego no pé, mas Martial horrível outra vez.

Out of interest why haven’t we scored 5 yet? All the fanboys of Donny, Martial & Dalot would have you believe their world beaters… weird.

QUASE DALOT! Dobradinha Van de Beek–Dalot pela direita parece promissor. Novamente os dois tabelam, dessa vez é Donny quem recebe mais a frente e cruza. A zaga afasta parcialmente e Dalot chega finalizando com perigo. [0-1] #MUNWHU #CopaDaLigaFoxSports

United XI vs West Ham: Henderson, Dalot, Bailly, Lindelof, Telles, Matic (c), Van de Beek, Lingard, Mata, Sancho, Martial #mufc

🗣 Diogo Dalot on his celebration: It’s a funny thing. I had a couple of friends in the national team and we were playing UNO and, when we are putting down the +4 cards, everybody was like this [points to neck] because we didn’t have any more +4 cards. [United Reivew]

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