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davide and ekin su’s relationship is giving a 2010s rom com that would star one of adam sandler or jennifer anitson #LoveIsland.

AS Roma are working to complete third signing Mehmet Zeki Çelik with Lille on a permanent deal, talks are in progress. Çelik wants AS Roma move. 🔴 #transfers Roma will also proceed in talks with Sassuolo for Davide Frattesi, as per @DiMarzio..

Mehmet Zeki Çelik joins AS Roma as expected, done deal. Full agreement with Lille as @DiMarzio reports, €7m plus sell-on clause included. 🟡🔴🇹🇷 #ASRoma Third signing for José Mourinho after Svilar and Matić - now waiting for Davide Frattesi, top target for the midfield..

Davide and Ekin-Su is a real love story. They loved each other, tried to kill eachother now they can cause chaos together #loveisland.

Davide Photo,Davide Photo by Septimus Prime 🇸🇱,Septimus Prime 🇸🇱 on twitter tweets Davide Photo

Davide wants to kiss two girls in two days , WHO IS THE BUTTERFLY GOING FROM FLOWER TO FLOWER NOW #LoveIsland.

Danica has had a rough ride. Didn’t get any dates when she came in, had to do some awkward entrance rather than a bombshell walk, disrespected by Luca, now getting shegged at the recoupling after grafting Davide. I feel sorry for her #LoveIsland.

What has Ekin-Su actually done to be a game player though? Like she should’ve been upfront about kissing on the terrace but ultimately she’s been clear with the girls about how she’s felt about Davide and Jay #LoveIsland.

???? Davide kissed her and then said ok now you can go 😭😭 sick guy #LoveIsland.

If Davide could split himself in two and couple up he absolutely would. Nobody loves that man more than he loves himself and I can absolutely relate. #LoveIsland.

The way Davide talks about Ekin-Su is disgusting, I don’t know why people love this guy so much he’s shown he hates women early #LoveIsland.

Fabio Paratici held an important meeting today with agent Giuseppe Riso who represents Sandro Tonali, Davide Frattesi, Gianluca Mancini, Matteo Pessina and Bryan Cristante. #THFC - @TuttoMercatoWeb.

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Davide doesn’t try to be funny but he’s hilarious. He’s gonna do so well after the show..

Nah Davide is just really intrigued by Ekin su. He can’t figure her out and doesn’t understand how she easily can move on #TALKSWITHASH.

Ekin is married to Davide in her head right now. Unless they bring in someone better looking than him I don’t see her turning tbh. #weonsmoke.

Everyone after watching the Dami and Indiyah date #LoveIsland.

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Anyone noticed since Davide no other “bombshell” has been into Gemma but itv 2 wanted to force her down our throats #LoveIsland.

Davide is a real villain how does he kiss Danicas face off and couples up with Antigoni! He’s a real bad man😭 #LoveIsland #davide.

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Ekin-su and Tash are not the same. Tash is using Andrew as a safety net until she finds someone better, if Ekin wanted that she would have stayed with Davide. I think the guys are using Ekin as a safety net, she loves having her ego stroked and they know it #LoveIsland.

Davide wants Ekin-Su to be obsessed with him and to beg for him. He’s so used to girls falling at his feet, he probably looks at is as a challenge to hypnotise a babe like Ekin #TALKSWITHASH #LoveIsland.

a quanto sono quotati i video in cui c’è kekko che dedica una canzone a davide e lilì ????? #jeru.

unpopular opinion: i want an enemies to lover arc between davide and ekin-su #LoveIsland.

I don’t find Davide funny anymore. I also agree with the ones saying he’s racist. Thinking back to his entrance in the villa and was only talking to the 3 (white girls) in the villa. I knew he was bad vibes #TALKSWITHASH.

@jjustnisa luca joking abt davide’s indecisiveness but being bitchy to ekin su and tasha is really rubbing me the wrong way🥴 #LoveIsland.

Dato che il contratto di Ospina è scaduto, attualmente Davide Marfella è ufficialmente il primo portiere del Napoli..

Davide and Ekin-Su have got me smiling ear to ear 😂. They are so toxic and it’s cute to watch 😂 #LoveIsland.

Davide is obsessed with Ekin cause he’s not used to woman embarrassing him #TALKSWITHASH.


I feel like Davide is giving Ekin evil eye and that is why her tings keep going wrong #TALKSWITHASH.

right ekin su don’t even care anymore davide still tryna beef her 😂 #TALKSWITHASH.

I like what tasha is doing tbh. We always see a guy doing what she’s doing in previous seasons. Plus there’s a lot of misogyny and double standards at play this season mainly by Davide and Luca so I think people should let tasha live #LoveIsland.

the sooner davide realises that what ekin-su did wasn’t actually that bad this show will get tons better #LoveIsland.

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