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David de Gea wants to stay, Man United want to keep him. Discussions continue on the salary structure and length of the contract. 🔴 #MUFC All parties remain optimistic, as revealed at the beginning of the month 👇🏻.

$300 billones de pesos de plata del pueblo manejan Sarmiento Angulo, GEA y otros con sus Administradoras Privadas de Pensiones. ¿Usted cree que se van a dejar quitar tan rentable negocio dócilmente? La campaña de fake news contra el Gobierno tiene responsables claros y chequera.

During this season, Ten Hag has come to appreciate David de Gea’s worth and is happy for him to be his goalkeeper for future years. The sense is that he feels other positions require strengthening first, specifically centre-forward. [@lauriewhitwell].

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David de Gea has turned down first new contract offer from #MUFC. Expectation deal will be agreed at reduced salary but negotiations ongoing. Erik ten Hag wants him to stay. FFP rules mean transfer budget priorities elsewhere - namely centre-forward..

Los fanáticos y contratistas de Quintero también van a decir que esto es culpa del GEA? O del Uribismo? O de Fajardo? O de Fico? En esta alcaldía son unos indolentes! Solidaridad con la familia del niño que debe estar pasando un momento terrible..

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Directivos del GEA usan a sus empleados como carne de cañón para presionar a las autoridades.

Los del GEA emputados haciendo oposición al alcalde @QuinteroCalle apoyados en políticos de medio pelo, mientras los gilinski se les queda con sus empresas..

In spite of a clear decline in his shot-stopping over the years, changing the build-up approach partly due to him but also a lack of receivers, why it is not as easy or straight-forward to replace De Gea this summer? Tiny🧵 #MUFC.

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Dangle Marten Stekelenburg in front of Ten Hag I’m sure he’ll change his mind on De Gea.

O tempo é a minha razão. Laurie Whitwell noticiando que o Ten Hag quer MANTER o De Gea, chegando a afirmar que o técnico está satisfeito em ter ele como goleiro pelos próximos ANOS e que existem outras prioridades para reforços. O óbvio pra quem não se prende em.

REA La reina de los Titanes. Rea fue una de los primeros doce Titanes, hijos de Gea y Urano. Tras la muerte de su padre a manos de su hermano Cronos, este último tomo a Rea como su esposa y juntos engendraron a seis dioses, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon y Zeus..

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I have no idea how you can come to the conclusion that De Gea is anywhere near elite standard in 2023. The stats show you he’s bad, eye-test’s even worse. Football is all about debates, opinions are always going to be different, but this one i genuinely cannot fathom, at all….

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Obawiam się, że za dwa, trzy sezony De Gea zwolni Ten Haga. Obok środkowego napastnika priorytetem powinien być nowy bramkarz..


Antony and De Gea largely terrible on every statistical front and upgradable on the eye test yet they have allocated an insane amount of resources to facilitate both being at United. Truly baffling.

De Gea has to make saves to make up for his mistakes when claiming/kicking so the Maldini logic literally applies to him😭.

Single handedly, the stupidest quote out there. How can someone disregard Statistics (The difference in De Gea and other keepers is astonishingly high btw) and then go on quoting Maldini?!.

In a league of 20 teams. David de Gea is 22nd in crosses claimed Behind Mendy of Chelsea and Dubravka of Newcastle Won one premier league title a decade ago, and not only is he not decent with his feet, but he is terrible.


David de Gea Tolak Tawaran Kontrak Baru dari Manchester United, Sinyal Hengkang Akhir Musim?.

So if de gea has to make a save then I guess he’s already made multiple mistakes as the stats and graphs suggest?.

🚨🔴| Erik ten Hag has given his blessing for David de Gea to continue at #mufc. [@lauriewhitwell].

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@Kleber_United acho que o united vai perder essa, dado como estão saindo as noticias pelo de gea, a situação de mercado de transferências ainda sobre a gestão glazzer vai ser muito muito precário, então até que se tenha respostas sobre esse assunto vamos perder essas oportunidades.

@bobby_keita @the_marcoli_boy He has been dropped Spain becoz he does not suit their because he is a bad Goal keeper…Go ahead and check De Gea in 2018 when he was named in the world IX and tell me if that was not prime De Gea 🤣🤣🤣 u are just ignorant bro.

@JackFawcett1704 It’s fulham not high pressing team that is pressing de gea most of the game but they will come back to you even tho your looking at the bigger picture just don’t get it.


@UnitedStandMUFC @markgoldbridge I don’t think people actually watch other teams play every keeper has bad distribution days even ederson and Alison, not saying de gea is as good as them at it but people love to act like he should be having 100% accuracy when no keeper does it.

Hukum Membeli Jabatan Dalam Islam. Baca 👉 . Trend 🚀 Alhamdulillah Nabil Sarapan BPJS De Gea Hogwarts RIP Legend He is 10 MAS JEONGWOO Hybrid Nasi The Glory Candle Light #Islam..

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@Dxmaldinho @markgoldbridge Of course there 🤣 who are you going to get that is available that is better shot stopper than De Gea?.

@DisTurB____ He’s doing what every good shot stopper does and I won’t take that form him,aside that he can’t do any basic as modern keeper,old school naaa🤣 🤣watch out for ten hag changing him as first keeper next season,simple pass then De gea dey shake😂🤣🤣🤣distributions basaaa ah.

@ManUtd @D_DeGea Thank you David De Gea 🙏 you continually make Man United and Old Trafford fans proud ❤️.

@MUnitedEs Ganamos por de Gea y por el Fulham , por que juéganos horrible no merecíamos ganar !!.

For all the hate we give De Gea, todays win would not have happened without him. Just saying it how it is. I still think we need a new GK to evolve as a team..

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