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This De Klerk Murderer says he doesn’t believe that apartheid was crime against humanity because not enough black people were killed by the apartheid system he presided over. He’s basically saying he didn’t kill enough black people. Let’s move from reconciliation to justice SA!

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Lest we forget ANC has Marged with apartheid National party which was led by de klerk, de klerk is very much a member of anc anc

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Stephen Grootes ()

FW de Klerk shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela. He apologised to the TRC for Apartheid. Now he says Apartheid was not a crime against humanity. How do you feel about him now? What is your advice for him? #SAfmSunrise @SAfmRadio

IOL News ()

Thabo Mbeki says De Klerk claimed he was not aware that apartheid was declared a crime against humanity. Video: Sihle Mavuso #FWDeKlerk

Floyd Shivambu ()

This De Klerk Murderer says he doesn’t believe that apartheid was crime against humanity because not enough black people were killed by the apartheid system he presided over. He’s basically saying he didn’t kill enough black people. Let’s move from reconciliation to justice SA!

BlackCulture ()

I really understand wen white people and Indians say Apartheid was not crime against humanity but 4 black people: are we witched? Are we cursed? Are we not human beings enough to think 4 ourselves: listen to all these black people defending FW De Klerk with everything @zizikodwa

Khulani Qoma ()

FACT: South Africans, particularly Melanin Soldiers, care about what De Klerk thinks. His views on apartheid have gripped SA, even the president was blocked from delivering the SONA. The same people who call him a murderer have placed a high premium on what he thinks. Irony!

African ()

De Klerk will split the ANC. I was with some very angry comrades yesterday who are prepared to leave the organization today!

BlackCulture ()

@Our_DA its a group of white racists and Indian racists if the queen of racism ugogo @helenzille endorse these rubbish: but no problem we want De Klerk to be prosecuted for his crime:

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Khandani Msibi ()

Jansen was represented in the Tricameral parliament, thats what he means by saying de Klerk gave him power. Thina we struggled until de Klerk was so scared he had to capitulate, its just that we elected the ANC he has already captured to finish the job, aboMahena!

Decolonization Project🇿🇦 ()

What is the difference between FW De Klerk foundation and Afriforum? @LandNoli

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BlackCulture ()

Because of this clip can we agree that all South African political parties they are the enemy of Black People except @EFFSouthAfrica: they all stand with one voice that De Klerk is their white master: useless lekota suggested to punish @EFFSouthAfrica members of parliament

Economic Freedom Fighters ()

The Economic Freedom Fighters Statement on De Klerk’s Apartheid Denialism.

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Kristina Gubic ()

@MbuyiseniNdlozi While the sweeping assumptions may suit your hyperbolic narrative, De Klerk is not my spokesman and does not represent the views of ALL South Africans that happen to have a white skin. But thank you for calling him out on his denialism.

Soko BigYoutt 🇿🇼 🇿🇼 ()

@ngungunyana @SekuruRoddie What De Klerk said showed his true colours - Africans should never be fooled by those from far lands.

Not Adv Ngcukaitobi ()

Gaddafi and Mugabe oppressed black people and killed thousands. Such acts were declared crimes against humanity. De Klerk is in the same WhatsApp group as them but since his white we must ignore the war crimes of Gaddafi and Mugabe and hound him while Malema praises directors.

Koena. ()

ANC siyabuza ngubani owabulala uChris Hani simthanda? Nawe De Klerk siyakusola singing 🔊📯🎼🎵🎶🎷🎸🎹🎤.

Dumisani Tembe ()

“De Klerk is not different from his ” Mbeki

Panyaza Lesufi ()

“By contrast, some 23 000 people died in South Africa’s political violence between 1960 and 1994 - of whom fewer than 5 000 were killed by the security of the rest of the deaths occurred in the conflict between the IFP and the ANC” FW De Klerk Foundation, 14 Feb 2020

Jonathan Jansen ()

I respect Mr de Klerk for giving up power and coming to negotiations. It would enhance his legacy if he would simply acknowledge that apartheid was a horrific crime against humanity.

Ziyawoyika Umbethe ()

UMBUZO: Luthini uluvo lwakho mphulaphuli malunga nokuvakaliswe ngulowo wayesakuba ngumongameli uFW de Klerk - esithi inkqubo yengcinzelo yayingelolwaphulo-mthetho lokunyhashwa kwamalungelo oluntu?

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African ()

Imidlwembe and Thumaminions can go work in De Klerk’s garden!

Justine Limpitlaw ()

Apartheid was a crime against humanity. De Klerk was in the belly of the beast for most of his life. His finest attribute was to be able to read the writing on the wall when his back was firmly against it. His finest hour was unbanning the ANC, releasing our leaders. For me, his

Irvin Jim ()

De Klerk defense of apartheid, that it was not a crime against humanity confirms that he remain,perfect never gave up their mission to oppress and to marginalized us through negotiated settlement,He gave us empty,political power to continue with exploitation of blacks

OtiliaV ()

@SimonPGrindrod I insist that De Klerk is not a has-been, he is a very important figurehead of the system many gave their life to dismantle. What is achieved by awareness is that more people are conscientised, and more people realize that they matter, and that they will not be taken for granted.

Craig ()

@The_Njoko And Mandela was a terrorist, and killed women and children. Many terrorists sitting in Parliament who belong to the ANC, why you singling out de Klerk?

Takhaar ()

Notion that apartheid is a crime against humanity is Soviet propaganda meant to agitate - FW de Klerk Foundation (via )

Justine Limpitlaw ()

Her father literally appointed De Klerk one of our first two Deputy Presidents.

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi ()

De Klerk says: “The idea that apartheid was ‘a crime against humanity’ was, and remains, an ‘agitprop’ project initiated by the Soviets and their ANC/SACP allies to stigmatise white South Africans by associating them with genuine crimes against humanity”

Sphithiphithi Evaluator ()

@MYANC has FAILED to wish President Zuma a speedy recovery When a mass murderer De Klerk coughs, they run with cards & flowers to his house and issue statements wishing him a speedy recovery The ANC will go down in history as a movement that neglected the revolution

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Chief/Skhulu©® ()

Interesting, in essence the EFF was kicked out and de klerk stayed 🤷🏿‍♂️🇿🇦

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