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Since #Domkop @Sentletse deliberately narrowed the video. Here is what the point of the #RandomMusing was about. Now then, let’s debate the real issue..

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A twar called Domkop There was dust everywhere! Sofas, money, anger 🙆🏽‍♀️ A #PitoriRewindz.

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@Sentletse Khame bhuti, we are still fighting toith and nail with labhuti we domkop on your behalf.

Fuck you Twitter people @VusiThembekwayo was right your #domkop how can you bully anele the whole day especially you.

I couldn’t bring myself to call anyone #Domkop sarcastically or otherwise. I couldn’t ✋🏾.

I think I want this bed by #Domkop @Sentletse looks good for 🔞⛔️.

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Stop engaging the #Domkop Those of us who attend the MasterClass know what the real is. 😉.

When I saw Shona trending I thought someone called him a #Domkop.

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This is real entrepreneurship, people must not confuse posh accent with business skills. #Domkop.

This is what #Domkop does. Contact us ([email protected]) for luxury bespoke furniture. Instagram: @sinuouslinesdesigns 😁.

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Here is the other point that #Domkop @Sentletse This is what happens when comment without context..

Since #Domkop @Sentletse deliberately narrowed the video. Here is what the point of the #RandomMusing was about. Now then, let’s debate the real issue..

We are photographers in maboneng We take visitors beautiful photos while they explore the place.🍻🍔 If you planning to visit soon please BOOK us via DM, Thank you. 🙏 #Domkop.

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@VusiThembekwayo @MyGrowthFund Someone like my comment before I become #Domkop 😂😂😂😂 this is Hilarious.

Someone take this #Domkop phone away: Asset management is THE INDUSTRY. Venture capital is an ALTERNATIVE ASSET CLASS. Asset managers are the PRACTITIONERS. @MyGrowthFund grandfathers on our sponsors’ license. Common industry practice. Do you see? #Domkop Dom! Dom! Dom!.

Sentlese could be called any of these, airhead, beefheaded, beetleheaded, blockhead, bonehead, bullhead, bubblehead, buffle-headed, butthead, chucklehead, deadhead, fathead, flathead, hammerhead, heavy-headed, but the best description is certainly #Domkop.

When #Domkop Sentlese goes to jail for posting those tweets accusing judges of being corrupt he will be busy doing this in jail:.

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#JacobZuma people are so obsessed with him they blindly forget that we still want our own land to farm ... it funny how headlines will say Zuma left Zuma right but will never have a headline saying Black people also deserve some land damn #Domkop.

Belittling someone who spends their entire existence belttling you & others is not arrogance. It’s called RECIPROCITY. #Domkop #vusithembekwayo.

It’s okay to call Sentletse a #Domkop. after he has misquoted and lied about your business. but it’s not okay to undermine a #SmallBusiness just because you are making millions..

People cosigning that EFF supporters are #Domkop OK so which party should Black people get behind? ANC? The party that has screwed over millions of poor Black South Africans and only interested in enriching themselves? DA? The racist party run by old racist white people?.

#Domkop is trending, just 5 minutes ago #DearSocialMediaBullies was where everybody was against bullying, or was it for the likes and retweets??! 🙄🙄🙄🚮🚮.

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So much profound knowledge was shared in that video. But people choose to be led astray by a #domkop called @Sentletse. One can see from the comments that they only saw the snippet posted by the #domkop. Do yourself a favour & go watch the video by @VusiThembekwayo FB page..

Don’t be a #DomKop slide in her DM & ask her out. If you allow gwababa to hold you then you’re a #Domkop 😂😂.

As a renowned Johnny come late into things I just learnt of this domkop twar by our fav twelebs, just before I went to bed. My God! This sounds like a my D is bigger than yours primary school pero.

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By the way, Comrade #Domkop @Sentletse does that factory of yours where you “manufacture” those sofas have an SABS certificate? Is the factory ISO Accredited? Do your employees have COIDA? Are you trading terms in line with the consumer protection act? Sifunukwazi..

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