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Zuma vs Downer and Maughan tomorrow. Jacob Zuma doesn’t only want to neutralise his prosecutor, he also wants to silence the media. Not going to happen. He knows it, and we know it..

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I know I have been a downer the last few years, I will continue to be, I just won’t apologize for it anymore. Today, however, I am really happy. It’s been a really good day and I feel hope for the first time in a long time. And you all played a role in that so thank you ❤️..

Not to be a downer, but this is the nicest weather we will have for the next 7 days. #BlameBaden.

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What you have been treated to with respect, is a spectacle. The arguments from Mr Mpofu are not legal arguments, but speeches for television cameras and the public. The case is not just weak, it is non-existent and a mirage. via @news24.


Work done. Bit of shopping done so time for a quick sun downer. Cheers everyone 👍🤣🍺.

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hey sorry to be a downer but i’m going to be more strict with this rule in the future the reason i have it is because i get overwhelmed easily and i don’t want to let you guys down if i can’t respond to every dm. Even if YOU don’t feel bad, I do. (continued).

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Actually. (Not) to be a downer, I guess. Not really a huge fan of big named stuff. Not trally a fan of likes of gulliaman or mortarion. Really appreciated it when 6th edition(?), GW pushed Crimson Slaughter, just a bunch of nobodies, as their like main chaos guy.

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I’m not going to vent here because that’s a downer, but today was holy-mother-of-god-have-you-lost-your-ever-lovin-mind batshit crazy. How was everyone else’s Wednesday?.

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Mpofu waffled on for 5 hours and almost killed the judges with boredom. Steven Budlender in just a 30 minute reply, gave Mpofu a master class in real advocacy. This case against Downer and Maughan is as dead as a dodo..

Having #5 in midfield has really been a downer on a brilliant season, should’ve never played for the club after the allegations last summer..

IOL News
IOL News

Mpofu says Downer not absolved in private prosecution case brought by Zuma.

丈 & SCANKID Release Album 『LIGHT WORKER』 1OPENING 2TECHNO祖父 3KINTOUN 4ENERGY 5Get it Up 6Music downer 2023ver 7今夜だけ現実リタイア 8END ROLL 配信ストアへのリンク Apple Music、LINE Music Spotify、etc 配信スタート.

割と真面目に明日のiGEM Japan Meetupで話すことがなくて頭抱えてる.

Y’a du monde ici qui brûlent d’envie de poster leur T4. On n’est plus dans le “virtue signalling” mais le “economic class signalling” 😆.

@debit_downer @LeGazouilleur Il doit être du genre à mettre des alerts Google et Twitter quand son nom est cité.



| Heated end to day in Maughan, Downer application contesting private prosecution by Zuma.

マイナーカプおじさんなのでメジャーカプからはするりと遠ざかっていく 生きにくいヘキをしている クッ.



ALSO how the card industry puts a downer on aging! There are SO MANY cards talking about growing up and turning 30/40/50 etc like it’s a bad thing! Highlighting the negatives that come with aging instead of the positives! It’s crazy!.

Mpofu questions authority of three judges in Zuma’s case against Downer and Maughan.

I got to the Zuma vs Downer very late. Mr Mpofu on the emails between Downer & Sole. Then the argy-bargy about time. Now the two Budlenders in response. Interesting tail end of arguments from the three learned friends..

@debit_downer 💯 J’ai un torticolis de yeux a force des les rouler chaque fois je lis un humble brag sur cet app cette semaine.

@__OmO_l @keatingssixth why are you such a fuckinv downer like that doesnf even make sense in canon u just wanna be dark.

Dave Bixby -666 (Downer Folk, Psychedelic, with an interesting backstory) (197?).

@debit_downer Je viens de découvrir qu’il m’a bloqué sur Twitter aussi. Mon Dieu qu’il est fragile..

not a blinger but really tired of seeing the tweets saying shinee will be complete again idk sorry to be a downer but it’ll never feel like that anymore. guess less and less of y’all feel that way though.

Working on developing a similar project for Australia. At this stage, my preferred targets are: John Howard, Alexander Downer, and Scott Morrison. From the Lismore in Patrick, Glasgow..

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Todays been a bit of a downer but I can’t wait for the stuff I ordered to come in the mail today.

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