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Not a fan of Dr Yummy Mummy but how Thula Sindi responded to her just shows you that once you’re dragged on Twitter, people think you are not worthy of any respect. He was rude & that’s not okay!!!.

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Dr Yummy might be wrong on several things but that encounter with Thula Sindi isn’t one of them. I just wish some of the people I’m following would stop liking or retweeting Thula Sindi’s rude responses onto my timeline. His behavior is unjustifiable..

Your tweet is representing how PR should be, it’s a nicely packaged compliant & I have never seen one like this. Anyway Thula’s reaction is not excusable. The tone that Dr Yummy used will never justify how the brand responded..

Thula Sindi and Dr Yummy 💀💀💀💀. Both can be wrong. And this is the alternative that we dont want to explore. As a result we move in circles without any resolution..

@Chant_ella @Zamangwanya The only thing Dr Yummy did wrong was adding the black businesses part. Thula is a jerk for his response..

Not a fan of Dr Yummy Mummy but how Thula Sindi responded to her just shows you that once you’re dragged on Twitter, people think you are not worthy of any respect. He was rude & that’s not okay!!!.

Your track record made it a personal attack on Dr Yummy as a person and not as a customer ka Thula Sindi the brand. Yho noba uyintoni usisi wabantu on these streets but noko💔.

I just don’t like how ya”ll treating Dr Yummy on these streets. It’s not funny anymore..

Maps should be the one leading us here on #WhatThulaShouldHaveSaid to Dr Yummy 🤭.

this thread isn’t an endorsement of thula’s response. i just think dr yummy’s scathing comment about black businesses over an issue that is widespread is being wildly overlooked because we’re naturally being sympathetic towards her after the ill response she was given.

Mina if I was Dr Yummy id take the item back and ask for a full refund imagine ukakelwe after spending your money.

I hope Thula Sindi and Dr Yummy Mummy will hash things out soon. Both are black and successful in their endeavors. It would be a shame to see two successful black people have a public fallout. Both play a role in inspiring us to a large extent..

@ThaboBluebird @Mathebz The problem is, people are fighting dr yummy, the character and her past rather than her tweet. The business owner missed a great opportunity to market their business positively, instead of this. We learn..

The big question is, does Dr Yummy accept Amex cards at her surgery?.

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Dr Yummy is complaining about card machine not accepting certain cards, does she know how painful we are offline is?.

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I know y’all don’t like Dr Yummy but that response by Thula Sindi was rude and unnecessary especially considering the fact that she went out of her way to get some cash to buy in his store.

Dr Yummy must go get her refund, imagine buying something then you are told you are weird, mediocre and seeking attention then you go wear the curtains in the middle of people.

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You guys just don’t like Dr There’s nothing wrong with what she said. She wasn’t being malicious in anyway and she even went out of her way to go get cash so she can buy what she wanted from said store..

I get that Dr Yummy might have been wrong ka taba ya card but yhuu Thula sindi atla amo fofela,nkare kgale a mmeile bumber.dont bore That was rude is just a customer with a little suggestion.

Was that response to Dr Yummy appropriate? I dont really think she was wrong this time around. She is a customer, she is sharing her experience which wasnt pleasant..

No you will not come for Thula Sindi & tell him you’re being put off his brand when Dr Yummy is known for her nasty tweets. Nopety Nope!!!.

Bathong dr yummy mommy couldn’t just make her point without plakking thula’s brand on the picture? Valid points, people could always try to make customer experience easier mate that was so unnecessary. Yoh.

@touche_always @Dr_Badtameez Lots and lots of mouthwatering hyderabadi dishes with yummy deserts.

My niece wants a new hockey stick coz she got this but I’m about to go DR Yummy on her.

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#NiceUpStephenKing Dr Cujo Sleep Demonstrates the Breathing Method despite Different Seasons & Bazaar of Bad Dreams tries like wily Christine to bring Misery upon his dreams yet Sleeping Beauties protect him from Mister Yummy and Redrum. @StephenKing.

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