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I feel like a good 75% of the things people whine about re: xiv could be easily solved with a little thing called “having friends”

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Nathallie Hughes
Nathallie Hughes ()

I want a Cadillac xt5 and I probably will manifest that this year. I am becoming okay wanting more for myself and allowing myself to receive it easily.

𝐥𝐢𝐥𝐨 ()

@StanMXForever coral is so pretty but i feel like i’ll get tired of it easily so i’ll either go for white/black 😬

Ben ()

Every other aspect of consumer tech is so stupidly priced. I go look at a dumb Manfotto tripod that just stands there. A piece of plastic and some glass. And shit easily be like $350 lolllll

Howard Cole
Howard Cole ()

@BBorbz @Reiner_Jake That I can’t answer. I believe the move is coming tomorrow. I could very easily be wrong about that. But the responsibility falls on the front office, not the skipper. I’m confident that everyone on this thread gets that, but are piling on Roberts anyway.

KacchakoLuvr ()

This is one of the reasons why i ship him with melissa. They can easily have fun discussing topics like this and come up with great ideas. This is one aspect of izuku that i find hard to match with anybody else aside from her. 😆💗 #dekulissa

Celest ❁
Celest ❁ ()

@WilliamsFolu @TheNationNews The video showed people he can easily over power. They were all afraid of him.

𝗷𝗼𝗲𝘆 💍
𝗷𝗼𝗲𝘆 💍 ()

@DojaxCL and didn’t i say that? i said she can easily carry herself without anyone. doja is a very independent artist and her career has shown that. from what i said, all you took out was that i said sza brought in more listeners. this wasn’t hate at all stop making it act like it was

Sid Squared 🤞
Sid Squared 🤞 ()

“Blaming the media slips easily into blaming the electorate for being too stupid to see past the headlines. Labour does not endear itself to voters by treating the ballot paper as an exam and tutting when people give the wrong answer.”

Namaloom Andaa
Namaloom Andaa ()

@Sabbandkardo Back in Jan and feb when I was calling this out people were scoffing at me. It’s mind boggling how easily people rationalize such things to justify their greed.

George ()

Shocking by @SCUFAssist @ScufGaming data breaches happen fair enough but waiting so long to tell customers that theirs have been breached is shocking . I ordered on the 7th Mar , bank cleaned out on 18th Apr still waiting to get my money back. Easily avoided

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Captain Keeli married era | BUIR ERA
Captain Keeli married era | BUIR ERA ()

@s0upson I outrank you, so I could easily get you put in the 104th and make your life a living hell here. 💅

❤Sonali❤ ()

Its depends on Kartik ki har ttack me hoti Iska mtlb ye nhi ki if he will die people will easily accept someone else in his Same goes to Ek track me hate kiye hoge logo Baaki me toh pyaar hi kiye Kaira ki place kaise dege kisiko

Liz - Staying at Home 😷
Liz - Staying at Home 😷 ()

@cinderchellaaa When you have time, explore checking out digital books from your local library. It’s pretty cool to be able to check out free e-books! (I’m easily amused)

Robyn Ness (Hyde)
Robyn Ness (Hyde) ()

@88SEATTLE61 I easily recognized it. Lover’s Leap at Rock City. And that rock. Wow!

Robert Toxxulous M.D.
Robert Toxxulous M.D. ()

@rising_serpent The quality of the Office of the President of the United States of America. All time low and easily bought.

Mark 마크 | #回_Walpurgis_Night
Mark 마크 | #回_Walpurgis_Night ()

I just love how easily they are able to say these things now. #GFRIEND @GFRDofficial

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Dave hughes
Dave hughes ()

@hosieryinheels Simply stunning legs and I love the floaty dress I bet it lifts up easily

( 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞? )
( 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞? ) ()

ㅤ “Joking? Not at all. His acts are worth eons of praise.” Laughter did merit some hint of a grin, casual and soon swiped away. “I’d hardly say agony, though. I’m not so easily governed like that, unfortunately. But, if punishment’s in order, surely it’ll arrive.” ㅤ

Arun ()

@iMac_too @ajitdatta 92 seats have margin less than 3500 votes. If Congress CPM got few seats or 2% votes then BJP easily cross 150.

Sami Tayuun 🔞
Sami Tayuun 🔞 ()

@fireheart47 Both? Emet-Selch easily became my new favorite villain after , and I just finished Damn. That fucked me up

Subrat/ସୁବ୍ରତ ()

We have no counter narrative against their propaganda. Congress is corrupt, anti-Hindu, done nothing in last 70 years, Gandhis are self list. Irrational people these Bhakts are. They so easily believe these rightist propaganda. We have no answer.


@heavenIystar I have none of that her sister my only contact and she is easily the dumbest person walking this fucking earth

Josh ()

@leahvallee Hmm yes. Easily. Mute him. Block him. Mute words about him. Not gonna let one dude determine what I do on here

Zero Point Guy
Zero Point Guy ()

Guys, if you are a Genuine RWer, why are getting offended. Also, have I said anywhere that if you are criticizing the govt. means you are a LWer. Stop this juvenile behavior, this is why our RW community is easily influenced & we why we are always easily played by LW cabal.

Mikel Dean
Mikel Dean ()

@SantiagoCulpep1 @tedcruz Don’t you wish that that was the an easily manipulated believed by nonsense shoved in your ear you really need a wake up you’ve

Mr. Harocore
Mr. Harocore ()

I feel like a good 75% of the things people whine about re: xiv could be easily solved with a little thing called “having friends”

Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis ()


Kimber Guevarra
Kimber Guevarra ()

and understanding the rules you’re told to implement. The guard too was dumb. Asked me to stand in the heat so I can fill up a form which I can do easily on the side, inside the colder store. Contact tracing first before heatstroke. Idiot.

T4 Sydney Trains
T4 Sydney Trains ()

@bookwormels Good afternoon, Els. Services are running through all City stations on the T4 line. You may use whichever station is easily accessible for you.

Hunter harshbarger 🐝
Hunter harshbarger 🐝 ()

@KhakiBlueSocks It’s my second favorite Mario game easily. I actually got my copy signed by the voice of Mario & bowser!

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