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In an unexpected turn of events, Ipeleng takes Ebubu to the finals with her Supreme Veto Power. This move had over 39,000 fans talking about how strategic her pick was. Meanwhile, Kanaga Jnr becomes the most talked about #BBTitans housemate with over 99,000 online mentions..

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With Ebubu and Ipeleng getting a guaranteed spot at the finals, which of these housemates would you like to make it to the BBTitans finals? #BBTitans.

Ebubu Photo,Ebubu Photo by Netng,Netng on twitter tweets Ebubu Photo

Not Ebubu also going upstairs 🤣🤣🤣 Khosi the king of boys!! 😂 😂 #BBTitans khosi.

Ebubu Photo,Ebubu Photo by Mvelo Dlamini 👑 ⱽᴷᴿ/ ᴮᵀ,Mvelo Dlamini 👑 ⱽᴷᴿ/ ᴮᵀ on twitter tweets Ebubu Photo

I love this conversation with Justin. Khosi is already answering her media round questions. She told Ebubu same thing she’s telling Justin. Saïd u do u and At the right time Ama do me. #BBTitans.

#BBTitans Ebubu has joined Khosi and co I swearrrr this people love gisting🤣🤣🤣.

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Abeg yvonne stick to Justin, nana and Ebubu for now. At least their fans don’t come and cook on her head #BBTitans.

Khosi is upstairs. Justin came to join her. Blaqboi came to join them. Now Ebubu is also up there. KHOSI THE MAGNET #BBTitans.

as soon as justin shouted khosi’s name Ebubu said shut the fuck up 😭😭 #BBTitans.

Ebubu got traumatized when Tsatsii was nominated because of talking about nominations, he ran away from that topic #BBTitans.

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People are jealous that Ebubu Khosi and Yvonne are bonding 😂😂😂 #BBTitans.

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Aww toddler is just an option to Khosi😂😂We now have 3 victims to choose from 😂Blaq, Justin and Ebubu😭😂Kushoda our ultimate husband Katongo #BBTitans.

Tsatsii: I can go and tell biggie that u dont want the immunity that he should it to me, and u can be going home, i and ebubu will be chilling to the finals 😅🤭 Please where did dey found this girl, biggie go beat her one day. 🤣🤣 #BBTitans.

Are these drunkards Khosi,Yvonne and Ebubu really cooking at this time 😩 #BBTitans.

My Khosi after cooking, she was chilling with , Blaq, Yvonne, Ebubu and Justin in the living room ,then after that she went straight to Sandton to sleep #bbtitans.

The thing is , no one is giving ipe any attitude anywhere and she is not even having any guilty conscience, all these nonsense wey she Dey do na mind games , she always wants to appear as the good person , madam leave tsatsii and go to Ebubu . #BBTitans.

Yvonne: I never high o. While walking with Ebubu to go and make eba 🤣🤣❤️ #BBTitans.

Ebubu and Ipeleng are finalists. Idk why they are forcing them down our throats tbh🤧 #BBTitans.

If Ebubu has not “offed” shirt, then something is wrong 😄 #BBTitans #BNxBBTitans.

Am calling out on juicy jay fan, lihive, ebubu fans,listan, creyxforce,and jayvonne shippers pls come out and vote for yvonne 🙏 AFRICA FOR YVONNE #BBTitans.

Khosi go to sleep pliz we dont any wahalaaaa Blaq n ebubu plai do the lords work for us #Khosireigns #BBTitans.

Ebubu Photo,Ebubu Photo by Miles,Miles on twitter tweets Ebubu Photo

Ebubu, has being kind to Yvonne and i admire their friendship. He has gebuine likeness for my girl. I wish the friendship continued after the show. Even forgave him for nominating by girl. He has been a caring friend to her #BBTitans.

Lerato Kganyago doing things look at Ebubu and the rest of the titans #BBTaitans #BBTitans2023 Thabang Khosi Tsatsi Yvonne Ebubu Kanaga Ipeleng Justin Blaqboi.

Thabang at this point is super greatful to ebubu. He is keeping him busy coz the alternative is really getting to him😂😂😂#BBTitans.

@BigBroAfrica Kanaga jnr,Tsatsii & miracle dat are up for eviction are awake but ur nonsense cameraman put d came on Ebubu(finalist) for 2hr,you pple are mad for real,Pls don’t ever think of doing season 2,All of u are incompetent especially ur night shift camera crew #BBTitans.

Top 7 finale 1. Khosi 2. Thabang 3. Yvonne 4. Kanaga J 5. Tsatsi 6. Ebubu 7. Ipeleng #BBTitans #BBTitans.

Wait what was the point of this nomination show? They were all suppose to automatically up except ofcz Tsatsi, Epeleng and Ebubu. What a waste of our time. #BBTitians.

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I wonder whose farewell party is this. 🎶🕺💃 #BBTitans #BBTitans2023 Queen, Miracle, Davido, Kanaga Jnr Khosi, Tsatsi, Thabang, Ebubu.

Ebubu I see you, Kanaga with the moves and yvonne with the good hair and outfit #BBTitans.

Ebubu Photo,Ebubu Photo by Ruth Christine,Ruth Christine on twitter tweets Ebubu Photo

Thabang is so over this hide and sick shame 😂😂😂 he is bored you can see his body language when they(Yvonne and Ebubu) came to the kitchen 🤭 #BBTitans.

Ebubu has started mouth mouth abs soon he will be walking sleeping like last week 😂😂#BBTitans.

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