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CEO took the call himself, was in tears at not being able to pay suppliers but told the truth. Well done for being courageous ⁦@GrantPattison⁩

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Thulani Skosana ()

@Richard_Spoor @AdvDali_Mpofu Just this week Edcon CEO was busy crying even after billions of a bail out less than a year ago by the same government! Is that your version pf competence and efficiency? Ungazo si hlanyela wena!

VusiDingis ()

@JimmyRamokgopa Two savings am seeing after covid 19 no more bailout for SAA and Edcon they not coming back mos

Atiyaah A. Miu ()

@mjnblack @pfanderson Meanwhile the CEO of Edcon broke down and cried in front of his suppliers after days of putting up a brave front for his employees. Some people you want to fall back behind with even in harsh times, some people you want to kick to the curb even when times are better.

Hashikutuva, lebbeus. ()

if there’s a company that’s had bad luck in trading, it’s the Edcon group (CNA, Edgar’s and Jet).

Murakashi-in-Chief ()

So South Africa’s Edcon is collapsing after chowing PIC funds. White media is shedding crocodile tears over job losses. But they weren’t worried about job losses at Sahara/Oakbay/ANN7 2 years ago.

CNBC Africa ()

It’s just over a year since Edcon secured a bailout to prevent it from folding. But #Covid_19 has changed its fortunes. Just a month ago its CEO @GrantPattison spoke to @CNBCAfrica about his plans for rebuilding the business. This is what he #21daylockdownSA

Miss Sinesipho Status Quo Maninjwa ()

So Edcon article be ready to go on doing some edits, also if a certain corporate finance person would take the time to

Mfazomnyama_ ()

@uAyandaThusi @TshepoTsala This is insensitive Ayanda, the job loss! Edcon group currently hires 18000 people if I’m not mistaken, where will they go?!

Sowetan LIVE ()

It looks like Covid-19 might be on the verge of claiming its first scalp in the big business community.

Lukhanyo Vangqa ()

Edcon was not bankrupted by the Corona Virus, it’s mismanagement but Bain Capital that led to its demise. Government can bail it out again as it did last year but government should do an Elephant Consortium type of transaction for Black South Africans to enter the retail space.

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Sure Kamhunga ()

Edcon facing collapse, loss of revenue incurred two weeks before national shutdown: SABC The company considering bankruptcy. And SA Express applying to UIF to help pay salaries its not pretty out there

🇿🇦 Graeme Van Makam 🇧🇼 ()

#Edcon can only pay salaries and no other accounts during the lockdown period, CEO Grant Pattison has revealed.

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Vusi Thembekwayo ()

You can only have empathy for the people of Edcon, the staff, the suppliers & the management team. COVID19 seems a death nail right as at present. It is just decimating businesses & destroying jobs. Listen to this 👉

Eyewitness News ()

CEO Grant Pattison in tears as Edcon prioritises salaries

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LuthoZA ()

Brian Molefe the former CEO at Eskom was blasted & stoned by Whites through their media when he cried trying to explain Gupta association. A White Edcon CEO cries for blowing finished PIC bailout of R3billion in less than a year &White media cry with him in sympathy. Sick country

Sure Kamhunga ()

Edcon lost 45% of income in just two weeks before lockdown. Now on the brink of what will be a spectacular corporate failure with massive job losses. How did other rivals manage to hold their heads above the water ? The day it was sold into private equity is the day plot lost

Mo koenaite ()

If you’ve never heard a CEO Spare a thought for Grant Pattison who had to tell suppliers that EDCON cannot honor payments & will only afford salaries this month. It’s a tough listen. 😔 > Bruce Whitfield breaks down after Edcon chief begins to cry

Pierre de Vos ()

Edcon faces collapse as sales fall at least R800m via @BusinessLiveSA

TRUTH_99 ()

It’s over. It’s not worth it. Times moved and EDCON never moved with times. Never adjusted its business strategy and now it’s over, OVER. Sorry to all those that will lose their jobs. #edcon

Ntando Thukwana ()

Grant Pattison telling suppliers that Edcon doesn’t have the cash to pay them, only has enough for salaries- the most heartbreaking story from a corporate this week. Via @News24

Teey ()

Edcon needs to rebrand!!! They need to move with the but thn again its too late for that

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Nthato Raboshaga ()

Life as we know it ,will never be the same after the #21daysLockdownSA Some have went into it with jobs and will come out with companies closed😞

Independent World Th ()

Last year Edcon was bailed out by PIC with Billions of Rand. WMC have finished the whole money

Mduduzi Luthuli ()

Edcon is fighting for survival and only has enough money to pay salaries for this month. This is so so sad. God help all business owners and their employees.

Nomzamo Mbatha ()

Going to be interesting to see how Edcon comes out looking after this storm. An admirable move by the CEO to face suppliers and personally deliver the unfavorable

SugarMan ()

Then there are assholes who say those of us who wanted to keep the economy going are putting profits before lives. 44000 lives probably destroyed as I cannot see Edcon coming back from this.

Sure Kamhunga ()

An Edcon collapse is catastrophic. The downstream effect is even bad. Edcon is a clear case of how a business failed to read the signs. Nimbler rivals and new entrants were devastating. Add to expensive rentals and staid merchandise. Was a matter of time

Michael Jordaan ()

CEO took the call himself, was in tears at not being able to pay suppliers but told the truth. Well done for being courageous ⁦@GrantPattison⁩

News24 ()

‘I’m gutted.’ Edcon CEO in tears during call to suppliers | @Fin24

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Pieter Du Toit ()

‘I’m gutted.’ Emotional Edcon CEO in tears during call to suppliers, says company turnover dropped 45% y-o-y, no money to pay suppliers, by ⁦@MandyWiener⁩.

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