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So let me get this straight: Republicans call for unity when a Democrat is elected, but preach elections have consequences when a Republican is elected?

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Robert Reich
Robert Reich ()

So let me get this straight: Republicans call for unity when a Democrat is elected, but preach elections have consequences when a Republican is elected?

Michael Parenti’s Stache 🚩☭
Michael Parenti’s Stache 🚩☭ ()

Why do libs act like they hate “one party states” so much? All liberal “democracies” are one-party states just with various capitalist factions. Elections are the clever way to solidify and maintain consent for those false distinctions

Lejourd’apres ()

Vivement les élections ou j’espère que les français vont enfin contrer l’effet .......abrutis !!!

Kiberenge Jnr
Kiberenge Jnr ()

@WMMartha Of course, what you are pretending not to know is that rift valley violence was not about elections , but about

e rabareya daai ding
E rabareya daai ding ()

Remember his election donors were the antiZuma brigade. They don’t need him anymore because they’ve got their man in. The same brigade said to him, “look if you want money for the elections, u know what to do.”

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BlackCaliber ()

@FinancialTimes Interesting they chose Florida. Likely some economic benefits but also they could have tremendous influence in future elections given the states number of electoral college votes. Strategic move other influential families have made and now they follow.

Sam Coates Sky
Sam Coates Sky ()

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard quits In August, Leonard told me the mandate in the upcoming Scottish elections would determine whether to have another IndyRef👇 2 weeks ago Keir Starmer rejected this, saying he wants a constitutional convention - not a referendum

Jeff Deakin
Jeff Deakin ()

@pritipatel all I can say is roll on for the next elections and get all you clowns out

Sean J. Green, JD, CFP®
Sean J. Green, JD, CFP® ()

@LIsaGreenTXGal Could they be trying to sway state elections to the point that 2/3 would vote for it in the next 7 years?

Haaretz הארץ
Haaretz הארץ ()

הליכוד: לא נקים ממשלה בתמיכת מפלגת רעם

Chris Toft
Chris Toft ()

@RepDLesko Calming the unrest starts with holding those accountable who continue to divide the country with charged rhetoric, challenge results of legitimate elections and encourage political violence and armed overthrow of our government. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Ruplekha ()

@Pawankhera @anjanaomkashyap if you really believe congress has been finished please watch Last few panchayat and municipal elections results you will get understood reality, we understand that your love towards BJP makes you intoxicated,

Randall Northam
Randall Northam ()

I forgot when it was taken out of my bank. Found I’d just renewed so I stayed in to vote in the NEC elections and wait for the Forde Report. I’m still waiting for it of course.

Tara Wilson
Tara Wilson ()

State and local elections are so, so important for things like child care, healthcare, benefits, housing, roads, the criminal legal system, and so much more Register to vote: Check your voter registration:

Mike Langan
Mike Langan ()

@meljomur Payback. Maximum damage to his @uklabour branch office in lead up to May elections. No time for any replacement to make positive impression. (Not that they have any)

kathryn samson
Kathryn samson ()

.⁦@Keir_Starmer⁩ statement on resignation of ⁦@LabourRichard⁩ as Scottish Labour leader ahead of Holyrood elections.

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Vusi.mat ()

@toviablackrose @PostsbyRindzi next general elections if anc wins ni hlamba mavoko 😭

Mbuso Maxhakane 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
Mbuso Maxhakane 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 ()

@errolbsk @EFFSouthAfrica EFF think people of South Africa are stupid like his We want How many people que for social grant look at post office Sassa grants never we tired of those poor services and miss management of funds

With Women Kisoboka
With Women Kisoboka ()

We raise our voice in unison with all who are calling for free and fair elections in Uganda. Just as the internet shutdown impacts the transparency of the election, it also causes disruption to the important work of NGOs throughout the country. #UgandaElections #SDGs

President elect Islandman
President elect Islandman ()

The GOP is treating Trump supporters like how Democrats treat minorities. Promise to fight for Trump before elections then turn their backs after the get elected. Democrats promise to fix minorities problems but never do.

🇮🇹Lazy bum🤦🏾‍♂️
🇮🇹Lazy bum🤦🏾‍♂️ ()

@AnelisaJordaan @SimonPGrindrod are the poor black majority not affected by the opening of schools? by the Municipal Elections? By the opening or closing of the borders? In your words, [I quote] What kinda rubbish is that?

Victor Amadala
Victor Amadala ()

The African Elections Watch demands an immediate switch on the internet for utility by all Ugandans #Afrikans4Uganda

Skinardy ()

@ctvregina We need better representatives, federally + provincially, in next round of elections. Also, the Parties need to elect their very best leader that will work firstly, for the (that’ll ne’er happen).

Onlyhalfcrazy ()

@LindseyGrahamSC You are no better that our now impeached POTUS. You, the man that asked the great state of GA to cheat on their special elections. You need to step down.

Justvote2020 ()

@RepBrianMast @jaketapper Thank you for your service, but you’re still propagating a lie that this elections was “stolen” which incites violence. It needs to stop. Trump is gone, move on with the truth and your supporters will follow.

The News-Star
The News-Star ()

Live updates: Biden nixes train trip for inauguration over security concerns

CBS2 News
CBS2 News ()

This is a victory for election integrity and a strong signal that anyone who attempts to defraud the people of Texas, deprive them of their vote, or undermine the integrity of elections will be brought to justice.

Team Bettencourt
Team Bettencourt ()

Elections have consequences and the Republican Senate Caucus supported which changed the “blocker bill” down to 18 votes, matching the current partisan split in the Texas Senate. Good news for voter integrity bills or others that might pass along party line. #txlege @TPPF

Will Bredderman
Will Bredderman ()

@LincolnMitchell @AndrewYang Usually, but there are a few massive exceptions—particularly in elections for mayor.

Rep Andy Biggs
Rep Andy Biggs ()

The impeachment of President Trump, one week before he relinquishes power, does what Democrats wrongfully claim President Trump did on 1/6. It pours gas on the smoldering embers, which consists of tens of millions who have serious doubts about the integrity of our elections.

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