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#RSAvARG - Elton Jantjies falló la conversión y el partido quedó 8-3 para @Springboks en 34 minutos de juego..

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Wow! Elton Jantjies has been consistent with those much-needed penalties — even from long distances it weird angles. Brilliant! #SAvARG @Springboks.

#RSAvARG - Penal convertido por Elton Jantjies para poner el 24-18 de @Springboks ante Los Pumas en 37 minutos del complemento..

#Rugby #RSAvARG 77’. Penal de Elton Jantjies. Sudáfrica gana por seis, 24-18..

#RSAvARG - 🇿🇦🇦🇷 - ⏱️77:00 Elton Jantjies sigue sumando penales en su cuenta personal. Los @Springboks se alejan en el marcador y vencen 24 a 18 a @lospumas.

#RugbyInternacional #SUDvARG 77m penal de Elton Jantjies @Springboks 24-18 @lospumas.

@jantjies_elton you a legend. But get haircut from @legends_barber_ I got you covered..

#RSAvARG - Gran penal convertido por Elton Jantjies desde mitad de la cancha para poner el 21-18 de @Springboks a diez minutos del final..

Penal de Sudáfrica. Elton Jantjies. 21-18 ganan los Springboks. Quedan 12´. Argentina no tiene que regalar penales tan cerca y presionar arriba. Funcionaron los cambios, pero no imponen su idea..

Tit for tat at Loftus. This time Elton Jantjies converts as Boks extend lead to 18-13 after 59..

#RugbyInternacional #SUDvARG 59m suma Elton Jantjies @Springboks 18-13 @lospumas.

@Springboks - On the team playing against Argentina at Loftus, only Sbu Nkosi and Elton Jantjies deserve selection into the final rugby world cup squad, the lesser said about others, the better. @coachrassie.

Sbu Nkosi.!!!!!! What was that ?????? And the conversion from Elton Jantjies 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Terrific conversion from the touchline by Elton Jantjies! Springboks 15-10 Argentina at Loftus Versfeld #RSAvARG #Springboks.

#RugbyInternacional #SUDvARG 49m suma Elton Jantjies para dejar las cosas @Springboks 15-10 @lospumas.

#Rugby #RSAvARG 49’. Convierte Elton Jantjies. Sudáfrica gana 15-10..

@This_Kate That Sbu again! Just give him the Elton Jantjies with reverse swing there.

this is why I have an issue with Elton Jantjies playing cause all this mans does is kick.

@coachrassie ,,,, Elton Jantjies moet tog net nie in die springbok span wees nie ,,, 🤦🏻‍♂️.

@coachrassie Why oh why is Elton jantjies still in the squad!!!! It makes no sense.

Am I the only one who saw Elton Jantjies’ conversion go in?? How is it still 8-3??.

#RSAvARG - Elton Jantjies falló la conversión y el partido quedó 8-3 para @Springboks en 34 minutos de juego..

#RugbyInternacional #SUDvARG Falla la conversión Elton Jantjies y deja las cosas @Springboks 8-3 @lospumas.

Elton Jantjies just misses the conversion South Africa 8-3 Argentina at Loftus Versfeld #RSAvARG #Springboks.

TRY! Sbu Nkosi, with a magnificent finish. Superb pass from Elton Jantjies, but the compact winger still had a lot to do. SA 8 - 3 Arg..

Lovely rhythm on attack by the Boks, Elton Jantjies finds the space out wide with a looped pass to Warrick Gelant, who offloads to Sbu Nkosi, who steps past a defender to dot down #RSAvARG #Springboks.

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