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🥅 Average goals conceded per match under Unai Emery: 🥅 Average goals conceded per match under Mikel Arteta: What an improvement by #Arsenal. 💪

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えめり~@進撃の巨人 ()

@code_yaya_m ありがとう~ えめちゃん、色塗るよ。過去に4回くらい塗ったかなぁ。 最近は1月末にエレン一家を描いたから、 ややちゃんは見てくれなかったってことだわね。 カラーテレビ、えがったなぁ😂😂😂 というか、発信側が白黒配信しかしないからなぁ🤣🤣🤣

Chisports ()

@CarmenDeFalco watching MLB I’ve seen- PEd’s, Corked bats, super balls in bats, crawling thru air ducts to get evidence, pine tar, emery boards falling out of pockets, binoculars in angst & moral high ground players taking now

黛やや ()

@Angriff_Emery 姫お誕生日おめでとう♡ えめちゃん色塗るんだ! 初めて見た! やっとカラーテレビになった気持ちだよ!

Salina Scoop ()

Try your hand at poetry in these stimulating and informative classes taught by Salina poets John E. Epic and Emery Dierc…

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Arsenal Anoop ()

Leno when Emery was the manager. (Scott Sterling for people who remember: bloodied himself day in day out for the team)

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ゆう ()

@Angriff_Emery ありがとーー😆💕ちょっと色が薄かったかなぁ😅 色重ねる時間あったらもうちょっと塗ることにする😁

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@Lagreeneyes03 That’s okay. Just wait until after Nevada and South Carolina. They’ll have no choice but to give @PeteButtigieg his due media coverage after that and Super Tuesday. Humble Pie 🥧🥧🥧 will be piping hot soon, don’t worry!

めい@タイムライン追えてません ()

@Angriff_Emery 追い込むのにはいいかもしれない笑 ピンク、膨張色やから余計悩むわ……(黒ポチってそうやわ笑)

えめり~@進撃の巨人 ()

@missan02270727 ま、自分にはその潔さはないけどねぇ~(*´∀`*) でも2枚目ピンクはめいさんの柔らかそうな雰囲気にぴったりじゃん。

Taft OnThisDay ()

Taft met with chairman Henry Emery to discuss the impact of tariffs on other countries, specifically France and Canada. Taft has threatened a trade war if he feels that these countries are unfairly picking on the

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@Wigbeats Defeat me in combat and it is yours (or just buy one online)

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Ali bastian ()

@reelsceneuk ideas for next workshop. Thank you @Dawn_Emery this made my night 😂😂😂

Liam ()

Arsenal under Arsenal under Mikel Arteta Unai Emery

Somto ()

Shut the fuck up you twat. Wenger never spoke about emery’s reign in a negative light until the Spanish dunce decided to. Imagine twerking this hard for emery


🥅 Average goals conceded per match under Unai Emery: 🥅 Average goals conceded per match under Mikel Arteta: What an improvement by #Arsenal. 💪

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Kplorla🏅 ()

@TonyHoze @GauravFT09_ We would have been worse than 10th if Emery was still in charge.

The North Bank Goon ()

@laythy29 Emery: Yes. I was watching individually and collectively & if I was manager would have been same big performance on our way

Billion Dollar Dream ⏳ ()

Unai emery was a waste product at arsenal ffs .. Defense now solid, great team spirit, playing style sorted, we aren’t at our best yet but we are happy and can see real progress moving Arteta 💯

The Southern Guy ()

@SemperFiArsenal If only the board had appointed him earlier rather than let emery accumulate draws against winnable opponents 🤦🏽‍♂️

RM ()

Emery had 3 transfer windows and two years here you waste of space.

James Feligha ()

@MarcoStevenco Maybe Emery should have treated him better. But Ozil sulks too much, a top level player shouldn’t rely on his manager to get the best out of him

👑 King Bizzle 👑 ()

@SALMAH______ In regards to the Emery era? I think it is still early to say. But one thing i can tell you. Defensively Arteta has improved us. If only he can now find a

Martigol ()

We looked like relegation fodder under Emery. What a criminal

Nguyễn Long ()

Không phải Emery hay Ljungberg, đây mới là vấn đề của Arsenal

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Remus ()

@NateCurry030 @photoshop4lol_ Favre, Sampaoli, Marcelino, Emery, Spaletti, Conceiçao peu importe je veux juste un vrai bon coach

🔴Ethan ()

@ShitMentality You lot have been declining for years even before emery. Atleast arteta seems to be improving the current state of the team even if there are still a few bumps

Tweeter ()

I said it under Wenger. I said it under Emery. I said it under Ljungberg. I am saying it under Arteta. Aubameyang is so deadly cutting in from out wide.

Don Mikel ()

@darkgoonerJr Under Arteta he s been just terrific. Agreed he had lapses under Emery but who dnt ? Also physically Niles is top. Gazab ka stamina + athletic which this team already misses with Torri Xhaka mid . So Niles in that inverted wingback role is terrific

Loco Goose 🇬🇧🇹🇹🇧🇧 ()

Those - GD goals were conceded under Emery & don’t count

James Benge ()

Since Mikel Arteta opted not to send Eddie Nketiah back on loan he has played 107 minutes In 2018/19, Nketiah played 62 minutes after his loan move to Augsburg was blocked because Unai Emery felt he needed him with the first team

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