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Unai Emery appears as clueless as his team. I don’t mind Jose Mourinho at this point..

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I wrote something about Unai Emery’s attacking options after Alex Lacazette’s injury..

@IddyMpangachuma @kigogo2014 Emery hadi leo msimu wa pili huu sasa lkn bado hajapata Lineup ndiomana kilasiku anabahatisha hajui ampange nani amuache nani. Kwa kifupi bado hajapata Lineup wala mfumo wa kucheza ila anaishia kubahatisha tuu. Kwa utaratibu huu hatuwezi kupata matokeo chanya..

There’s this idea that front-footed attacking football isn’t “pragmatic” or “secure” which is just nonsense. Whatever emery is trying, it’s pretty craven & pointless because the teams that take by far the most shots & score the most goals are also 2 of the best defenses in the PL.

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Arsenal have no leaders – and look more prone to making catastrophic blunders than last season | @MartinLipton.

Emery pensando que todavía tenemos posibilidades de campeonar.

@1point76acres @7amkickoff one of the defining characteristics of Emery in my opinion, has been his unwillingness to say “I got this one wrong today.” makes the choice to give him more time to see if things change all the more inane..

unai emery is Spanish David Moyes, but of course braindead arsenal fans will back him until he has us playing in Europa again next season..

Mister, shall I call you Mister? Mister Unai Emery Etxegoien.

Unai Emery should take notes from the Norwich manager on how to play out from the back 🤡.

Would you sack Emery and bring in Allegri now or give Emery til the end of the season?.

This is very worrying Emery will be out the door sooner rather than later if this keeps up Thing is though I don’t feel sorry for him Average manager imo.

@GNev2 @SkySportsMNF How long should Emery get realistically ? A lot of fans reacting after yesterday saying he should be sacked. Personally don’t like the style of football in away games but there has also been some great football at home, what are your thoughts ?.

I swear emery was obsessed with turning his players into pressing workhorses?.

If Emery gets us into the top 4 does he keep his job. Remember this what you think the board will do not you..

The fact Norwich are able to stick to their own philosophy despite playing one of the best assembled squads in recent years says it all. Emery is not a good enough manager, considering he changes how he plays week in week out..

I think no matter who we have in defence. Emery’s tactics are gonna ruin their confidence at the back imo.

@AFTVMedia Disappointed angry and upset And im not thinking twice while saying this : “i have officially lost faith in emery, cuz he has no system”.

Emery Akui Bertanggung Jawab Atas Hasil Imbang Watford vs Arsenal -.

Predicted quietly after the first 3 games Emery wouldn’t survive until Christmas. Lots of red flags cropping up..

The big challenge for Emery was improving Arsenal defensively, yet he seems to be making them worse - Aubameyang deserves far better than this. Thoughts from Vicarage Road..

Wow there’s a lot of anger about this evening. It’s actually a bit ugly. We kid ourselves we lanced a boil when #WengerOut ended, but it’s all still right there. Something - or someone - is needed to pull fans and club in the same direction. Increasingly clear it isn’t Emery..

Unai Emery appears as clueless as his team. I don’t mind Jose Mourinho at this point..

So much width to Arsenal’s game, and channels being worked. Ozil FC is so much better than cutback FC. Why can’t Unai Emery see this?.

I don’t know what the score is because I was so disgusted with our first ten minutes I threw my TV out the window and sprayed ‘Emery Out’ in 15 foot high letters across the front of my house..

Emery and Guardiola, your turn. (🖌️: FB/Just Toon It).

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