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britney spears is the princess of pop, but never forget that if things had gone a little differently, she could have also been the queen of england.

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Good luck to the boys later today @ManUtd ⚽️💪🏾 In regards to @England every player wants to represent there country and I’m no different! Unfortunately I’m not ready yet as I’ve picked up an untimely injury. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.


England have been relegated from their Nations League group 😳.

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A quality knock against a quality England side. Well played Kaptaaan @babarazam258! Hum sab ko apni duaaon me yaad rakhain. Khaas taur per un logo ko jo abhi tak sailaab se mutassir hain. Unka hum sab per sab se zada haq hai. #PakistanZindabad.

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England Men’s Player of the Year 🤩🏆 This is a such a special honour for me and I’m very grateful to everyone who voted. God is Great !.

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A gentle reminder that England’s most creative midfielder, @Madders10 was not in the squad of 28. And England’s most creative footballer, @TrentAA sat on the bench getting splinters in his arse….

Zakaria tells Blick: “I didn’t know a move to Chelsea was possible until 6 hours before the end of the transfer window!” 🔵 #CFC “Juventus was playing too low — they should always be at top of the table and win 3-0 all matches… I think I’ll be happier in England than in Turin”..

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Hello @HomeOfCricket, Think it might be a good idea to send copies of the laws of Cricket to the commentators and some cricketers in England. #ENGvIND.

Dear Hindus of England, Don’t take this Genocide Call of Hindus lightly. They mean it. Every word. It’s time for BJP & RSS to lead from the front in this battle against innocent Hindus. Because Terrorists are using their name to attack Hindus..


He lives in America, I live in England. It’s a long distance relationship…with money. 🤣🤣🤣.

Introducing you to some new Greater Manchester icons … our #BeeNetwork buses.👇🏻 50 will hit the streets in a year’s time as buses return to public control. They’re all being built in the North of England.👊🏻.

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After analyzing the birthdays of 10 million married couples in England, researchers found no evidence of attraction or compatibility based on astrological signs.

Quick reminder; that £170 billion in safeguarded energy company profits amounts to almost the entire annual budget for the NHS in England. And yet they’re quibbling about giving NHS staff a pay rise 🚨.

Imagine ALL of England & Wales under 2-10 feet of water, and more than half of the UK’s population without ANY livelihood or shelter. That’s the scale of the Pakistan floods. Please, continue to raise awareness..

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El gobierno del Reino Unido levanta toda prohibición al fracking. La razón, ha dicho al parlamento: Puro sentido común. The UK government has removed a ban on the use of fracking in England, with the Energy Secretary telling the house of commons it is “just good common sense.”.

Freedom of speech baby. This isn’t England sorry I can say what I want #Faggot #retard.

An England tour to Pakistan at last. Not before time, too. Very much looking to returning there for the Tests before Christmas.

Day 6 of wondering how on earth this guy got called up for the England squad..

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The background of the photos is the country England which is where the Queen was from and even reigned over for a time.

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Move aside Napa, Bordeaux and Tuscany, British wine is making waves. These are the best vineyards in England and Wales..

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He gave New England liberals an opportunity to show how hypocritical and selfish they are. And that’s exactly what happened..

National cricket team of Pakistan will begin practising at the National Stadium Karachi today in preparation for the upcoming home Twenty20 International series against England #PAKvENG #T20WorldCup2022.

💀 Football in England is a TV show now. Not a sport. Hope this helps.

@theblaze @CR This is how far we have fallen. Under Anglo-Saxon law, upon which ours was based, in early medieval England HIS family would be paying his victim restitution. That forces the family to kick his ass like they should have years ago..

What to do if the cost-of-living crisis is affecting your mental health.

Alex Hales: I have changed and matured since England threw me out of World Cup squad.

the captaincy has been brilliant from harmanpreet kaur, if a biased england commentator is saying this, you.

@nickmangwana Aiwa ndiwe uri kurarama mu positivity cos zvako zviri kugara. For me nothing positive muno. Only positive thing is baba vako varambidzwa kupinda mu England mavanga vachida kupinda shem. Apa vanoimba ruvengo kumabhunu apa vachimada. Havalume England. Ngavauye vapukute Nehanda..

Jadon Sancho to Southgate after being left out of England team and scoring later on #SHFMUN.

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@AssBoss80085 Are the tabloids unaware of what the average heating bill in england is going to be this winter?.

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