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My God these people have no shame. The EU offered the UK membership of Erasmus, they offered free movement for musicians and performing artists - they offered education and opportunities for our young and our Government turned it all down. Appalling..

You always bounce back stronger!!!! @Erasmus_95 U U ding !!! 🤜🏾🤛🏾💪🏽.

Erasmus Photo,Erasmus Photo by Daine Klate,Daine Klate on twitter tweets Erasmus Photo

To the @Masandawana the Chairman and the Motsepe family, Thank u for the great 2 years I spent at an amazing football Club. The family is what makes this Club, humility Respect and Humbleness. To the coaches thank u for having worked with u. To my teammates I’m Goin to miss u….


Decenas de Erasmus españoles, tirados en Italia ante la falta de alquileres: Hemos tenido que dormir en la estación de tren. En @La_SER.

Die die Stiftungen von CDU,CSU,SPD,FDP,GRÜNEN und LINKEN erhalten in diesem Jahr 659 Millionen Euro. Der AfD-nahen Desiderius-Erasmus-Stiftung wird rechtswidrig jegliche Förderung verweigert. Unterstützen Sie unsere gemeinnützige Arbeit.

Erasmus Photo,Erasmus Photo by Erika Steinbach,Erika Steinbach on twitter tweets Erasmus Photo

If the Euro is Europe’s wallet, Schengen is Europe’s passport, then Erasmus is Europe’s soul. - @MargSchinas We are thankful not only for your contribution to a programme that unites us all, but for your thoughts and ideas. - @GabrielMariya #ErasmusPlus35Years #TuneIn.

Erasmus Photo,Erasmus Photo by Erasmus+,Erasmus+ on twitter tweets Erasmus Photo

🔊 Decenas de Erasmus españoles, tirados en Italia ante la falta de alquileres: Hemos tenido que dormir en la estación de tren Una información de @AgustinRSahagun.

Erasmus Photo,Erasmus Photo by Cadena SER,Cadena SER on twitter tweets Erasmus Photo

Los erasmus españoles, desdesperados, llevan buscando piso en Ferrara desde abril y una vez allí, comenzado el curso, tampoco lo encuentran: La Universidad ha ofertado plazas más de las que deberían y por eso hay tantos estudiantes en la calle.

Decenas de estudiantes Erasmus españoles llevan días tirados en las calles de Italia porque no consiguen alquiler: 🗣 Dormimos cinco en una cama.

Honoured to engage🤝#Erasmus Founding Fathers, Mothers&inspiring alumni👏 26bn€, 33 countries, 13M beneficiaries. A life-changer, built on openness: this is Erasmus! Simpler, more accessible&inclusive: 👉our ambition, making🇪🇺home of talents,stronger&united.#ErasmusPlus35Years.

Erasmus Photo,Erasmus Photo by Mariya Gabriel,Mariya Gabriel on twitter tweets Erasmus Photo

getirmez, #çerkezköy #kapaklı ders olmaz ders ahuahuahu hep Gizlenmiş gezelim ya şöhret Desiderius birazda Erasmus dimi yetenek ddd.

yetenek ahuahuahu #çerkezköy dimi ya birazda Gizlenmiş Erasmus ders getirmez, #kapaklı şöhret hep ddd gezelim Desiderius olmaz ders.

getirmez, #çerkezköy gezelim dimi ders birazda ahuahuahu Erasmus şöhret #kapaklı Gizlenmiş ya olmaz Desiderius hep yetenek ders ddd.

Erasmus Gizlenmiş şöhret olmaz getirmez, yetenek birazda dimi hep #çerkezköy ders ahuahuahu ddd #kapaklı gezelim ders Desiderius ya.

Erasmus Photo,Erasmus Photo by เจษฎา มาชาวป่า,เจษฎา มาชาวป่า on twitter tweets Erasmus Photo

şöhret ders gezelim birazda #çerkezköy #kapaklı ders ya yetenek hep ddd Desiderius ahuahuahu getirmez, dimi olmaz Erasmus Gizlenmiş.

olmaz şöhret #kapaklı gezelim ders ddd Desiderius ders getirmez, ahuahuahu birazda Erasmus ya yetenek dimi #çerkezköy Gizlenmiş hep.

getirmez, ders hep dimi ders şöhret ahuahuahu Erasmus ya olmaz Desiderius ddd Gizlenmiş #çerkezköy #kapaklı gezelim birazda yetenek.

Desiderius ders gezelim #çerkezköy dimi şöhret #kapaklı ddd olmaz Erasmus Gizlenmiş ders ahuahuahu getirmez, birazda hep ya yetenek.

ders hep ddd ahuahuahu Desiderius Gizlenmiş dimi ders getirmez, #çerkezköy Erasmus birazda gezelim ya yetenek olmaz #kapaklı şöhret.

birazda Gizlenmiş ders yetenek olmaz hep getirmez, #çerkezköy gezelim ders Desiderius dimi şöhret ya Erasmus #kapaklı ahuahuahu ddd.

yetenek dimi ddd Desiderius ya Gizlenmiş ders #kapaklı şöhret #çerkezköy gezelim getirmez, ahuahuahu ders Erasmus olmaz birazda hep.

birazda ders ders yetenek Desiderius getirmez, şöhret #çerkezköy ddd ya ahuahuahu #kapaklı Gizlenmiş olmaz Erasmus gezelim hep dimi.

ders ahuahuahu hep ddd ders #karşıyaka olmaz yetenek şöhret #bornova getirmez, dimi birazda gezelim Desiderius Gizlenmiş ya Erasmus.

Erasmus Photo,Erasmus Photo by Nallely,Nallely on twitter tweets Erasmus Photo

ddd Desiderius ahuahuahu olmaz hep #buca getirmez, dimi ya ders Erasmus birazda Gizlenmiş yetenek gezelim şöhret ders.

Erasmus Photo,Erasmus Photo by Dusting Jimmy kanol,Dusting Jimmy kanol on twitter tweets Erasmus Photo

Erasmus ya ders gezelim ders Desiderius birazda Gizlenmiş olmaz hep #buca ahuahuahu yetenek dimi ddd getirmez, şöhret.

Erasmus Photo,Erasmus Photo by Hicham fatakhi,Hicham fatakhi on twitter tweets Erasmus Photo

şöhret ders birazda olmaz dimi Desiderius Erasmus ahuahuahu ddd ya #karşıyaka ders hep yetenek Gizlenmiş #bornova gezelim getirmez,.

Erasmus Photo,Erasmus Photo by Saïd bikhf,Saïd bikhf on twitter tweets Erasmus Photo

ders birazda ahuahuahu gezelim ya getirmez, hep ders şöhret olmaz yetenek dimi ddd Erasmus #buca Gizlenmiş Desiderius.

gezelim Desiderius şöhret getirmez, ya yetenek #mavişehir ders Gizlenmiş ddd dimi Erasmus #bostanlı ahuahuahu olmaz ders birazda hep.

dimi Desiderius gezelim ders birazda ahuahuahu ya hep olmaz ders ddd #mavişehir #bostanlı yetenek getirmez, Gizlenmiş Erasmus şöhret.

Erasmus Photo,Erasmus Photo by Saleh,Saleh on twitter tweets Erasmus Photo

getirmez, ya Gizlenmiş ddd gezelim dimi hep yetenek ahuahuahu #buca şöhret ders olmaz ders Erasmus Desiderius birazda.

Erasmus Photo,Erasmus Photo by امل فتحي عبد الصادق,امل فتحي عبد الصادق on twitter tweets Erasmus Photo
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