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Two Eskom contracted security guards and a taxi driver have been arrested after being found in possession of cable stolen from an @Eskom_SA warehouse in Rosherville, Germiston..

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Then PP Madonsela proposed a limited 6 month investigation into fmr Pres Zuma and his relationship with the Guptas - as well as alleged State Capture at Eskom. But Zuma massively widened the scope of the inquiry, enabling it to investigate any corruption. He put the ANC on trial..

#POWERALERT1 To conserve emergency generation reserves, loadshedding will be implemented to Stage 4 from 11:00 am until midnight tonight..

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Eskom’s Stage 4 scheduled blackouts will bring to about 60 full days the total lost for 2022 by end of weekend. It’s higher than ever before. Two full working months lost to the economy already. Comment: Small, medium-sized businesses, workers, the wider public pay the price..

#POWERALERT1 Stage 2 loadshedding will regretfully be implemented between 10:00 and midnight tonight. From Thursday until Sunday Stage 2 loadshedding will be implemented from 05:00 until midnight..

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#POWERALERT1 Unlawful industrial action at various Eskom power stations has impacted planned maintenance and repairs, and at some stations the full complement of workers have not reported for duty. As a result, Stage 4 loadshedding will regretfully continue to be implemented.

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[BREAKING NEWS] Eskom to implement Stage 2 blackouts from 5pm to 10pm tonight. Blackouts will continue every evening until Thursday..

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BREAKING | Eskom will implement stage 4 load shedding from 11am on Friday until midnight, and again on Saturday and Sunday from 5am until midnight, amid ongoing unprotected labour action, it said in a statement on Friday..


JUST IN | Eskom will implement Stage 2 load shedding between 17:00 and 22:00 from Monday to Thursday. | @Fin24.


LIVE | Eskom has burned over 217 million litres of diesel since 1 April.

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Zondo: Guptas bagged in unlawful contracts, mostly from Eskom, Transnet via @CapeTalk.

Eskom has missed its own deadlines for putting unit 2 at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station back into operation, and this is contributing to the stage 4 load shedding.

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Load-shedding update 22 June 2022 Eskom’s load-shedding Stage 2 is active today from 10:00 until 00:00 tonight. From tomorrow, 23 June, until Sunday, 26 June, Stage 2 will be active from 05:00 until midnight. City customers will also be on Stage 2 until further notice. #CTInfo.

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The material that I inherited from John Begg; The late Chief Engineer of @Eskom_SA. In his will, he directed that his engineering library be given to me. May his soul rest in peace🙏🏿 Second to Alex Ham, John Begg was arguably the best power plant engineer the country ever had..

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♦️HAPPENING NOW♦️ Spikiri asks the CIC @Julius_S_Malema about his thoughts on the electricity crisis in the township. Eskom has been a permanent problem in Soweto and our people are suffering. #CICOnMetroFM.

#Stage2 #loadshedding will take place this evening, 21 June 2022 from 17:00 until 22:00. Loadshedding schedules are available at Municipal customers should contact their municipalities for schedules..

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Every hour you cannot be productive because of @MYANC and @Eskom_SA loadshedding is an hour they are stealing from you! You pay massive tax (their salaries) and they spit and piss in your face everyday as if you are shit! 🤮 #VoetsekANC.

#EskomGauteng #MediaStatement Two Eskom contracted security guards and taxi driver arrested in possession of cable at an Eskom warehouse.

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One thing about Eskom neh 😒they know their job shem #DStvMVCA.

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南アの電力公社Eskomが今週はこれまでより一段と厳しいstage2のload shedding(計画停電)を実施。これまで夜のピークアワーだけだったのが、朝5時から夜12時までと長時間のものとなっています。もっとエスカレートすると鉱山生産にも影響が出るかもしれませんね。.

I take full accountability of the document that was prepared by others and that I signed that triggered the R659 M prepayment to Tegeta. The purpose of the prepayment was rational & lawful. @Eskom_SA bought coal from Tegeta. The coal was delivered as contracted. Sit down!!!!!!.


Two security guards contracted to Eskom, as well as a taxi driver, were arrested at the weekend after allegedly being caught with a minibus taxi full of copper cable at an Eskom warehouse in Germiston. | @Fin24.

@koko_matshela @Glencore No matter how many times you repeat a lie,it cannot metamorphosize into truth. The UK bribery Act includes bribery of foreign officials and none has been found involving South Africa. Furthermore, the #statecapture investigation was about #statecapture which was proven at Eskom.

Eskom on strike, these Essntial Services department must not be allowed to strike. We are Doomed under Anc.#VoetsekANC.

#EskomGauteng #KlipspruitAndPimvilleOutage We are investigating why supply was not restored to customers in Klipspruit and Pimville after loadshedding. Updates to follow. We apologise for the inconvenience caused..

We have a generator! We are Bulletproof and Eskom Proof #bulletproofnight.

At this point we ought to get a discount from #Eskom for not providing electricity to paying customers. This is a contractual breach to those who have kept their end of the agreement. Meanwhile, those who caused this mess probably have roofs covered with solar panels…unperturbed.

Vha khamphani ya mudagasi ya Eskom vho divhadza zwa uri mudagasi u do tuwa nga u sielisana nga vhupo zwa khethekanyo ya vhuvhili vhukati ha awara ya vhufumi na vhusiku kati #sabcnews.

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Eskom has secured an interdict to halt the illegal strike action at nine of its power stations. The power utility reached a deadlock with trade unions in wage negotiations earlier this week. #DStv403 #eNCA Story here:.

Istg if the electricity doesn’t come back in the next 30 minutes im going to burn eskom and we’ll all suffer.

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