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A case of Eskom Privitisation is being made right before our eyes! Watch the space!.

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A case of Eskom Privitisation is being made right before our eyes! Watch the space!.

WANTED: 5 men from the 1800s at the HEIGHT of the industrial revolution to keep help keep Eskom’s coal dry..

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I just want to take a moment to applaud the punctuality of loadshedding. When they say 8am, it’s 8am. Metrorail can learn from Eskom..

MEN, Cupcake, Eskom and Pravin ruined what was going to be an amazing 2019 for South Africa, we need to celebrate every victory coz those others are fucking depressing!!!.

The ANC NEC is meeting at a time when Eskom has implemented wide-scale load-shedding and SAA has been placed under business rescue..

Zozi for the based on what @Eskom_SA allowed me to see. #MissUniverse2019.

Happy days! #Eskom is taking us through stages 1 to 8 - and then comes Stage 9 when Eskom knocks on your door and comes in to blow out your candles!.

@sherwiebp @NzingaQ Keep updating brother . Eskom has switched off the lights here ..

Load shedding 🤭😭😭 haaai Eskom maaan we are watching Zozi take the crown bathong #MissuniverseSouthAfrica.

I hope I can be awake until 5am without eskom interrupting 🙆 #MissUniverseSouthAfrica #MissUniverse2019 @zozitunzi @MissUniverse.

Congratulating yourself for drying your hair/microwaving your dinner/ charging your cellphone before Eskom switches the lights off - South Africa in 2019..

We are eating supper already. Because #Eskom is in charge of such things. 😩 Now we wait for lights to go off!.

@Eskom_SA : Please use less electricity. But because you use less, we gonna increase the price because we dont make money because you used less. @OUTsurance : If you dont use our product, we will give you a cash bonus back. #OnlyInSouthAfrica 🇿🇦.

There was Eskom loadshedding neh, then later the lights comes back on. You realise you need to top up your prepaid meter dash to this outlet, and the teller says to you Tshwane is offline. 😰.

“It took the ANC almost 50 years of struggle to fight for Eskom & another 20 to destroy it. That’s about 70 years of electricity we may not have had & surely something to be grateful for, even now.” - Peter Bruce..

So the less sales there are,the more u can increase prices. I like that business Eskom wants to hike electricity prices even higher via @mybroadband.

Many people don’t know this but Eskom has its own home loan business with R8,7 billion of assets. They could easily sell this to reduce Eskom’s R500 billion debt. Every billion helps!.

The combined cost of Kusile and Medupi exceeds the total debt owed by Eskom. Both have had cost overruns and hardly operating optimally. And despite the expensive mess, Eskom still loads shedding.

Black Friday for real: eskom delivered the real thing-black Friday.

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Eskom en sy nat steenkool - Wet coal via @Volksvryheid9.

This is the ongoing debacle of electricity supply in South Africa. Yeah, the ANC has sure been such a boon for South Africa! Rampant unemployment, rampant poverty, rampant crime, rampant And no electricity!!.

Do we have a problem with knowing what season it is at Eskom?.

Mail and Guardian reports that had SAA been liquidated, instead of business rescue, the state would have needed to 1st settle R15 billion SAA owes lenders and it would have triggered other lenders calling up R579 billion in state guaranteed debt for other SOEs like Eskom. A mess.

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IEEFA update: Eskom’s international customers are turning towards solar.

Public Works - Dept responsible for managing state infrastructure, buildings - owes Eskom R3billion. And Public Enterprises - which is supposed to exercise oversight over Eskom - owes it R13,2million. What do ordinary people - who risk power cuts for non payment - make of this?.

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