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The 5️⃣ most-captained players are all in action on Sunday 👀 1️⃣ Salah (1,278,283) 2️⃣ De Bruyne (1,128,015) 3️⃣ Fernandes (1,031,039) 4️⃣ Kane (823,151) 5️⃣ Son (576,880) #FPL

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Bruno F. Deprê
Bruno F. Deprê ()

Bruno Fernandes fez hoje o seu jogo 50 com a camisola do Manchester United! como descreves o impacto até agora? ❤️🔥

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Wlad Fernandes
Wlad Fernandes ()

Q absurdo o thaciano virar titular desse time, estão avacalhando o futuro do gremio.

Jodeilson ()

@Botafogo Se ainda tem chances, o barroca tem que sair agora, esse time tem q fechar a casinha,e infelizmente apelar pra um contra ataque com Mateus Fernandes na frente, é arriscar mesmo, arrisca com praticamente com nada porque esses atacantes aí, meu deus.

Clara ()

@ml_fernandes_ eu falei ontem a noite sobre doença mental e ainda falei de usar divertidamente enquanto mostrava a menina do tik tok 🤝

TheTrickyReds ()

I’m seeing some fans starting to turn on Bruno because he’s had 3 games without a G/A? Just shows how high his standards are and how shite some of our fans #MUFC #Fernandes

Ryan William Smith
Ryan William Smith ()

@sportbible The players around Fernandes let him down today. You have rashford who has become more focused on feeding those in need (which is amazing) but he needs to do more on the pitch. So does martial, only 2 goals in the PL not good enough. Your only as good as your weakest (Fred).

Sun Sport
Sun Sport ()

Pogba and Fernandes spurn golden chances as Red Devils remain top

dele akingbasote
Dele akingbasote ()

Bruno Fernandes lost possession (19) more times than he completed passes (18) against Liverpool Hall of shame stat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Donald Silverbridge
Donald Silverbridge ()

I can’t believe some United fans are slating Bruno Fernandes, Let‘s go back to playing Lingard & Pereira shall we, Jesus christ

Football Memes and Banter
Football Memes and Banter ()

John Stones has more goals (3) in 2021 than Bruno Fernandes (0)

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LFCAdam 🇱🇧⚽❤ (Gerd Muller ♥) #BLM
LFCAdam 🇱🇧⚽❤ (Gerd Muller ♥) #BLM ()

A) Rating app B) Rating app 18 minutes in C) Astronomically clear of Fernandes

Andres Agulla
Andres Agulla ()

Alisson se la sacó a Fernandes, De Gea a Thiago. En un partido para hablar más de táctica que de emociones, empiezan a aparecer las oportunidades

UP888026 ()

7⃣5⃣ Is it going to be a frustrating night for Fernandes? 👀 [0-0] #LIVMUN

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What every United fan really what now: 😂 Goal - CAVANI Assist - Bruno Fernandes Liverpool 0-1 Man Utd(90 mins) #FPL #LIVMNU

ellie may
Ellie may ()

you just knew liverpool scum was gonna be a snooze fest. gonna be 0-0 up until the 89th minute when either salah or fernandes will slot home a dubious penalty

Jake Entwistle
Jake Entwistle ()

Bruno Fernandes unashamedly just hitting forward passes into ‘areas’ is quite refreshing. Brings a level of unpredictability.

Míster Seitán
Míster Seitán ()

Y no transmite nada a pesar de tener muy buenos jugadores, Pogba le han hundido la carrera - él tb hizo sus méritos para ello -, Fernandes, Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, Van De Beek, Maguire, por material tiene de sobra

Ilsu🇸🇳 ()

@InglesaoOpre Mas agr q vc falou isso,acho q o Manchester vai destruir o Liverpool, Bruno Fernandes vai castigar a gente


Está prestes a começar um grande clássico do futebol inglês! Liverpool e Manchester United defrontam-se em Anfield Road na jornada 19 da Premier League. Bruno Fernandes é titular na equipa de Manchester. Para acompanhar em:

Fantasy Premier League
Fantasy Premier League ()

The 5️⃣ most-captained players are all in action on Sunday 👀 1️⃣ Salah (1,278,283) 2️⃣ De Bruyne (1,128,015) 3️⃣ Fernandes (1,031,039) 4️⃣ Kane (823,151) 5️⃣ Son (576,880) #FPL

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Invictos ()

NO SE LO GUARDÓ | Bruno Fernandes respondió a las palabras de Jürgen Klopp sobre los penales que le han pitado al Manchester United en el pasado reciente.

✖️ ()

This myth that Bruno Fernandes was a Serie A “flop” is strange. He left Italy at 22 years old and was already a decent midfielder Yeah he had no where near the production he does now but that comes down to progressing as a player. He’s always had quality

Murat ŞENCAN ()

Kanga Fernandes bu çöpleri Kayseri ye getirmeyin. Bu kadar ruhsuz olunmaz. @KayserisporFK

Kral Sargon
Kral Sargon ()

@KayserisporFK Uğur hoca ile çıksaydı takım sonuç daha farklı olurdu tenik adami hoc begenmedim her şeyi anlarımda lennonu niye çıkarttın campanaro sakat değil madem fernandes malını niye oyuna aldin

İD ()

Bitmiş bir fernandes, torpille gelen kanga, kurtarıcımız vazgeçilmezimiz Artık yemin ederim ki denecek söz yok. @KayserisporFK

EveryBodyWears🗯️ ()

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David Morgan
David Morgan ()

@bodenpa Maddison, Vardy, Fernandes, Firmino, the entire Burnley squad all have got away without sanction its a joke

Alex Campbell
Alex Campbell ()

My 2 main thoughts from watching the EPL highlights from today: 1. If you park the bus vs a team with 0 wins, you deserve to lose 2. How the hell am I older than Bruno Fernandes?

El Chapo del FM(FAN de criminal)
El Chapo del FM(FAN de criminal) ()

Vaya puta vergüenza de carta bruno Fernandes media 91 Y yo sin piernas sin ojos y sin oídos juego mejor q esa puta basura

Scott Patterson
Scott Patterson ()

Not the form table. Not the table since we signed Fernandes. Not the 2020 table. The Premier League table.

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