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Based on the Yendes story on #ForBetterOrWorse, stand a chance to win R5000 by telling us how you and your partner would deal with challenges of seasonal income. T&Cs apply:

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Nosipho Mncube ❤️ ()

@OM_OnTheMoney We would draw up a budget that will allow us to save enough for dry season until we land another project. Live a standard life and spend within our means. Open a small business for extra income. Account for every cent and be open about our spendings. Invest #ForBetterOrWorse

Tsholofelo ()

@mo_phindi thank you for the great show I hope it will show our youth that live is there it does exist, our society is so broken we appreciate you bringing love to life #forbetterorworse

#DunlopPerfectDate ()

I love their bond towards each other. Love is a beautiful thing and we learn everyday. #ForBetterOrWorse

IG:Joy-Zelda ()

Love is a choice,you choose to be with someone #TheYendes 👏👏 @lindayende & Kayyende #ForBetterorWorse

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Ontiretse ()

“I can’t imagine life without him and I don’t even remember my life before him” #ForBetterOrWorse

Sharon Kekana ()

@OM_OnTheMoney This is a very important element of the relationship. When it comes to investing in the business we also have to keep each other grounded and remind ourselves that things can change tomorrow therefore we need to be prepared. Save. No matter how little. #forbetterorworse

Tsholofelo ()

@mo_phindi me and my partner have been together for 2 years now, he doesn’t have a car, I have! He always wanted to buy the car but we diceded to keep one car, have started bussiness together we doing well! We can always buy a car once we are well established. #forbetterorworse

Ms Rose🌹 ()

I want God to bless me with a man who will look at me the way Mr Yende looks at his wife #ForBetterorWorse

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🎀#TellTheGrooves🎀 ()

#ForBetterOrWorse “I had to work on him, there were things he had to unlearn” You did a wonderful job sisi, your husband knows his place as the man of the house. He speaks profoundly of his 🙌🏾

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On The Money ()

Based on the Yendes story on #ForBetterOrWorse, stand a chance to win R5000 by telling us how you and your partner would deal with challenges of seasonal income. T&Cs apply:

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Mamokgele phati ()

Our hosts inspire me hey i just love Mo n Phindi thank you for the great show. #ForBetterorWorse learning about the new couple and how they attack life

Belém ()

Mo and Phindi look like that type of couple that gossips and even high five each other 🤣🤣 #ForBetterorWorse #FBOW

Jabu ()

#ForBetterorWorse this show almost everyweek you learn something new abt marriage its either Finances. Hardships. Health. Joys etc. Every episode and every couple who had been to the show had their fair share of all. But LOVE CONQUERS ALL. #SiyafundaNjalo

@OM_OnTheMoney Always be open about your finances and spending as a couple. Cut costs like Dstv, take aways and luxuries to save more. Work out a budget and shop around for specials. Plan ahead. #ForBetterorWorse

I-lon-a ()

@OM_OnTheMoney #ForBetterorWorse A couple that works together through even the toughest of times, grows in strength. Our hardships often prepare us ordinary folks for an extraordinary destiny. Never lose faith in each other & work together towards your goals.

Selona Govender ()

@OM_OnTheMoney #ForBetterOrWorse WORK TOGETHER, BELIEVE IN EACH OTHER . In 2012 we struggled,I lost my job & hubby had to make the bond payment himself. He did private loads on the weekends & I sold baked goods. It’s so easy for wants to be seen as needs but you need to stick to a budget.

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Tiisetso ()

@OM_OnTheMoney We have learned to be open in our relationship we draw our own budget set our goals and save for emergencies #ForBetterorWorse

Sonia albertus ()

@OM_OnTheMoney Live within your means. Focus on needs and not wants. Come together with finances. Two heads are better than one. #ForBetterorWorse

Lebo.T ()

@OM_OnTheMoney -Weekend jobs -Buy cash only no credit -Distinguish between needs and wants -Involve the kids -Improvise with cheap yet fun dates instead of lavish ones -Work together for the same end goal. #ForBetterOrWorse. #ForBetterOrWorse. 🙏❤️

Thapelo Mokgothu ()

@OM_OnTheMoney We would find small, side hustles to add into our income so that we can cope with the lifestyle downgrade. When we started dating,we used to work on weekends to make an extra income for books,rent money and have proven it before that we can work as a team #ForBetterOrWorse

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Nonhlanhla Ndlovu ()

@OM_OnTheMoney Positivity all the way, we would both understand that we are doing it for the best. Blaming each other would not help, instead, holding hands would make a huge difference. Respect each other and listen to one another in this way a transition will be better. #ForBetterOrWorse

Esmie Wedding Decor ()

I always look forward to #ForBetterOrWorse beautiful couple tonight. Thank you @mo_phindi 👌

Mpho Putini ()

@bongiandcollin beautiful couple🤩 beautiful love story and I appreciate your honesty about your finances as well 👏May the Lord continue to bless you 🙏🏾 #ForBetterorWorse

On The Money ()

Based on this week’s episode, share tips on how you could ensure a smooth transition in your relationship during a lifestyle downgrade because of financial issues to stand a chance to win R5k with Old Mutual On The Money and #ForBetterOrWorse. T&Cs apply

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Cynthia Fakudze ()

#ForBetterorWorse Inspiring indeed🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 I want to be married now💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

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Motheo Lebelo ()

Now we know that we have save money. Now we know that we have to read and sign contracts. @bongiandcollin #ForBetterorWorse

Motheo Lebelo ()

In life there is seasons. There is times where things are tough and i am blessed that i have a woman who sees behond. @bongiandcollin #ForBetterorWorse

IG:Joy-Zelda ()

In the beginning we had to remember that its not money that brought us together -Bongi 👍👌👊 #ForBetterorWorse

IG:Joy-Zelda ()

I started appreciating how her family is -Collin and i heard to appreciate her loudness,We need to appreciate the values of marriage #ForBetterorWorse

HumphreyYic ()

@bongiandcollin haha Collin paid for a Teddy Bear in 3 taxis lol 😂mcoooh Love is Beautiful #ForBetterOrWorse

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