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After Nixon resigned, he was shocked when he called an aide in President Gerald Ford’s White House and was put on hold.

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Juuli ()

@GiaroliMarti Quien pudiera cumplir años el mismo día que muerte el diegote y Ricardo Ford jajajajajajaja

MrsB ()

@DrVivianS Did this firm recommend keeping the command table membership a secret? What else is Ford hiding?

Karuna Satov
Karuna Satov ()

@richard680news @DanFoxTO Dr. Williams is just good at dancing to the tune Doug Ford is playing

Jenny Wood 🇨🇦
Jenny Wood 🇨🇦 ()

@brianlilley For everyone blaming the Ford Govt. The current CMOH and this all fall under the Wynne Liberals.

Ezra Levant 🍁
Ezra Levant 🍁 ()

What a lovely man with a lovely family. And Doug Ford will now destroy him. But first, the Media Party will defame him.

Steven Del Duca
Steven Del Duca ()

Doug Ford is betraying Ontario families by awarding contracts to the same nursing homes that put lives at risk. These companies should be called out to explain themselves, not awarded new contracts. #FordBetrayedUs #onpoli

Michael Beschloss
Michael Beschloss ()

After Nixon resigned, he was shocked when he called an aide in President Gerald Ford’s White House and was put on hold.

Cristina ()

Watching today’s Ford presser on Covid 19 to find out vaccination task force led by some General Hillier. Getting vaccine out to those who need it most. Why do I fear for our elderly in LTC? Who will speak for them? I don’t trust this plan at all. A vaccine in less than a year?

Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown ()

@ColinDMello It must be very frustrating for the Ford govt to have to engage in this annoying democratic process.

Qasim Rashid, Esq.
Qasim Rashid, Esq. ()

We must reject the myth that Ford’s pardon of Nixon healed America. It had the opposite effect. It led to more government distrust. Healing doesn’t come from ignoring atrocity, but by upholding justice. Trump should not be pardoned. Let him face justice.

Mr DJ ()

@NoTime4Fake1s_ Ford family are the owners of a hot mess of an NFL franchise in Detroit. Absolute shambles. Matt Patricia needs to go asap

۞Sr Gustabo۞
۞Sr Gustabo۞ ()

Ford evitando que se acerquen a Horacio 😎, Volkó kien te konoze

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Tut Gaddafi
Tut Gaddafi ()

#NFL @Lions The Turkey is cold before the Texans arrive to Ford Field. @Panthers Robby, Samuel, & Moore gave them death. The Texans just beat Patriots, Watson, Fuller V, & Cooks up next. #Thanksgiving2020 The needy will be the Detroit Lions. DET 0 - CAR 20 SHUTOUT.

Ford Photo,Ford Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Marlo Moss
Marlo Moss ()

Happy 57th anniversary of exclusive Ford Family ownership everyone!!!!!

Adam Ruff
Adam Ruff ()

@PeachJames_ We say this every week. That’s why the results don’t actually matter. And the Ford’s will still hire another worthless coach.

Venus ()

@inefableauron Es cierto. Aún así, a mí parecer, ninguna mafia da suficiente contenido todavía (a excepción del chino wiwa) y lo más emocionante está con los sheriff del norte, porque está Collins (Dess), Armando, Yakiv, Ford (ex Rosas), Coyote y cuando se juntan con Horacio hacen de mafia.

Kevin M. Kruse
Kevin M. Kruse ()

With “Ford’s pardon of Nixon” trending, I’ll just repost this @USATODAY piece @julianzelizer and I did one more time.

ヤン ()


Seán Marsh ✌️
Seán Marsh ✌️ ()

@FordAustralia If Ford were alive he’d be dismayed at your lack of electric / hydrogen progress.

LucyFord ()

@Eranbh3 זו לא טעות אם אתה הוגה את המילה ואנשים מבינים אותך :)

Pax Odinson of Midgard 🇳🇴☮♻📸🌊🌈 #Resist #FBR
Pax Odinson of Midgard 🇳🇴☮♻📸🌊🌈 #Resist #FBR ()

@JohnTubeman @glennkirschner2 Ford later stated its acceptance implied an admission of guilt. He felt the pardon was the right thing for the country. It was very controversial and lost him the next election, but to the best of my knowledge no major legal challenge was filed with regards to the pardon itself.

Lisalovinlife ()

@mrsjuliesayles Maybe even Ford or Lecce could help out . Instead of visiting all the businesses that they are so worried about , how about spend a day as a supply teacher . Bring your MPP to work day .

דוד אורטל
דוד אורטל ()

@Lucy___Ford @Yechiel747 אז גם מישהו שמל מסיבות אסטטיות משתתף בטקס פגאני?

Phoenix || MIA
Phoenix || MIA ()

Sebuah mobil Ford Explorer berwarna merah membelah jalanan ibu kota yang cukup padat. Mayoritas pengguna jalan adalah mereka yang tengah menikmati akhir pekan bersama keluarga. Berbanding terbalik dengan sang pengemudi mobil merah itu. Juna, si pengemudi, malah sibuk memikirkan

Trapdinawrpool ()

@EverettColdwell Ford will never allow it just as Wynne refused to let the city bring in tolls

Green Car Reports
Green Car Reports ()

Ford Mustang Mach-E vs. Chevy Bolt EV: One of these is much cheaper with incentives

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U.S. Navy
U.S. Navy ()

Take a look at the first-in-class #USNavy aircraft carrier @Warship_78. USS Gerald R. Ford and embarked Carrier Air Wing 8 recently completed integrated carrier strike group operations, under the operational control of Carrier Strike Group 12. Details:

David Fisman
David Fisman ()

The many uses of a pandemic. While many people are focussed on protecting their health and livelihoods, the Ford govt seized the opportunity to undermine conservation in Ontario.

CP24 ()

Effective Monday, Nov. 23 at 12:01 , Toronto and Peel will be moved into lockdown, Ford says.

Cynthia Mulligan
Cynthia Mulligan ()

BREAKING: Premier Ford announces lockdown measures. No restaurant patios, gyms closed, only professional sports teams can practice indoors, retail will be curbside pickup only. 50% capacity in grocery stores and LCBO #covid19

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