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A year ago today, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib dropped their second collaborative album Bandana 💿 Y’all taking this or Piñata? 🤔

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Soflosound ()

Since Freddie Gibbs is being discussed, what is your opinion on him as an artist? What’s the best album in his catalogue?

Lil Lynt From 64th
Lil Lynt From 64th ()

son all of this because freddie gibbs called him a teletubby??? LOL Akademiks is going out sad

Jordan Creech
Jordan Creech ()

Ak easily the biggest clown in America but w that said I have no idea who Freddie Gibbs is

Christy Santamaria
Christy Santamaria ()

Freddie Gibbs decided his first act as a major label artist would be to dunk repeatedly on Akademiks from the 3 point line The man cannot stop stacking Ws

Dope Verses
Dope Verses ()

Freddie Gibbs irrelevant? NEVER THAT. Gangsta Gibbs vs DJ Akademiks? Gangsta Gibbs in 4. somebody grab the broom cuz issa sweep.

Jon. ()

Freddie Gibbs is lame af for talking shit to @Akademiks lmao. What kinda rapper talks to a blogger

Linor - Geigh of Marmora
Linor - Geigh of Marmora ()

Jerry the Mouse is coming for FREDDIE GIBBS?!? im sure there are folks from Gary who will take care of this for him.

Chief ()

If you had a gun to your head and was asked to name 3 Freddie Gibbs’ songs what would your last words be

Matt "Diet" Wilhite ()

Thinking about Akademiks getting up to go find Freddie Gibbs, and getting yanked back by his mic still being plugged into the computer.

Thomas. ()

Akademiks beefing with Freddie Gibbs? Akademiks got money now and think he gangsta? Lmaoooo

SayGoodnight2ThaBadGuy ()

Any nigga say anything positive about Freddie Gibbs music look like this @FreddieGibbs , nigga we never in the whip like slap that new Gibbs tf 😂😂 least Jeezy got classics you don’t skip


I mean to be fair I’ve never heard a Freddie Gibbs song in my life and it isn’t cause I don’t want to, it’s cause nobody i know listens to that man lmao

KazEE-Ka-Me ()

@Darron_Mastodon Wtf DJ Academics on now? I dont even know the deal and im guessin im riding with Freddie Gibbs.

Thicc Na$ty
Thicc Na$ty ()

So akademiks opened his crusty ass plaque stained mouth to disrespect Freddie muhfukkin Gibbs???? FOR WHAT????? Someone needs to check him fr Oompa Loompa body ass bitch fuck wrong with him

Dior ()

@SamSheeshHiphop Freddie Gibbs (Alfredo),Skyzoo (Milestones) , Lojii & Swarvy (Due Rent Blends)

tea goblin
Tea goblin ()

The Freddie Gibbs/DJ Akademiks feud is the only good thing in 2020. Just that, nothing else.


NO ALBUM Freddie Gibbs every made is better than Thug Motivation 101 stay in school kid

Tom ()

Freddie Gibbs made a homophobic joke and yall fr praising him for it 🤨

Freddie Gibbs Photo

How dare akademiks disrespect Freddie Gibbs. Freddie has been way more consistent than Jeezy

BANGhetto 🇧🇩
BANGhetto 🇧🇩 ()

Who the fuck is Freddie Gibbs? I’m about to mute him. This twitter battle constantly being rt’d to my tl is not even funny

XXL Magazine
XXL Magazine ()

A year ago today, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib dropped their second collaborative album Bandana 💿 Y’all taking this or Piñata? 🤔

Freddie Gibbs Photo
☚ #comealive #A31Storage ☛
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