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  • Land of the free, home of the Blake. 🇺🇸😍 What great state does @blakeshelton hail from? #VoiceBlinds

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  • How can a change at the State Dept help in our fight to free American Pastor Andrew Brunson who is falsely imprisoned in #Turkey for his faith? Tune in as we discuss. #JayLive

  • #Russia held an illegitimate, fabricated “referendum” in #Ukraine in a futile attempt to legitimize its purported annexation of Ukrainian territory. Russia’s claim that Ukrainians made a free choice in that sham “referendum” has always lacked credibility.

  • Free State Premier-Elect: Comrade Sisi #Ntombela was the MEC for Co-operative Governance & Traditional Affairs in the Free State Provincial Government. She is also the Deputy President of the ANC Women’s League.

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  • A small, broke municipality in the Free State must answer why it chose to hire hundreds of workers, with no money in the bank, on the eve of the ANC elective conference.

  • Nedbank cup whatsapp group Kaizer Chiefs (online) 🔵 Baroka(online) 🔵 Free State stars (online) 🔵 Maritzbug united(online) 🔵 Ubuntu united (online) 🔵 Pirates(Left) 🔴 Cape Town city(online) 🔵 #NedbankCup #NedbankCup2018 #Pirates #SSDiski

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  • @Trey_VonDinkis Bernie Sanders Naughty Boy the pipe piper 🎼of 2016 Playing the tune of deceit & miss leading of naïve young students Telling them you’re going2give free college🤨But No town county or state will pay for security2keep them Safe😤NotEven freeLunches4That Matter🤔NoConscience🤨🗽.

  • @upnawf @riceandkoolaid @OhsoLosoo @KellyScaletta @MrCrazyFace98 @Lianovan7 @barbdignan @ehjovan the Missouri compromise was in 1820 to allow Missouri to enter as a slave states since Maine was joining as a free state (to keep slave/free states equal) but not allow new slaves and it prohibited slavery above Missouri.

  • ANC fills gender gap in Mpumalanga and Free State with premier appointments By GREG NICOLSON @gregnicolson

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  • @mckennas2021 You go girl! I’m a deplorable strong woman,mother etc outspoken, involved in local, state & national politics.We must not be silenced.Your future & that of your future children is at stake. We have a great & free country,we must not let the Marxists take it from us. @goshenhawk1.

  • @patcondell A police state, whose function seems to be, to suppress the opinions of the indigenous people, whilst allowing those who hate us, free rein..

  • Or maybe Lindsay Shepherd, who is deeply concerned about free speech in education, will use her new found fame to draw attention to this act of state censorship?

  • Hey Portugal! Yes Italian Republic from European Hegemony? Spell 100 Professionalism Condotierri H O L Y C R A P Follow for a second free independent Mexican state!

    Free State twitter.
  • Florida governor signed a law banning so-called “free-speech zones” at public universities #freespeech #TheStream.

  • staying in state and going to school for free was the best decision i’ve ever made.

  • Im going to “moving on” music festival on 4/27 at State College. Plans being made. It’s Free and Logic is headlining #Cantmissthis.

  • Justice John Paul Stevens suggested adding 5 words to the #2ndAmendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms *when serving in the Militia* shall not be infringed.” #TYTLive.

  • Check out my All-MPSSAA State Championship Team @jusbuckets_5 @Lbg_shawn @KVNG__LIGHTSKIN @AyeeDan_ @Flyhighant @MalikABrand @Rated_Gray (FREE)

  • I missed the entire first quarter of the BYU because ESPN had to show free throws in the Penn State game..

  • Bostick splits another pair of free throws with 36 tics left to play, as Penn State leads 61-54..

  • After two subpar seasons, the #Buckeyes veterans are just happy to be back in #MarchMadness (FREE via @_Pat_Murphy)

  • @rentonMagaUK @Omnicentrist This is a disgusting display of the state our country is in. Illegal kills innocent girl, walks free. Typical.

  • @outstarwalker @ColdHeartsGame to me that also means giving the partner space to live their own lives instead of always being depending on one another (because of unconcious needs/expecations/leeching). Love, but let it be free when needed. Philosophical statement: "in a state of coming and going"..

  • Gotta sympathize with state authorities on some level. Even if you’re a free speech absolutist, what would you do if there’s a potential public order crisis every time a certain religious community has been offended? You’d try to deter people from saying offensive things too.

  • @SADIQkhan0023 @d_rvolkan @spectatorindex They’re also free except the ones who are affiliated to PKK/YPG in other words the terrorist ones.i have lots of Kurdish friends who are in peace with their state and do not have separation dream and love to live together as one country!.

  • @FailedComic1234 @oncomingspork @whoviancomment @DenchenThe “Endorse”? If you say so. I may agree with them on occasion. Feel free to call me a hypocrite for being opinionated. That’s all any of this is: impassioned opinions. You’re welcome to state yours, and I’m not stopping you..


  • @LilShayKS Not a single person in that class doesn’t have an A. It’s a business finance class and we’re learning stocks. We’re ahead of the state right now so we took 30min free time..

  • Free Lyft rides! Ten rides total! $50 credit! Enter this code: ZOOT >> Louisiana State University and A&M College (LSU) (Baton Rouge) - Credit varies by city.

  • There will be a wildflower workshop at Roaring River State Park from 9 to noon Saturday, April 7. It will begin at the Ozark Chinquapin Nature Center and include hikes along several park trails, so dress for that. It is free. For details, call the nature center at 417-847-3742..

  • @RealSaavedra Ryan perhaps you should study American history a bit more closely. The 2nd Amendment was adopted December 15th, 1791 and states "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. " ...

  • MBA Colleges for Banking in Mumbai #Free #signupnow #MBA #Banking #Wednesday

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  • @GeekyStevenMLP @matSuund @MADmagazine And who are you to say what gun i need in my house to protect my family. Plus i put food on my families table with my AR-15. So tell you what, put a big sign in your yard stating its a gun free zone. Mine will state i protect my house with an AR-15, see how that works out..

  • @MENnewsdesk Last of the free thinkers Catholic state and Catholic state contradiction in law . That gives supremacy to submission based ideology over protestant based faiths, non religious population. Removal of freedom of interpretation of text Removal of freedom of thought and speech

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