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I see the #boycottjimmyjohns trend and realize that people are mad at Jimmy Johns for killing animals but rejoice over killing babies. EVIL!!#FridayMotivation.

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Thanks to POTUS for lowering the market for us old people to buy low! You’re a genius! #FridayMotivation.

Billy Joel - I Go to Extremes (Official Video) via @YouTube. #FridayMotivation.

#FridayMotivation American Jobs! Promises Made! Promises Kept!.

Ben is grilling lamb tonight and we’re having homemade mashed potatoes and salad on the side #CajunLife #FridayMotivation.

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Islam puts great emphasis on kindness and humility. #FridayMotivation.

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Trump tells Republicans he may begin cutting social security and Medicare if he wins in 2020 #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation.

@SenSchumer @realDonaldTrump Trump is an American traitor and a Russian puppet!! #iherebyorder #FridayMotivation.

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. #FridayMotivation.

[email protected] - He alone is sovereign and worthy ... @Patriots #FridayMotivation.

He took our will all the way to the top of Alps!!! totally a #FridayMotivation for #HongKong ! Nth is impossible! liberate HK, revolution of our time!.

This morning I was running late for work. I dropped my ID badge between the seat and the console and could not reach it. I used the underwire from my bra to fish it out. Now I feel like MacGyver! #fridaymorning #FridayMotivation.

I see the #boycottjimmyjohns trend and realize that people are mad at Jimmy Johns for killing animals but rejoice over killing babies. EVIL!!#FridayMotivation.

Republican Colorado Senator Cory Gardner votes with Trump over 90% of the time. Gardner also voted for the Republican health plan that the non partisan CBO stated would have caused 15 million Americans to lose their health coverage. #FridayMotivation.

#fridaymotivation keep praising Prophet Muhammad (SAW) peace be open him ..

Any money you loose in life is a tuition fee you pay in the University, called life. #FridayMotivation.

A family is the first line of protection for children. Incidences of violence against children go unreported and unrecorded for various reasons including fear, stigma and lack of awareness. Every community can work towards preventing violence against children. #FridayMotivation.

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Aspiring apprentice Winfred Gichuki presenting her marketing strategy for Spark energy drink. #marketing #FridayMotivation.

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#FridayMotivation Believe that this storm will end & the sun will come your way, stay focus and never back the winds may be strong but you are stronger, you were created to hold those winds, you were created to soar like wings of So hold on, soon it’s your time.

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We 💚 seeing these two in school! But globally 🌐, over 260 million children & adolescents do not have the opportunity to enter or complete school. Investing in quality #education is key to providing children with lifetime opportunities. 📚🌱 #Fridaymotivation.

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Many of us are the sons and daughters of God, but not such as this Son. He is the true and the proper Son, by origin, not by adoption; in truth, not in name; by birth, not by creation. De Trinitate, Book 3 §11 St Hilary of Poitiers (310-368AD) #FridayMotivation #CatholicTwitter.

Happy Friday hope you all Good No matter how hard keeep pushing #FridayMotivation [email protected]

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Kundiri who stated that normalcy had returned to the area also sued for peace for the progress and development of the area. @tarabagovt #Nigerians #FridayMotivation.

Rose Muhando back on her feet, hosted by flamboyant city preacher. #FridayMotivation via @SDEKenya.

He is Happy whom Circumstances suit his Temper; but he Is more Excellent who suits his Temper to any #FridayMotivation.

Live -Advance Yog Shivir, योगाभ्यास का सही तरीका, Right Method Of Yog- Practice. #AdvanceYogShivir #FridayMotivation.

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