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Clearing nicely from the SW now Heat beginning to build High beginning to settle Looking forward to tomorrow so much HOTTEST day for seems like yonks Thank fuk it’s FriYAY . . . Oh wait a minute I’m retired 😂 #FriYAY #RetiredAt53 🙌

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Velvet Skye™
Velvet Skye™ ()

It’s Friyay 🎉 no make up, late night ...hope you have a great day/weekend 💋💋♥️

SimplyNUC ()

@RedHat with a very brief introduction into the history of the modern computer for sysadmins I love Friday 😀, or should I say Friyay?

Christine Bemis
Christine Bemis ()

FriYay shout out to @ifireup love today’s quote in #PermissionToPause 📚❤️ #TearsofJoy today ❤️

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Mirada de.. Arusa2
Mirada de.. Arusa2 ()

@Angel_Miguel32 @ARUSA1204 Angelito muchas gracias y Happy Friyay ☀️ cada hora debemos disfrutar. Abrazote

RJ Purkhaa
RJ Purkhaa ()

Tripping on this song right now! “Raini charhi rasool ki So rang maula ke haath Jis ki choonar rang diyo So dhan dhan wa ke bhaag” Recommend a song that you LOVE! किसी भी भाषा का, अपना फ़ेवरेट गाना share kariye! ♥️ #friyay

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Guelph Area Living
Guelph Area Living ()

Happy FriYAY! Welcome to the weekend! Good news if you are looking for an activity you can do while practicing social distancing. The @guelphmuseums have opened back up with social distancing protocols in place and you can book your tickets online.

Leanne Dyck
Leanne Dyck ()

Putting the YA in FRIYAY: Fantasy Recs If You Loved Harry Potter

L🌙N ()

$LONMED // @kingkkayli the good buttons??? 😂 let’s get this money bby 🤑 happy friyay

Alive & Free Hypnosis and Wellness
Alive & Free Hypnosis and Wellness ()

Its #Friyay! Weekend Therapy starts with giving us a call to have an anxiety free life! Call us at 905-890-1818, or 💻 go to our website for more information at

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🌹Kat🥀 ()

Hello! I wanted to do something while I’m away on vacation, so I decided to do a sale! If you use the code “FRIYAY” you can get 25% off on all my prints! The sale will last till August 2nd 12am! Hope y’all have a wonderful day! 💕

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TheSummitClub ()

FRIYAY Dinner is what’s for dessert? We are waiting for YOU

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Bragg Media Marketing
Bragg Media Marketing ()

Why track your marketing? 👉 Save money 👉 Free up time to focus on what produces results 👉 Increase lead conversions 👉 Develop new ideas for your business This free offer includes a fillable PDF, Google Sheet and Excel file. #Friyay #FreebieFriday

Tony Standrod
Tony Standrod ()

Friyay! Congrats  to my friend for closing on her awesome new 🏡 today. Big thanks to my man Tony Williams for being a stellar partner on the financing side, and to Kentuckiana Title for a smooth closing. Rock stars all around. Onward!! RE/MAX Premier Properties

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⁶𓅓 ()

Hola buen día fans ya es friyay y el clima esta de súper huevos asi qué hay q aprovechar y sacar los outfits mamalones🤍✨

Patron Saints Brewery
Patron Saints Brewery ()

Can you believe it’s #friyay? We have the perfect recipe for #fridayvibes with 12 Saintly beers & 4 Seltzers on tap with @rosiesrollingchefs from 4-8:30. 🚴‍♀️🛹🏃‍♂️ on the UT/Parks trail with a rad little path from it to our taproom.

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Tamiko ()

Today is ✨FLIRTY FRIYAY!! 😊 If you’re reading this, I think you’re hella cute. Duh~! 💖

OckertS ()

It is Friyay, we braai no questions asked @SANParks #webcams

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Choice Radio Kenya
Choice Radio Kenya ()

#Friyay!! 🥳 Time for the #kaceandsadiashow!! All the way to 7PM we will be giving you nothing but good vibes!!! Where are tuned in from fam? 🔊 Let us know on our WhatsApp number 0110006870 📲🚀

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Beauty PalaceCS
Beauty PalaceCS ()

It’s #Friyay , so what better day to announce we’re doing an Early Access: Black Pound Day Sale. ⁣ ⁣ Simply apply discount code: BLACK£ at checkout for money off your order! ⁣ ⁣ Happy Black Pound Day…

Fleur Baxter
Fleur Baxter ()

💜 Happy #Friyay ...💚🐝🐝🐝🐦🐦🐦

WineTouristMagazine ()

Looking towards the weekend #friyay by #winetourist• armablanc_ Armablanc: Meravigliose eccellenze (by the mediterranean sea) Armablanc metodo classico 2016 millesimato pas dosè Per…

The African Mzungu
The African Mzungu ()

Friyay!!! The only decision you need to make is to tune @ChoiceRadioKE for the #KaceAndSadiaShow 🚀🚀 @SadzIbrahim #HardToTurnOff

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Babs ()

@profstan72 Good morning, Stan! Have a fabulous FriYAY. We are getting much needed rain due to the hurricane, which isn’t even close, Might time being near SC right about the time of our visit! 😩☔️☔️

OtakuHuntikFan1017 (He/Him)
OtakuHuntikFan1017 (He/Him) ()

Ohayo! Its Finally FriYay Morning Otakus and Everyone! Woot! Shooting Stars To End July 2020! Lets head to the weekend on an awesome note folks. #FruitsBasket #SummerBreak2020

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TattooedTootsiesxo ()

It’s paaaaydayyyyyy! Treat your Goddess 💖 Payday paydaypaypig lickablesoles higharches friyay footgoddess

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Alexandra Jehan
Alexandra Jehan ()

I tried to smile but this week has really tested me 😅 joggers and shirts are my WFH staple and I’m not mad about it 👌🏼 time for an ice coffee in the sun 😎 #FRIYAY

Akira Animal Shelter
Akira Animal Shelter ()

🇬🇧Some more #Friyay celebrations. Mudi who arrived from the kill shelter the other day has started him home trial. We wish him every success and thank you to his family for giving him this opportunity. We will keep…

Windy Wilson
Windy Wilson ()

Today has finally come. Some much deserved WARMTH . . . and sunshine for most (not all) Highs today in Scotland could reach 27/28 degrees We have a weather front likely to skiff western coastal fringes later on this afternoon #FriYAY #HotHotHot

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Pardon My Take
Pardon My Take ()

New FriYay PMT is now LIVE! Another #GritWeek in the books and we have a full recap directly after our 24 hour stream -A 2fer for the people with @WWETheBigShow & @gkittle46 -Fyre Fest, a Spongebob table read & more DL, R & S ——>

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Windy Wilson
Windy Wilson ()

Clearing nicely from the SW now Heat beginning to build High beginning to settle Looking forward to tomorrow so much HOTTEST day for seems like yonks Thank fuk it’s FriYAY . . . Oh wait a minute I’m retired 😂 #FriYAY #RetiredAt53 🙌

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☚ Only God Knows Lucy ☛
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