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How you all voted. Tacha got the highest as usual. Frodd almost got evicted #Bbnaija.

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Haaaaay God! Please vote for Frodd! He can’t go home please 🙏🏾 Send VOTE Frodd to 32052 #BBNaija.

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@callme_frodd Frodd has suffered n still suffering in that house but my question is what did he do to this HMS? Iv watches him n seeing anything wrong yet they gang up against congratulated Elo for replacing Frodd last and I asked that same yesterday he cooked for them.

If VOTE Mercy is trending, why can’t VOTE Frodd? Let’s save our man, please!.

@GabrielOkeke8 God help you with your bias, almost everyone in the house hailed Elo for his decision but na Seyi you see. Besides he n frodd friends #Bbnaija.

Let’s be Khafi discussing with FRODD will DEFINITELY trigger Venita now, and that would really get to her so she’d be thinking khafi wud be spoiling her name to frodd and talking trash bout her. But Venita fucked up fucked up big time! #BBNaija.

Elozonam Saves Venita and Replaces her with Frodd. #BBNaija.

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@mzyll Are you high on cheap drugs on what, how dare you compare Frodd to Ike, what kind of INSULT is that, please be guided ooh.

@callme_frodd Flodd really needs the We complain everyday in Nigeria that the poor gets poorer while the rich gets Now is a great opportunity to consider the poor boy and change his story. God will change your story as you help vote for this poor boy.

Gist: #BBNaija: How Mike Reconciled Frodd, Seyi After Fight Over Alcohol (Video).

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Ike to Elozonam : Don’t worry about not saving Diane. She’s a strong girl. Worry about replacing with Frodd. That guy is gonna cry all week #BBNaija.

#Ikegang even if we are voting mercy this weak Endeavor to pull some votes for Frodd and mike Please please please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 From your 💯 give mike 20 and Frodd 20!!! #BBNaija.

@BBNaija Congrats 🎉 I hope she won’t cry when Frodd leaves on Sunday! That’s 3days mourning again😂😂. Follow me guys I follow back ASAP.

I’m voting for Frodd simply because Gedoni and Jackye have overstayed their welcome. #BBNaija.

When Elozonam saved and replaced Benita with Frodd, Frodd was drinking bottle water wey done finish already 😂😂 #BBNaija.

Thank you IKe for standing up from there . Ike : I’m going to Frodd he’s stressed today . #BBNaija.

Frodd is up again! Please guys vote for him. He doesn’t deserve to leave now. He is a talented young man and the world needs to see this. Please send sms VOTE Frodd to 32052! #bbnaija.

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@BBNaija VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd VOTE Frodd.

#BBNaija FRODD da Entertainer! Giving you Drama, Pepper, Romance, Dancehall and Cruise!.

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i like the way frodd doesnt hesitate to tell people off these days ..imagine tacha calling someone difficult sit down abeg #bbnaija.

Frodd will want to look for any slightest chance to tackle Elo, see eh he should just jejely maintain himself cos as Elo is quiet he will just finish frodd. #bbnaija.

To be honest Frodd is the only housmate fun to is stupid tho but very normal!Im voting for him #BBNaija.

@sommynuela Dear sommy, may we remind you that we have faith that frodd is going nowhere and not anytime soon. Thanks.

Clearly the Bottom 4 in this current #BBNaija nomination list is : Diane , Frodd , Gedoni and Jackie abi na Jacky lol (in no particular order ).

How you all voted. Tacha got the highest as usual. Frodd almost got evicted #Bbnaija.

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Village people are at August meeting but Frodd wouldn’t let them stay away in peace..

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