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If the Boston Celtics win Game 6 Tonight i’ll give one person who Likes & RTs this tweet $500💰 Lets see if the Celtics will force a Game 7 for my biggest giveaway yet! Comment your cashapps❤️.

Klay gonna finish the game going 7/28 and put Jackson Tyson Jordan Game 6 on his Insta story again.

We have postponed tonight’s game. We will play a double-header on Saturday beginning at 4:30 (gates at 4). It will be two 7-inning games. Rain check tickets can be exchanged for any remaining 2022 Fireflies home game..

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@BarryOnHere The Celtics need to win this game and hope that Len Bias will be healthy enough to play in Game 7.


podemos hablar de que Montyneta desactivó su cuenta para ahorrarse la verguenza y que no lo carpeteemos? eso es aun mas vergonzoso que perder un game 7 contra un esloveno con problema de sobrepeso.

Yoo @joelbortey what did I tell you? I told you Warriors will win this series in 5 or 6. There’s no game Ibi you people Wey dey fear this Celtics team kai.

Hoy se define todo con los Warriors o hay GAME 7 🫣🎉🎉 Pronostica en @betcrisecuador.

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Me this morning: The Celtics can get game 6 and anything can happen in Game 7 Me Rn:.

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halftime of game 7 of eastern conference finals…talking ball with mere mortals gets exhausting.

Jaylen Brown is the only Celtic that seems interested in getting back on a plane back to the bay for a Game 7..

This has a very Mavs/Suns game 7 feel, Warriors might run it up just to remind us who the big dog on the porch actually is #NBAFinals.

@KIGAKazunagi @finalfantasyvii The game I’ve been manifesting for 7 years finally I can rest…..🥹🥹🥹.

Not gonna lie, I wanna see a game 7. I think I wanna see it a lil bit more than the warriors win tonight lol.

Was never a Kobe fan, but people be lame when try to include a dude who no longer here for likes or giggles. *making fun of Tatums game 7 tweet to Kobe*.

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@mygaffer @warriors_focus They are not losing with a Steph 50 piece, also I think he is at #6 right now and a win tonight (or game 7) would bump him up to 5..

I don’t know what to say about the Celtics. I’m super calm until I’m not about 30 minutes before the game and I realize it’s actually about to happen. I just want to fall asleep tonight with a game 7 happening Sunday. This team is so fucking capable of winning tonight. Do it.

@PHDFC11 Desculpa, irmão. Pra quem tá de fora, a torcida é sempre pelo game 7… rsrs, mas ainda acho que o Warriors será campeão.

I really want to write for a video game one day. I approached a modder looking for a writer, and offered him 20 hours a week from me unpaid (this was before my consultancy gig). He turned me down because he wanted someone available 24/7, living and breathing the work..

@TheCycleGame + For those who have no fucking gear and barely hours of playtime and another lobby with people who actually freak out with the game 24/7. Its not that hard adding some ranking/lobby , most of games have it..

If the Celtics win tonight there will be a game 7 of the nba finals but keep in mind if the warriors win tonight they will be crowned champions and there will no longer be a need for a game 7 BUT if the Celtics out score the warriors I think there’s a good chance for a game 7.

Guluva we game - 7 yama grootman. The one & only @Officialzola7 at #MKHMA22.

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Si celtic force un game 7 today ils pourront être champion à chase center ! Scénario inimaginable des Lakers fans.

J’espère on plie la série ce soir pck si ça va au game 7 dimanche je pourrais pas regarder le match :/.

@NFTs_girl nba finals, warriors are up 3-2. the first team to win 4 games win so if boston wins this game there’s a game 7 on sunday. if warriors win then they win and curry will most likely be finals mvp if that’s the case.

Michael Moss went 4 for 6 with a home run, four RBIs and three runs scored as Johnson City beat Pulaski 22-13 in an Appalachian League game Wednesday night at Calfee Park that featured 32 combined hits..

7 59DE19EC :参戦ID 参加者募集! Lv200 アルティメットバハムート.

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Cómo simpatizante neutral me gustaría un game 7, pero si GSW coronan esta noche tampoco me quejaría.

lets not forget Refs stole 7 pts in last 2:36 game 4. Curry fouls AL H, AL never touches him but CORRUPT NBA calls foul on AL and upholds the call. CORRUPTION giving the games to Curry! Silver needs to go!!!!!.

i was hoping for game 7 but this is just fucking sad to watch, please just put them out of their misery..

Come on Celtics, don’t just flat out give me the satisfaction of you guys losing tonight. Make it a game. Hell push it to 7..

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