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Today was the anniversary of the 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland. The Second World War began with a Nazi-Soviet alliance. It is illegal to say so in Russia. In Germany, where people are free to reflect upon this, it would not be a bad idea to do so..

⚡️ Süddeutsche Zeitung: Germany proposes ban on EU citizens accepting high-ranking positions in Russian state corporations. Berlin has distributed the proposal to EU governments, calling on the EU to add it to its eighth sanctions package, reports Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper..


Anita Chukwudum (16) has been declared missing after she left home in Lagos for Abuja to meet a person she met on Facebook who promised to send her to Germany.

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Netherlands 🇳🇱 A group of institutional investors are planning the construction of Tristate City, a megalopolis with a population of around 45 million extending across the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. For this to happen, they obviously need to buy up a lot of farmland….

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Can’t happen here, I won’t comply with any of this nonsense again & I don’t personally know anyone else that would. Utterly ridiculous. “Germany to Impose New Nationwide COVID Rules From October 1 - “.

UK GDP per capita has grown by just 10 per cent since 2015, compared with 24 per cent for Germany and 18 per cent for France..

FREE READ: “Understanding what happened in Germany from 1918 to 1945 might be the singularly most important lesson for human beings who were born afterwards to understand. Americans would be well-served to know more as they look at Trump as he eyes 2024.”.

Meanwhile, in Germany 🇩🇪 Germany are mandating Covid face masks from October..

Good Morning from #Germany, where #Retailcalypse is accelerating. Bonds of consumer electronics retailer Ceconomy (Media Markt, Saturn) dipped deeper into distressed territory as weakening consumer sentiment & rising costs weigh on outlook. 2026 notes trade at Cent for 1€..

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Good morning from #Germany for which Deutsche Bank expects severe #recession due to gas shock. DB expects Germany to see GDP growth in 2023, 3rd worst year since WWII behind only 2009 & 2020. An even sharper downturn cannot be ruled out in case of colder-than-usual weather..

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We’re been led to believe that fascism has to look like 1939 Germany when its most nefarious form since has been post-9/11 securitization/anti-immigration ideology that has liberal proponents as much as those on the right. And it will continue to be welcomed democratically..

UEFA Nations Friday ⚽️ 🏆 5u MAX Bulgaria TT over -150 3u Italy vs England BTTS YES -110 3u Germany vs Hungary under -170 Like or comment if you’re riding and let’s have another big day folks? 🍻.

Representatives of almost twenty diplomatic missions - the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, Germany, France, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the EU Ambassador - saw with their own eyes what Russia left behind. ⚡@Flash_news_ua.

Number of cities built by CBN: 2 (Cyberabad+Amaravati) Number of cities built by Metha and Jagan : 0 Ys family destroyed Andhra Pradesh future by their mindless borrowing and spendings.

@FranceinIndia @EmmanuelMacron #Reform 1/2 In my opinion Future UNGA : Total 6 permanent member 🇨🇳 (Asia) 🇮🇳(India) (Asia) 🇺🇸(North America) 4. Brazil 🇧🇷(South America) 🇩🇪 (Europe) Or France 🇫🇷 (rotation bases) union (Africa).

@ANI 1/2 In my opinion Future UNGA : Total 6 permanent member 🇨🇳 (Asia) 🇮🇳(India) (Asia) 🇺🇸(North America) 4. Brazil 🇧🇷(South America) 🇩🇪 (Europe) Or France 🇫🇷 (rotation bases) union (Africa).

Since the announcement, the country is locking horns with Azerbaijan in a resume towards their heated conflict which escalated in 2020. France, Germany and the United Kingdom have also put travel warnings in place..

@Royal_FamilyUK I just “discovered” today, that at least 9 other European royal families are fabulously wealthy like the UK royal family. Am shocked: I know that Germany & France don’t have monarchs anymore, but to discover 9 other monarchs in existence is mind boggling!.

@betelgeuse1922 …but defeat is the only way. It was necessary for Germany, Japan and Italy to go through that. People may rebel against mobilization, or their families when they don’t return. The important thing is they open their eyes. It will happen someday..

I have just been informed that the kiss WASNT edited out in the US version, so Germany fucked this one up too.

@SplattershotSr ya so like my german teacher moved to germany this year and so now its online and the only reason i stayed cus of her but its some other guy and i cant drop the class because i dont hav w50 dollars.

@jakluge Correct. It proved to Putin that his stranglehold + corruption strategy over German energy would allow him to do whatever he wanted and Germany would convince the EU and the US to not budge. Putin got the Germans right, but overestimated the weight of their diplomacy..

Volkswagen has major factories in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, which are heavily reliant on Russian gas. The company said it may move production west prostřednictvím @business.

@IIM_Balthazar @catherine___c Sweden and Italy are stuffed and Germany is not far behind or France . Some towns in Sweden and France are getos controlled by armed refugees and the police do not venture in without Military backup.


@willo1246 Oops, have Germany on my brain, a H&R T223, a experimental rifle we used in Vietnam , based on a German H&K 33.

Reading some Geoff Johns Flash and it’s actually very funny that the answer to “what if the Nazis beat the JSA because Jay Garrick was never the Flash?” was “the Allies win anyway because the US still gets nukes first so they just blow up Germany.”.

On Sept. 27, Poland marks the Day of the Polish Underground State. It commemorates the founding of the Polish Victory Service in 1939 — an organization that was to continue the fight against the invaders - Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. #OTD #history.

@shebahmc We were so close to Germany that Britain and France had no idea which side of the war we would come in on..

@MartyinLakewood Rachel Maddow had a great segment in the differences in response Germany and Italy had, in coming to terms with their fascist histories. One has now repeated their mistake, and the other is never going back..

once again i dont respect ur onion Vets & Groomers on controversial takes unless u actively participate in new science and have research paper literacy. bore me to death with ur raw food opinion citing an article about a sample size of 40 dogs in germany having poop.

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