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Forever in my the staff, the players, the fans! Thankyou for everything ❤️@ManUtd 🔴🔴🔴 #mufc #ggmu

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Assalamualaikum Saya mau nanya sama om @DonAdam68 supaya tidak terjadi kesalahpahaman Apakah kabar ini Valid Tolong bisikan jgn terlalu keras Takut YeEnWeA tersinggung 😌 #GGMU #MUFC

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Rony Abousamra
Rony Abousamra ()

VDB played well today considering his lack of game time. He was a bit nervous in some situations but overall played a lot of quality passes all over the pitch. Imo he needs to drive the ball forward more quickly and get to speed with the Manutd attack flow. #mufc #GGMU 🇾🇪🇾🇪

Lianne Sanderson
Lianne Sanderson ()

He only scored penalties 🤣 world class @B_Fernandes8 🔥🔥🔥 #Mufc #GGMU 🔴🔴


If pogba comot for man utd ahh e go pain me oh!! See goal nau! Eshin big 6! Omo oro!! #GGMU

Stoned 🍁💕
Stoned 🍁💕 ()

Good morning to all those ManU fans who slept without watching the game cuz thothaalum jeichaalum naange thaan da table le #GGMU

Back2BackSZN ()

Got through another week! Milking every second #LakeShow #GGMU

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Sayed Fazil Assegaf
Sayed Fazil Assegaf ()

@tuanmudaedo Bro lo sese x cek jadwal city bro liat bln 2 ini dlm 3 pertandingan lawan nya siapa” aja 😂😂 Beda sama MU bro #pucuk #ggmu

Ab Razak Ahmad
Ab Razak Ahmad ()

@drasyrafwajdi Korang ni chill la sikit. Kan posting pasal bola ni, bagi la Dato relax sikit. Nak komen politik pun pilihlah posting yg bersesuaian atau DM jer. Ini kalu kucing jiran mati pun nak kaitkan dgn politik. Tak letih ke politik 24/7 😔 Anyway GGMU 😅😅😅

Rasendriya AL
Rasendriya AL ()

@Dian_susahLogin Dulu di malang, di TV awal muncul liga italy, nggak lama liga Inggris, konyolnya cuma saya yang suka liga Inggris, alhasil di bully abis GGMU YNWA

SN 🇮🇳
SN 🇮🇳 ()

@PadraicToolan Yes but I think Ole has certainly made us fun to watch and that has rattled a lot of haters!!! Which I like, GGMU :)

Slim Tee
Slim Tee ()

Revor stores Jersey collection Ksh 1000 Delivery countrywide Make orders via 0796493321 #LiveSundayExpo #GGMU Liverpool Messi

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Dule Savić®
Dule Savić® ()

Јунајтед немаше среќа заслужено да победи. Одлични се и секоја чест и на тимот и на Солшер. Ќе биде забавно годинава до крај. Сити главен конкурент, Ливерпул е уморен и тешко ќе се носат, Јунајтед со добра шанса играчите да осетат крв па да гледаме забава. #GGMU

All United🇾🇪
All United🇾🇪 ()

Keep your head up @B_Fernandes8 🔴⚪️ we wouldn’t be anywhere near the top without your presence😅 #MUFC #GGMU

Bad Habiby▪
Bad Habiby▪ ()

Once I see GGMU, Manchester United diehard fan, this🔴, a United player in ur I’m following you ASAP

Chel ()

we need to SMASH Fulham on Wednesday, i’m happy we’re going well but i’m bored of cheering for one goal at a the beginning or end of a i’m not complaining but i want GOALS #mufc #ggmu

Federico Pobosky
Federico Pobosky ()

Liverpool went from second to fourth in less than 2hrs. EPL will disgrace you. Smh 😂😂 #GGMU

/r/reddevils ()

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Press Conference | Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United #ggmu

All United🇾🇪
All United🇾🇪 ()

United’s next 5 Prem games - Fulham (A) Sheffield United (H) Arsenal (A) Southampton (H) Everton (H) Currently still top of the league, how many points can we pick up?! #MUFC #GGMU

Danny West🇾🇪
Danny West🇾🇪 ()

Still top of the league and still the most hated club in the world. GGMU🇾🇪❤️ #21

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Chosen_Gen🇹🇹🦋 ()

Where are we on the table 😉 🔴❤💯 TOP OF THE TABLE #GGMU #ILOVEUNITED

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United Eye
United Eye ()

Manchester United Are The Team To Beat, the rest are simply admirers, look at Chelsea for 😂 #GGMU #MUNLIV

Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu ()

All level! Still TOP OF THE TABLE! Phew!!! Successful people!!! #GGMU

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𝐖 𝐈 𝐙 𝐋 𝐄 𝐊 ()

jgn lupa onad #ywna trus hilmun #ggmu kita liat besok siapa yg diejek ejek

🏅 L E X Ï
🏅 L E X Ï ()

No pressure na gains we dey as e no safe or sure for me all man gats do na to chill. Hopefully we go get detty MONDAY ❤.... una dey my mind 24/7 but meanwhile help me wish my team luck today #GGMU 🔴 happy Sunday


Betting 5k on man united for 18k . if they lose please neka len sen side 🙏🏿... #GGMU ❤️❤️

james altham
James altham ()

@Helle66221114 ha ha what you like you you will be knackered come kick off i suppose gallons of cofffee are in order try and have a good day lovely GGMU⚽️😆👊🍻🥰😘👌

Zukky_D_Great🇳🇬 ()

No Chelsea fan is allowed to put mouth into Liverpool & Manchester United match today. Just remain at the back door like this👇 🤣🤣🤣 #LIVMUN #GGMU

Darren McKeown
Darren McKeown ()

To all my LFC Fuck the lot a yas 😂🤣😂🤣 today were enemies tomorrow we can go back to Normal #GGMU ❤️

Anas ()

MU vs liverpool di musim ini berasa lebih big match daripada derby manchester 😌 #GGMU

Timothy fosu-mensah
Timothy fosu-mensah ()

Forever in my the staff, the players, the fans! Thankyou for everything ❤️@ManUtd 🔴🔴🔴 #mufc #ggmu

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