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ICYMI: Koko says he raised several red flags about Ramaphosa-linked Glencore.

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For the record, and thanks to @TheAusInstitute, the FOREIGN OWNERSHIP of the big mining companies mentioned in The Australian’s article is as follows: Anglo American Australia - 100% BHP - 94% Glencore- 100% Yancoal - 92% 3/4 👉.

🚨BREAKING: The SFO has secured Glencore’s conviction on 7 counts of international bribery. The company will face sentencing on 2nd and 3rd November 2022..

Glencore pleads guilty to bribery related to African oil operations.


Glencore UK subsidiary pleads guilty to bribery in Africa.

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R1bn got us hearsay as evidence & everything still needing to be investigated to find evidence. See how they waste time so nothing gets done? Brain, Koko & late Ngubane pointed Zondo to Glencore, & he acted 🙈🙉🙊 Fraser gave videos & photos for free & nothing is happening? 🚮.

@karynmaughan @News24 I will await your reporting on #PhalaPhalaFarmGate, Glencore and #CR17BankStatements. For now you’re continuing being a daughter of PW Botha.

Glencore is being prosecuted by Western countries for bribing politicians in order to exploit minerals in African countries, and is paying large sums in fines for its indiscretions. Meanwhile, African.

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Glencore bribed everyone, including in the US and London, and decided to be honest when dealing with SA and Ramaphosa. Lucky us.

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@ferialhaffajee But failed to investigate Glencore found guilty by the UK and US courts. Mxxxm.

Monkeypox propaganda is a huge distraction. Focus Guys Focus. 👀 #PhalaPhalaFarm #Glencore.

1st it was the it is the bribery throughout African countries ...

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Americans & the British are making Glencore to pay for corruption & bribery etc. Glencore is said to have corrupted politicians & government Americans & British are not politicising corruption by this multinational as STATE CAPTURE, that’s for the gullible SA public.

A British subsidiary of mining and trading giant Glencore on Tuesday formally pleaded guilty to seven counts of bribery in connection with oil operations in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and South Sudan..

Glencore… Est ce la même compagnie Glencore pour laquelle le gouvernement a accordé des hausses du taux de nickel dans l’air à Québec malgré les inquiétudes des SP régionales? @aqme_qc @CMQ_org.

Very good ANC must remove Cyril Ramaphosa now before NEW StateCapture ANC should have removed Cyril Ramaphosa after Glencore Bribing Cyril Ramaphosa and Phala Phala Farm #PhalaPhalaFarmGate.

Cyril Ramaphosa and Glencore captured Eskom, If this is not in 2Billion Romance book of Zondo and Cyril then no one should be arrested over so called Capture. #PhalaPhalaFarm.

Glencore UK subsidiary pleads guilty to bribery in Africa after SFO corruption probe.

I need you to come out under that mattress and tell me how come Glencore is being found guilty of bribery everywhere else but in SA abo @ThuliMadonsela3 are implying the company is a victim of defamation? 🤔.

#PhalaPhalaFarmGate WMC Media will Collapse, they tried to mislead people : 1: Bullet Story 2: Guptas Arrest 3: State Capture Gossip They never reported on: 1: SteinHoff Corruption 2: Naspers State Capture 3: Glencore Bribes.

#PhalaPhalaFarmGate @MYANC Mr millions of dollars kept in his house #Glencore corrupt associate..

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The mining giant Glencore pleaded guilty to corruption charges in the UK, US and Brazil. Glencore expects to pay up to $ (£) in fines but is currently making record profits. No Jail for ANYONE involved! #corruption.

@MaxMpho Anything with the Guptas,Zuma,Fraser and without Ramaphosa, Bosasa,Glencore is a joke #StateCaptureReport.

We will not be distracted: Glencore corruption Phala Phala Farm corruption CR17 bank statements MTN corruption R500 billion corruption IPP corruption @NPA_Prosecutes do your job & be on the right side of history..

@karynmaughan Nonsense Wena. Even that state capture ddnt exist. Thuli was bought by Glencore to fabricate it so as to remove Pres Zuma who blocked their corruption at Eskom . We know more than you take of us. So relax girl you are one of them. FUSEGI🚮🚮🚮🚮.

Nothing will ever distrust us from the Ankole President of Phala Phala Farm money laundering and Glencore corruption #PhalaPhalaFarmGate everyday everywhere #ThankyouEFF.


Powering batteries in phones, laptops and #EVs. The high energy density and thermal stability of cobalt make it a key component in delivering the #ElectricVehicle revolution. In 2021, we produced 31,300 tonnes of cobalt, 14% more than in the year before. Learn more:.

Glencore South Africa Bursaries Bursaries are offered in the following fields of learning: • Chemical Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Metallurgical Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Electro-Mechanical Engineering • Geology • Mechatronics Engineering.

Seit ein paar Tagen glaubt etwas bei Twitter, ich sei nicht nur steinalt, sondern auch stinkreich: kriege Werbung für Family Offices, Glencore, Lockheed Martin (Privatarmee?). Schluss Hörgeräte: jetzt kommen die Treppenlifte. Nix Autos: Yachten. Was ist los? Wenn die wü.

@tshidi_lee Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore, Glencore. How difficult is this name?.

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