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Thank goodness I don’t get to see @visualsbyuche and @MsJazzyfied today 🙏🏾🥲

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Bob Stelton
Bob Stelton ()

My goodness! How many pitchers can this team lose??? #Mariners

livi | sb n caatws era
Livi | sb n caatws era ()

PIN IS RIDING FOR HOLLOWAY GOODNESS okay but bright fields didn’t deserve pin he’s been talented n they were all “omg what???” LIKE PAY ATTENTION ITS NOT UR FAULT pin holloway agenda i agree he deserves better

Tika&Momma🇨🇦 ()

@PetuniaMaePug @cdntessa Yep cant blame her there🤣😂🤣😂 mom had couple small doge but she say never had to do this & she sayin thank goodness fur that🤣😂 the indignity of it all! U gets embarrassed Pet?

♻️🌈🌞 (・ω・)つ⊂(・ω・) ☀️♌ 🌕♓ 🌄♋️
♻️🌈🌞 (・ω・)つ⊂(・ω・) ☀️♌ 🌕♓ 🌄♋️ ()

@GilmerHealthLaw may your life know goodness inside and out ✨ wish know how could help, if you have an idea or link to share, am open to listen!

Riot Nrrrd™
Riot Nrrrd™ ()

@LAFDtalk Place looks like a death trap in Google Street View. Thank goodness it was contained and prevented from escaping into the nearby canyons! Thank you hero firefighters once again.

Roundness Shinto
Roundness Shinto ()

From today, the first day of the year when I discard all the evil I will choose goodness and open the Way! (Verse 1)

Marcella ()

@11thHour Still dont buy this is a real picture. They look like the size of dolls, for goodness sake. Yeah, we shrink but this is not believable.

善良_ ()

@__F__a__k__e_ あぁ、だが今となっては…元、日本人…兼元人間てのが正しいんだろうけどさ 《感謝 返シ失礼 良縁願》

JohnGottiii🦍 ()

My goodness that man ain’t shit without them trash cans lmaooo

Duke ()

Thank goodness mine ain’t super bad like what you see on here

Chuck Taggart 🖖🏻🏳️‍🌈
Chuck Taggart 🖖🏻🏳️‍🌈 ()

@Dakinikat Oh my goodness! I encountered an attack rabbit once – a friend of mine in college had a pet rabbit, who used to leap at me and try to bite me every time I went over to his house. I hated that frakking rabbit.

Worship The Pig
Worship The Pig ()

Wir in der Kirche des allmächtigen Hog begrüßen @gerrardsgmbh im Land der Porky Goodness! Möge der Hog mit dir sein

Mike Secrist
Mike Secrist ()

@EliMcCann It’s good to know that they have special treatment for people with a following. I absolutely felt like a sardine on my Delta cross country flight last night. Thank goodness they still have empty middle seats or I wouldn’t have made it.

Linda J. Velazquez
Linda J. Velazquez ()

Lord, You are my only Your mercy hear the lamentation of my Your grace forgive my goodness give me strength to fight my and restore my broken relationships so I may love again. Amen

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Anthony Dungan
Anthony Dungan ()

@SpaghettiKnife Yeah I know it only needs to work once but goodness that exchange is usssseless

Nicole Bee🐝
Nicole Bee🐝 ()

@Twitch Oh my goodness!!! Thank you so, so much Twitch!! Absolutely made my day. 🥺❤️

Triyogo Pamungkas
Triyogo Pamungkas ()

MonDay is Money Day. Never hate the first day of your lucky week. Say: “I love Monday with all of its goodness.”

Braulio_Ortiz ()

My goodness this was beautifully made. This got me excited to see a whole batch of heroes I have absolutely no idea who they are.

Hanip/sanip ()

@NightmareCrone My goodness, are you diagnosed? 😱 Thank you for sharing. I do have sleeping issues sometimes. Might need to be more cautious next time. 😖

Onehandstance ()

Pixel goodness. Cant wait to input linus friendship to see that dance

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Victoria | BLM 1312
Victoria | BLM 1312 ()

Thank goodness I remember what a VHS is, or else that clue at the end of episode four go right over my head

Fifi ()

Oh my goodness! This thread is sooooo good, it’s a mike drop. Nothing else need be said. Just enjoy and pass it along, please.

BlueGal RedState
BlueGal RedState ()

@TankSchottle You are a ray of goodness and light. We love you Tank. Sleep well. 😴💕

Thoughts Are Seeds
Thoughts Are Seeds ()

You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly. ~Rumi

えみちゃん ()

今、かんちがーいとOver youを聴いたんだけど、これV6か???この流れoh my goodnessのアルバムに入ってるよね?(笑)

Erin ()

I was like 8 or 9 seriously questioning if my parents knew me at all. Thank goodness I got Samantha for Christmas.

↷:❝ The Corpse Bride ❞
↷:❝ The Corpse Bride ❞ ()

@albalxminous The door is opening at an unbelieve speed. A worried looking Mina on the other side. Oh. Oh goodness. Lucia? Darling are you alright?

Katya ()

This flower is called gypsophila flower /baby breath flower The White color means : A positive color, is affiliated with purity, , innocence, light, goodness, heaven, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, possibility, sincerity, protection softness and perfection

Ginny Rice
Ginny Rice ()

Can’t sleep outside smoking and it’s raining yep thank goodness for my covered porch. Now when I can get to sleep it’ll be nice. Thoughts going through my head do not help 😩.

Erica Nlewedim⭐️
Erica Nlewedim⭐️ ()

Thank goodness I don’t get to see @visualsbyuche and @MsJazzyfied today 🙏🏾🥲

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