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The Bears defense was lights out last season producing a coverage grade as a team, highest in the PFF era..

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@NicholasFerroni The first one I recall was Grade 10. Home room and phys-ed. Mr Gupta. BUT I freely admit that I dont remember more than 3 of my many junior high school teachers from between grades 7 thru 9..

Kashvi Khare of grade 9 from the Indian High School created these delightful chocolate rolls for the #8WeekStreak #8weekstreak @KHDA @IndianHigh_DXB.

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@NicholasFerroni Grade 9 English. S/O to Ms Suinarin (sp?) at École River Heights Junior High in 1988/1989! You were an immensely encouraging and empowering influence. ❤️💪❤️ 1/2.

Hay naalala ko na naman mga kabobohan namin nung grade 9. Tangek talaga napakabobo ang hanep. 🤣🙄.

habaday madam @keithlayn ala akong makitang recent selfie natin kaya throwback ko nalang nung grade 9 hehe stay hydrated 😩💖.

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@bagootz D sya gaanong kahirap, ung grade 8 para sakin is sobrang bilis lng liek biglaan grade 9 na ako parang walang nangyari, mas mahirap parin grade 9 tbh.

A lesson in your life that you hated? — Calculus (grade 9).

@jeongins_braces Grade 9 hardest~ Grade 10 is fun! Dapat marunong ka makisama because group works and section activities are on the waaay~💞💞.

@mavismaureen_ Si @GMangyari po talaga ang may sala nung grade 9 pa daw po un😶.

@SpartanJessica First day of 10th grade sociology class. Omaha Northwest. 1975. Spotted him from across the room. Told my mother about this boy with the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen. Together since 8/8/78, married since 9/8/79..

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I had a (college, NURSING) student go to my boss to get her to intervene when I was preparing to assign her a final grade in my course, because she had earned in every course before, and she felt it wasn’t fair to graduate with a from me. (1/2).

Naalala ko yung adviser namin nung grade 9. Dada tawag namin sa kanya. Super the best niya talaga di ko makakalimutan..

Grade 9 na ako pero hindi ko nararamdaman yung sinasabi nilang the best at pinaka memorable na school year 🤔.

balik nyoko sa panahong grade 9 pa ako tas kumpleto pa ang pwends tyaka ano basta hahaha.

@NicholasFerroni Grade 3. I was in French immersion and he was my English teacher. I didn’t have another guy teacher until grade 9 in social studies..

@NicholasFerroni 4th grade. Ms Boyd. Worst year of my life. It was at the time of the Iran hostage crisis and she vocally blamed me (as an Iranian 9 yr old girl in her class) for the crisis leading to an entire year of bullying. I switched schools right after..

@NicholasFerroni 7th Grade, 1978-9, when we first had different teachers for different subjects Guys at MJHS taught my Science, Algebra, Health, Shop, & German classes.

Sino pinaka gwapo mong kaklase nung grade 9?? — syempre si duty boi @thomthomm_.

Tips on incoming grade 11 students po — not only for grade 11 students but from gr 9-11 students: pls mag-ayos ayos na kayo HAHA college preparation isn’t a joke. some colleges require your gwa from 9-11 :).


Grade 9 ka palang?? Ang ganda mo po sobra — grade 10 na po, di lang updated yung profile ko sa cc hehe. thank u anon, mwa mwa ♥️.

@OperativeEight It was either 5th or 6th grade. My typing class teacher was male. In 7th and 8th grade both of my history teachers, my spanish teacher and the teacher for this tech class were male. Then in high school 9/21 were male. My principals for every year but grades 4, 7, & 8 were male..

buti pa yung grade 7 may jowa samantalang akong grade 9 crush lang, di pa ako crush ng crush ko.

@_cristinayy Mas malandi pa sa atin e samantalang tayo nung grade 8-9 days, tamang hiyaw laang page nakita ang crush hahahahaha.

The Bears defense was lights out last season producing a coverage grade as a team, highest in the PFF era..

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