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梨娘(りこ) ()

@0327yakko やっこちゃーん୨୧⑅*     🌹🌹🌹    🌹 Happy 🌹   ∩🌹Birthday 🌹 ✨(*ර⍵ර🌹🌹🌹   ヽ っ\ /    ∪∪ / 🎀 素敵な一年になりますように✨

🖤 ()

21 sus ambut lang nimo bayot HAHAHAHAHAHAHA tanan kaboang mahuna2an ge gora 😂😂 happy kay ko kay nistay jud mos akong life charr thank you sa tanan bayoottt. Ganahan kay ko kay magkasinabot jud ta ma seryoso, love2 nga topic, hinanggaw, name it magclick japun hahaha labyuuu

Andre G ()

@JesseKellyDC @jjauthor It just happened in South Africa. Everyone for the next 21 days. I am happy about it. Must get rid of the Chinese Virus.

Elitha van der Sandt ()

Happy Friday. Happy #StayHomeSA day. The number 21 is special. What will emerge from the cocoon after 21 days? ❤️😇

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Jennycell Hamlig ()

21 (girl) hahahahaha hi ga bujo ka nice au. Bright kayka and happy go lucky, continue to be a light and source of joy to people around u, laban sa college heheh ♥

Morgan ()

Happy birthday!!!! You’re the best friend and cousin a girl could ask for. Congrats on finally being 21. Hope you’re ready for tomorrow. Love you 💞

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•𝚛𝚞𝚏𝚞𝚜𝚟𝚊𝚗• ()

21 long time, no see. 😅 na-professional nalang. char hahaha murag highschool ra ta nagka-close? (kadjot rasad to) katong vball 🤣 ambot if ka-remember paka ato and sa college sad, seldom ra sad ta gakita sa CMU. anyway, continue pursuing ur career and be happy. God bless! 💕

Darshana Hansi ()

The whole of India will remain closed for 21 days, there is an atmosphere of fear all around, to make your life happy, definitely listen to the nectar discourse of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Must watch sadna chanal 7:30to 8:30 #ThursdayThoughts

Lil 🌊 ()

I’m honestly so fucking happy @fmloasl_ is finally 21. Only thing to make my day today😤🙌🏽

EntAlert ()

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กลมสุขะพาบจิดด ⋆⋆⁺₊⋆ ∞ ♡̷̷̷ ()

ขอเชิญชวนอิเลิ้บนับ 1 ล้านคนร่วมกันสนับสนุนโปรเจ็ควันเกิดของพี่ใหญ่แห่งวง #NUEST ในนามเลิฟไทย ไวรัสก็กลัว ผู้ชายก็อยากแสดงความยินดี มาเร็วๆๆคนละ20,000-30,000 #Happy_KwakHERO_Day

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Miles Morales ()

Happy Birthday @RecklessLegend! Too bad you gotta turn 21 in the house😂 it’s lit when you free tho

大阪支店@イベント21 ()

スマホ1台でどこからでも参加可能! イベント21でhappy!を届ける仕事をしませんか? 詳しい詳細は後日発表致します! ■関西(奈良・大阪・京都・愛知) 日程:4/8(水)、4/28(火) 時間:10時~12時 ■関東(東京・神奈川・千葉・埼玉) 日程:4/17(金) 時間:14時~16時

Inspire2Aspire HK ()

I just uploaded “No Mask Laughter Yoga exercise - Day 2 - Happy & Healthy 21-Day Challenge” to #Vimeo:

`pa-tt-y✨ ()

21 hi beb, i miss you so much😘 thanks for the friendship sobra kong tini-treasure yung friendship na meron tayo💖 wishing u alot of happiness to your self,family & and of course sa lovelife✨ so happy that u found ur the one😍 bond us soon, after this quarantine thing💖

Aya ()

21. Hello pretty girl ❤️ I miss you na talaga dugay na kaayo ta wa nagkita ba. Sana all employed happy kaayo ko sa imong achievements 😘 di jud nako malimtan imong ka caring awieee happy sad ko kay happy na kaayo ka sa imong lovelife. Catch up soon 😘

XIX⎊ ()

(21) - Virus HAHA, goodjob sa film HAHA you good tropa kahit lagi ka nambabara HAHA sumbong kita ay jk stay safe and happy hoping for more ganaps pero virus gihapon ka

Leanne ()

21 super cute mo and mukhang happy ang lovelifeee deserve mo yan!!! ♥️ stay strong bb

Margs ✨ ()

21. Ate sa height, manghod sa edad hehehe imy!! Dili jud ma deny nga comforting jud kaayo imong hugs, sist. Isa pud ka sa mga down to earth na akong nakaila, and beauty and brains hehehe so happy and proud of ur achievements. Cheering for u and goodluck sa career ☺☺💖

Janea ()

{21} advance happy birthday girl!! sad naman hindi tuloy ang celebration kasama us, stay strong sa inyo ni jigen miss ü &&& love ü gbu💛🙂

Mac n cheese hoarder ()

asked Eva how she’s feelin that Daniel Seavey will be 21 next week she turned closer to the wall whispered ‘’if he’s happy I’m happy’’

Joyce ()

21 hi! isa ka sa mabait na naging kaklase ko ngayong g11. happy ako na nakilala kita & more memories wt u lalo na kasama ang fluorine. miss u siz & ingat palagi. 😊

BEE-llionaire ()

@eNCA #21daysLockdownSA Happy 1st quarantine’s day Mzansi! need you all. Take care and stay safe. Time to hibernate. @XoliMngambi let’s chat in 21 days. Cheers. Wish you all South Africans good health and the riches. Good luck y’all. Peace!!

Dale Matthew ()


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Braaaaappppp ()

— i hope youre real happy with yourself

𝓴𝓪𝓽𝓱 ()

-- 21 heyooo!! miss na kita HAHHAHA sorry na,, busy ako sa cheerdance nonn. sana happy ka!! samgy naaaa hahshahha. ingat ka always!! iloveyouuuu🤗💛


- such an amazing au - the guys really were blind fr - namjoon is so cute wth 🥺 so innocent - ain’t gonna lie when jungkook had a date w that whew i was worried - best friend to lovers <3 ending: happy

Dylan ()

@JoeNBC This mother bleeping ass punk is happy to make this tweet, despite the fact that most know China is lying about its numbers. Why are there 21 million less cell phone users in China lately? Did you know cell phones are a requirement there?

Ju-an flu ()

Look how happy he is. You are disgusting, Joe.

Austin Perine ()

@brgridiron @AdamSchefter Whoever takes my Brother La’Mical Perine will be happy

☚ #DateMyFamily #AmazingVoicesAfrica ☛
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