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The Rosette Nebula is a large spherical H II region located near one end of a giant molecular cloud in the Monoceros region of the Milky Way Galaxy. #HappyValentinesDay2020

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Rayceen Pendarvis, HRH 👑 ()

Congratulations to you both, @cmclymer and @FStravoravdis! #HappyValentinesDay2020 Please attend one of my events soon so I can get photos with each of you. 💋

මධුවා🎓🇱🇰 ()

Tolk කරන්නෑ පඩ කෑලී. ලොකු දෙයක් නෙමෙයි sex☝️🐩 #HappyValentinesDay2020

Sierra. ()

I could deadass cry rn from the level of LITNESS this party I CURATED is on but ima chill & js emotional tweet bout it 😂😩🥰❤️ #HappyValentinesDay2020 Day

Lucifer ()

Feliz Noche con mi Gordooooooooooo ❤️ #HappyValentinesDay2020

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Gaucho Ingobernable ()

Hay peleas que uno elige no dar. Él es comida en Tandory y vino fino, yo soy pizza de ayer y una norteña fría en la vereda, puedo ir a Tandory también, pero no lo necesito. Cuando te decidas me avisas, no estoy pa esa. #TirandoIndirectasEnTl edición #HappyValentinesDay2020

Antonio García ()

¡APROBADO, CÚMPLASE! Presidente Constitucional de la Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela Nicolas Maduro aseguró que llegará el día de detención de Guaidó #DignidadAntiperialista #HappyValentinesDay2020

Liz Edwards ()

I must have drank some Felix Felicis because I sure did get lucky to have you 😍 @TonyAndrock #HappyValentinesDay2020 #cheesyharrypotterreference

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D.a.l.i.a🔇 ()

@Boubou63430027 @SrnySrkyResmi #HappyValentinesDay2020 😘 وانا اضم صوتي لصوتك happy valentine day sero😍😍 #SerenaySarikaya

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A. ()

I got a card labeled “Dad” and thought @MullChad was just being it turned out to be SOOO much better 🥰😘😍💕🤟🏾 Gotta love my boys 💁🏼‍♂️🐶🥰 #HappyValentinesDay2020

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ℰMPℛℰЅЅ - The Tease Queen 👑 AVN 2020 ()

💗🖤💗🖤💗🖤 Lust turns into Love and You never felt better #HappyValentinesDay2020

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Rick Roberts ()

Love is the one language everyone understands. #HappyValentinesDay2020 💕

⚘BᥣᥲᥴkSᥕᥲᥒᴹᵃʳ⁷🇺🇾⚘ ()

Feliz día de San Valentín para Mis bambam Biased 🌷🌹🌷🌹 #HappyValentinesDay2020 @BamBam1A pasen hermoso día

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Michele Chambet ()

before i do something else #HappyValentinesDay2020 me having the best with this one #ValentinesDay who neeed chocolate&flowers when you can have this

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𝗠𝗶𝗰𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗹 ()

@Z3fBHhCS @ArtBellProducer #HappyValentinesDay2020 ♥ 🍫 ♥️🍫♥️🍫♥️🍫♥️🍫

Noontime Sports ()

Happy Valentine’s Day from Team Noontime! #HappyValentinesDay2020

Elaine Everest ()

Love comes in many forms at any age. My favourite is Ruby and Bob in the Woolworths Girls series. With some falling out along the way they get there in the end! My gift to you this Valentines Day costs only 99p so treat yourself #HappyValentinesDay2020

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Korane ()

I found out that this was the favourite poem of one of the best people I will ever have had the chance to know in my life. It immediately became my favourite poem too, so this is a thread to share it. ♥️♥️ #HappyValentinesDay #HappyValentinesDay2020

Kivoc Karam❣Biba❣ ()

انا منبهرة ونقطة ع السطر @najwakaram #لبنان_بقلبنا #HappyValentinesDay2020

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Trust In SODA Ltd ()

When love and trust flow, the client, candidates, and community grow. Happy Valentine’s Day from our SODA squad to yours. You can always trust our network, trust our people, Trust in SODA. #HappyValentinesDay2020

Dj Raymore ()

@StanoDj @KbcRadioTaifa STANO dio tumetoka Break#MensConference ......Sweet Sweet love ya Chrismartin ifikie #HappyValentinesDay2020

☆ひろっち ฅ•ω・ฅ☆ ()

今日は🍫の日💕 ルビーチョコ初めてたびたよ😄 #HappyValentinesDay #HappyValentinesDay2020

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Antonio Paris ()

The Rosette Nebula is a large spherical H II region located near one end of a giant molecular cloud in the Monoceros region of the Milky Way Galaxy. #HappyValentinesDay2020

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Amy parker 7 ()

Will be my valentines 💗 Love Bts XOXO💌💗 #HappyValentinesDay2020 #happvalentinesbts @BTS_twt @bts_bighit

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Ryan Ward ()

Happy Valentines day to my amazing fiancèe and mum to be! Some people say you deserve a medal for putting up with me on a daily basis and they are probably right! 🤣. Love you loads! 😀👫💑❤ #HappyValentinesDay2020

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Multiprint ()

#HappyValentinesDay2020 to all our followers from Multiprint ❤️

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Ashish Sumit Mishra ()

#HappyValentinesDay2020 वैलेंटाइन डे पर कुटम कुटाई वैलेंटाइन डे पर पीजीआई के दीन दयाल उपाध्याय पार्क में हुआ विवाद. दो गुटों में चलें जमकर ईंट-पत्थर व लात-घूसे @Uppolice @lkopolice

Lea Lynn ()

@SBritches00 here is to our first Valentine’s Day! #HappyValentinesDay2020  I love you ❤️😘 #YouAreTheOne

💟Rie ◡̈♥ ☮️ ()

@bornfreeonekiss ジェジュン大好き〜💕 #ジェジュン #HappyValentinesDay2020

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Numay ()

บอกให้ทำท่าเพนกวิน แบบในArmShare #whitewo #HappyValentinesDay2020

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道重佐保 ♡ 放課後プリンセス ()

というわけでさほちがお昼をお知らせします〜 いよいよ今夜放送の #バズリズム02、バレンタインスペシャル仕様のわたし〜💝 可愛くラッピングしてもらいました…✨ #HappyValentinesDay2020

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☚ Diego Costa #CHEMUN ☛
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