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Filha de pedreiro e de costureira, jovem de GO é aprovada em Harvard

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Jack Davidson
Jack Davidson ()

@twelve1784 @lib_crusher If I were a student using Google Docs I would simply go to Harvard so that I could use Microsoft Word for no particular reason

UW-Madison Creative Writing Program
UW-Madison Creative Writing Program ()

Congratulations to former MFA Ladee Hubbard for being awarded a Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship! 🥳🥳

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ボブ ()

also complaining about a free program against something that costs as much as $150 and then going well we at harvard get it for free these are not our problems bro

Exame ()

Quer fazer um MBA? Fundação oferece bolsas para Harvard e Cambridge

Noah A. Smith
Noah A. Smith ()

Leaving this here in case anyone thought being a lawyer, a teacher of lawyering things, or even SCOTUS justice was inherently more impressive or difficult or worthy of riches than what our PhD students do. *One* article. For tenure. At Harvard.

Dimitrios A. Kourtis
Dimitrios A. Kourtis ()

@YannisKalpouzos @Harvard_Law Congratulations!!! Obviously your students are so so lucky!!!

Dart_Adams ()

CHESNUT HILL? No one in MA cares about Chesnut Hill & Boston feels little to no connection to Boston College. They can’t even recruit locally. Only reason BC got picked is they’re in the ACC. Boston has Northeastern, Boston University, etc. Cambridge has Harvard & MIT. Amherst?

Alex Grinch Truther
Alex Grinch Truther ()

@RobertW_OkSt Harvard has severe grade inflation and yes it’s not hard. It’s really easy to get an A-

Chris ()

@GANKTWEETS She got waitlisted at Columbia and MIT and got accepted to princeton Yale and Harvard

Harvard University Press
Harvard University Press ()

To get a deeper understanding of virtue, Paul Collier recommends Virtue Politics, a revolutionary reassessment of Renaissance humanism as an inflection point, which the author James Hankins explicitly compares to the Progressive movement. @NewStatesman

CICADAS 06/02/21 (check my pinned)
CICADAS 06/02/21 (check my pinned) ()

Also I’m Not gonna get into that guys thread but I’m wisjejsjwjjsjsjs did he really say it’s not a cost issue they give it to us for Free at Harvard

HAM: Paintings (Bot)
HAM: Paintings (Bot) ()

Pieter Snayers, Battle Scene with Town in Background, 17th century #harvardartmuseums #museumarchive

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Timothy Kenison #EndCitizensUnited
Timothy Kenison #EndCitizensUnited ()

@HawleyMO The Ivy League must be so proud of its elitist seditionists. You: BA Stanford; JD Yale Pete Hegseth: BA Princeton; MA Harvard Ted Cruz: BA Princeton; JD Harvard

Sundwoman ()

@bblock29 Harvard has been discredited many times. They produced a lot of fascists. The Ivy League has sadly become a cesspool

Harvard Alumni Association
Harvard Alumni Association ()

In addition to influenza, researchers are now exploring drugs that could be used against the new SARS-CoV-2 mutant strains

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NE Ohio Scanner
NE Ohio Scanner ()

CLE ~ Other - Harvard/E173-E188 - power outage in area affecting traffic lights, etc., per passing EMS -BW

JD Hartman
JD Hartman ()

@amandacarpenter Or maybe the student is so bright that the environment of an Ivy with its large presence of same minded international students is the best environment for said student. Think global not national for Harvard, Yale, etc.

Carlos Olin Montalvo III
Carlos Olin Montalvo III ()

Life on Mars? Researchers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and George Mason University believe they have found photographic evidence of a variety of fungus-like organisms on Mars 🍄 #fungi

The Economist
The Economist ()

A researcher at the University of California uncovered documents from 1967 showing that sugar companies secretly funded studies at Harvard University designed to blame fat – not sugar – for the growing obesity epidemic

J I Hoffman
J I Hoffman ()

@EliseStefanik It’s just adorable that you don’t know the difference between “an unconstitutional violation of free speech” and “did something I don’t like.” Harvard Law School must be SO proud of you!

cheugy woogie bugle boy of company b
Cheugy woogie bugle boy of company b ()

On the other hand, happy to contribute to an Angel Pattern of telling an arrogant Harvard guy that he said something dumb

Amanda Carpenter
Amanda Carpenter ()

What if attending fancy schools like Harvard, Yale, etc doesn’t mean you are particularly smart. Maybe it just means you might be obsessed with climbing into elite circles. May explain some things.

Michelangelo Signorile
Michelangelo Signorile ()

Nothing unconstitutional about it, and she knows it. Elise Stefanik is another Harvard-educated GOP elite pandering to the stupid.

UOL Notícias
UOL Notícias ()

Filha de pedreiro e de costureira, jovem de GO é aprovada em Harvard

G1 ()

Filha de servente de pedreiro e costureira ganha bolsa de estudos em Harvard e pede ajuda para custear outros gastos #G1

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Osmar Terra
Osmar Terra ()

Nunca é demais reler as recomendações da Declaração de Great Barrington sobre o enfrentamento à Covid. Ela foi assinada pelos principais epidemiologistas de doenças infecciosas de Harvard, Stanford e Oxford. Foi publicada em outubro de 2020.

Country Over Party
Country Over Party ()

@davidfrum David Frum - Graduating from Harvard Law School, associate editor, editorial page editor, columnist, speech writer for GH Bush plus more. A resume that is longer than my arm. Tucker- Beauty School drop out. “Anticipatory obedience is a political tragedy.” ― Timothy Snyder

John Atkinson
John Atkinson ()

@EliseStefanik Do you think you’ll be a star in his next administration? He lost the popular vote twice, the second time by over double what he lost the first time. Apparently a Harvard education doesn’t mean much these days because you’ve learned nothing.

G Albrecht
G Albrecht ()

And these people get licenses to practice law. No school that graduates such scoundrels have any credibility. You listening Yale, Harvard, etc. ?

Matthew 7:15 Apologetics
Matthew 7:15 Apologetics ()

@jessibridges What a shocker!! The misfits who made our current education crisis possible were at Harvard University in the seventies when Schlozinitzin came to speak. They booed him for saying the West was depraved. He was bothered by that response.

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