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Dejounte Murray has made it tough to root for him since he got traded to the Hawks this summer, and badmouthing his former team is lame. The Spurs made him a starter by year two, paid him before he proved a darn thing, and prioritized his development following a serious injury..

𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐏𝐢𝐧! #3 Tony Cassioppi defeats Davidson late in the third via pin, 6:39. Iowa 34, Nebraska 6 #Hawkeyes.

🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 #NCAAWrestling x 📸 @Hawks_Wrestling.

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Of the monstrosities committed by this govt, this bill might be one of the worst: a blatant power grab, an irresponsible shredding of laws which protect us and provide a stable framework for businesses to function. A transparent attempt to appease Brexit hawks at our expense..

Happy Birthday to Jayme Murphy! (@JaymeJMurph) | Enjoy your day. Go Hawks! | #LegacyHawk.

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Hawks getting his Endeavor plushie! I love how Bones animated those two frames of them looking at each other..

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If all works to plan, I’ll be watching the Hawks at 30K feet, probably with a beer in hand..


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Hawks are trying to become HaWWWWWks tonight. @TreavorScales | @BrianOliver1313.

In my travels I’ve encountered Hawks Disguised as #doves Mimicking Dove’s messaging Of hope & peace & love Usually It’s right before Damned hawk Gives me a shove Wiser now I recognize Hawk’s claws & killer eyes So when A grifter’s cloak Comes off I am not surprised #vss365.

@ActuMangas_ Bon épisode comme d’hab. Les larmes d’Endeavor et le flashback sur j’ai pas les mots vraiment..


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keegan murray is so ass😭😭😭 kings should trade him to the Hawks for Bogi👀👀.

@55_kumamon 良い夢見るんだよ、くまモン(*ˊᵕˋ*)੭ ੈ おやくま~ʕฅ•ᴥ•ฅʔ。*:❀.

would not want to be sat next to @bigdylHTF on that hawks coach if it’s called off….

@svrcererspidey Hawks: are you seriously showing me your guys’ big evil lab to try to intimidate and impress me Dabi: …is it working.

アイスも冷食も 売れるやつは売れるけど、 売れないやつは ホント売れない!.

Jean Arthur and Cary Grant in Only angels have wings, Howard Hawks (1939).

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🏀South Side High School Lady Hawks 50 Ripley 9 @SSHSHawks.

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@Todoroki2816 @heroe_alado -río ante el comentario del contrario- Te estas cogiendo a Hawks?...... No eso si que es caer medió bajó jaja -volvió a tomar una fotografía-.

I felt so bad when Hawks got smashed into the window when Best Jeanist was driving. 😂.

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だがしかしかし!!! 昼と晩はご馳走してくれる約束をしたから楽しみなのは楽しみです😚.

the episode was so good. you guys dont understand oh mygid oh my gof the hawks flashbacks my poor baby the dabi flashbacks BABY KEIGO AND TOUYA IN ONE EPISODE.

1本目、アサヒ ザ・リッチ 福岡・市兵衛のもつ鍋。.

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Next Years School festival, there is a hero debate contest. The final round is Endeavor vs. All Might. Who was the better number one? The contestants are Hawks vs. Deku. Who wins the debate?.

“How often do the Hawks have that pick? They’ll take a QB, no one’s paying Geno 30 mill—“.

Really big game today on Hawk Hill. Honestly feel that way. SJU looking for its 3rd straight win today. The Hawks host UMass at 1. Billy Lange’s team with a chance to really build some positive momentum..

24日の雪は昼間から降るのか! となると、朝、配送先に 行く時は大丈夫だけど、 会社に戻る時が どうなるかだなぁ😅 高速、通行止めに ならんといいけど💦 前回の雪で高速が 通行止めになった時、 普通は1時間半なのに 約3時間かけて 会社に戻ったけん😭.

somebody left a fake fireplace on the curb outside my apartment building and already two devious homosexuals are circling like a pair of hawks.

LaMelo Ball (right wrist soreness, left ankle sprain) is listed as DOUBTFUL for the Hornets’ game vs. the Hawks tonight..

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