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As we can no longer use Fabinho or Hendo, we can all agree that Trent should be tried in midfield, right? #LFC.

@SeanDOlfc We’ve got a midtable fanbase. Only right the owners reflect that. Some would rather Jones and Hendo play and get their chances because they “get it” and look “sound” lads. It is what it is..

Loved that attacking move that. Konaté’s switch out to Núñez , finds Hendo who does a delicious flick back to Thiago, incisive pass to Robertson who tries to lay it back off for Thiago to finish. Bright play..

Anytime I see a Hendo account beef with a de Gea Stan I just sit there and think, “they’re both not good enough” and then I just laugh and scroll.

@Yorktone @ycfcst If this complaint against hendo goes further with the channels involved (FA etc) could it at all speed up the sale process of the club if they find him guilty/unfit to run a club?.

@imranmulla_ Replace fsg, hendo, fabinho etc and we’re back for the new season. Replace klopp and we wont find top 4 for another 3/4 years.

@LiamMLFC But when I see the way Hendo plays now I feel chaos … love this guy so much. One of the make charismatic captain ( also most will disagree). But he is so out of his shoes right now.

Hendo tuonu kyllä sykettä tohon keskelle. Darwinin vasenlaita paikkaa en vaan millään saa päähäni. Miksi?! #lfcfi #BHALIV.

Stephen always puts it better than me but as I was trying to say the sub of Hendo for Keita is what killed us today. That was the turning point..

@C_Hannan7 @ScouseCommie Did I imagine Hendo pressing high up the pitch, linking up with Salah and overlapping and crossing ?!? The same things he did the last 10 years..

Klopp gets away with a lot of things This loss is on him!! Those substitutions were so criminal bar Hendo and Milner..


@LFC How could you think Hendo-Fab-Jones trio would neither win us the game nor hold the scoreline?.

This is the main point to take away. Subs killed the game. Klopp messed up big time. hendo Milner Jones all time is up and need to go #lfc.

@AnfieldEdition He is being told that fsg won’t spend anything .. meanwhile Arsenal , Newcastle, spurs and United all spending or loaned players … our bench can’t change games, if anything our players off the bench send us backwards. Fab Milner hendo are done ox can’t even get a game.

@KIopptinho Haha you crazy and delusional - playing so many games last season with aging players is the reason for the swift decline - nothing to do with Klopp and yes we cant just change out Hendo Milner Ox Jones and even Fabinho and Salah just like that we not Chelsea or have their funds.

@yasgadacha He meshed well with the rest of the squad and even if you omit him from this tweet my point abt hendo still stands.


That’s my latest list of swaps, including Hendo and Dennis. Getting hard to complete my book now I’m getting close so feel free to share your swap lists too 🤞🏼 #gotgotneed #NFFC.

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What’s the point hendo collecting the ball running forward a few yards and passing it passing it back 5yards !!!!.

With Hendo and Milly now on, I’m thinking we go on to win this (I may be wrong) due to the way they both command high intensity football. Get that press back on!!!.

@AIcantara See a few tweets slandering Hendo and praising Keita. Hence my original tweet. Triggered 😬🙄👍.

Hendo has come in trying to instigate a high press when the full backs are not joining in leaving outlets for Brighton on the wing . Pure stupidity.

@AMothersSon Getting a DM would have to mean the sale of Fabinho then with Bajcetic being the back up. Hendo would be 2nd/3rd choice RCM and 3rd choice DM..

@He1senbean @AnfieldEdition trent was struggling big time with mitoma, not saying milner will do any better but i can see where klopp is coming from with the sub, can’t say the same about hendo for keita though 🤔.


@LFC_Lowee Not sure why you’re still making this a Keita vs Hendo thing fella they’re both shite and need to go. Again playing for England is none of my concern.

@AnfieldWatch Jurgen klopp is really the problem of this taking out Elliot,Keita who have progresses the ball and bringing in hendo Milner to come and make a fresh Nunez is really out of his depth.

@queenofspeed_ As they flock to every ride, but they’ll flock to whatever they want to go on most. The majority as I’ve said before will run to Nemesis, Smiler and Wicker Man..

@TheAnfieldWrap Sad when you watch us play and wishing we still had takumi and lallana. But instead we bring on Milner and Hendo. I’m beginning to believe that Mane made salah look good..

@queenofspeed_ Perspective again is important here. People will queue 3hrs for Smiler. They do not queue that length for Rita. The longer a person is willing to queue often indicate their interest in a ride. I see people walk away from Rita at 30mins! 🤣.

Off: Trent - not good enough today Elliot - great goal but invisible in second half Keita - invisible second half On Milner - still fighting but is he good enough? Darwin - loads of talent but needs more time Hendo - biggest disappointment this season #LFC.

Well that’s Liverpool out Fucking Hendo the snake coming on The Judas is on 🤦🏻‍♂️.

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