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@HungryLionZM Different treasures come in different boxes but mine comes in a RED BOX♥️ #HLBigDeal.

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@HungryLionSA Delivering the best chicken in the entire world to YOU. #HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionZM Big boss burger with a big bite two with extra large fries naka fantastic fanta 🤸🤸 what is diet 🤗#HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionSA #HLBigDeal #MealCrushMonday definitely 21 piece bucket.

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@HungryLionSA Delicious Big Boss Cheese Burger #HLBigDeal #MealCrushMonday ❤️.

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@HungryLionZM On a beautiful day of hustle 😘😙ka big bite 3 really does it for me with medium chips 🍟alaa ka every day crush #mealcrushMonday#HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionZM Chi big bite 3 fye, nachi spice futi pa time #HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionZM Any meal from HL is good enough for me. 😋Original flava! #HLBigDeal.

My favorite meal is the juicy yummy crunchy Big Bite 3 with the extra large chips and to top it off with some hot chilli. What a meal to enjoy. @HungryLionZM i always feel like a king #HLBigDeal.

When he’s mad at you but uziba akonda kudya so you surprise him naka “piece” offering😁 @HungryLionZM #HLbigdeal #alwaysHelpsWhenApologizing 😂.

@HungryLionSA Serving Hungry Lion makes me sooòoo happy!!another day of Giving joy to another customer😊 #HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionSA #HLBigDeal Lady: Your chomzas are lucky Me: why is that Lady: you deal with hunger in a lion🦁 would😋😋😋 Me: ☺️☺️😎😎.

@HungryLionSA when you can finally afford Hungry Lion, instead of settling for KFC🤐😅🔥 #hlbigdeal.

@HungryLionZM Different treasures come in different boxes but mine comes in a RED BOX♥️ #HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionSA what is something your passionate about? Me:#hlbigdeal.

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@HungryLionZM There’s nothing more delicious than nice food served with a big smile😁 #HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionZM When she knows how to brighten your Friday and you don’t have to remind her. #HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionZM Eat whatever you want, and if someone tries to lecture you about your weight… Eat them too! #HLBigDeal.

Chiki Chiki !!! (Piki Piki Remix) - by Hungry Lion #HLBigDeal 👊👊👊😏😏🐓.

@HungryLionSA Serving the people with pride and smile always and everytime #HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionZM You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food, Let your hands do the Job😅 #HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionSA Hungry Lion employees always serve with a smile ☺ and they are friendly to the clients #HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionSA Order 584 your Box of bigger piece has Enjoy your day #HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionSA An awesome box filled for an empty stomach. Enjoy! 😍🤤#HLBigDeal.

@HungryLionSA #HLBigDeal Do enjoy your best meal Sir, Hungry Lion we serve only the best :).

@HungryLionZM If you combine good flavors, food turns into an orchestra 🎻🎺 #HLBigDeal.

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