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CASTING NEWS: Mbali Mavimbela is exiting #TheWifeShowmax After 2 seasons playing the lead character of Hlomu, the actress is bowing out. #KgopoloReports.

Hlomu Photo,Hlomu Photo by Kgopolo,Kgopolo on twitter tweets Hlomu Photo

TV: “Hlomu” to be replaced. As I reported izolo, actress Mbali Mavimbela has left #TheWifeShowmax. For the upcoming season 3 of the show, a new actress will be cast to play the character. #KgopoloReports.

Hlomu Photo,Hlomu Photo by Kgopolo,Kgopolo on twitter tweets Hlomu Photo

With the exception of Hlomu having to be recast, I don’t think there is a crisis for season 3 of #TheWifeShowmax Judging by the book gang comments, some of the actors leaving, their characters weren’t on the Naledi book. #TheWife S3 is supposedly gonna veer more to the books..

Mbali -Hlomu is Out Mondli- Nkosana is out Zikhona - Mandisa is out Kanyi Mbau- Zandile is out ... What if The Wife is also out and the new show is Called The Side Chick?😥 #TheWifeShowmax.

@PhilMphela Aybo kanti who will be in season 3 vele, Hlomu gone, Nkosana gone , who is next😭😭😭😭😭.

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They should just cancel the show #TheWifeShowmax otherwise they had a good run for the 2 season. There is no The Wife without Hlomu entlek the whole original cast!!!.

Hlomu Photo,Hlomu Photo by Sun-El Malamlel,Sun-El Malamlel on twitter tweets Hlomu Photo

@PhilMphela All the characters are on Naledi. They all meet her at a restaurant in Kimberly just by the way and Nkosana buys a game farm from Naledis father during her lobola negotiations 🤦. Hlomu, Naledi,Gugu and Zandile go to knysna on a trip from their husbands kuningi nje! Hay.

One thing about #TheWifeShowmax producers, they don’t mind replacing Mbali with Ntando Duma as Hlomu. South African producers be serving us mediocrity then act surprised when there’s low viewership. They must learn from Foreigners, Nigerians content on Netflix is 👌🏿👌🏿.

Qhawe slept with Hlomu and went on to win an award. We are finished as a country 😭 #DStvMVCA.

@PhilMphela Since Hlomu and Zandile is not coming back I think it’s safe to say that there shouldn’t be season 3 of The Wife.

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@amahlengcobo_98 @PhilMphela They won’t do Mess and Iqunga. It would be a disaster, because we need Hlomu’s twins and other characters from the book..

@PhilMphela The only character that is not in Naledi book is Mandisa… everyone else is there. What do mean the Hlomu character will recast?.

@PhilMphela First it was Hlomu, then buut omdala now Ma ka Ndumiso ? Something very wrong ko management wa #TheWifeShowmax.

@PhilMphela Then people want Nomzamo to be Hlomu yoh guys please respect her Stained glass is Kak nje ..

Mbalenhle, the lady who plays Hlomu should have been nominated on the Rising Star Category and she should have won…#DStvMVCA.

@MphoMoalamedi We jumped ship when they completely lost the plot with Qhawe sleeping with Hlomu. Naledi being slim thick was the final nail to the coffin.

Great! So this statement clears the misunderstanding that #Thewife is getting rid of their cast. Seeing that the new season is nolonger centered around Hlomu, but Naledi, we are going to see the rising of Naledi within the Zulu family. We shall give it a chance & see..

We’re basically not gonna get the scene where the wives go away on holiday and them consoling Naledi after her pics leaked👩🏽‍🦯this truly was a once in a lifetime series for 😭a shame #TheWife #Hlomu.

Also heard Hlomu won’t be back, betere ba chaise ka season 3 once..

Its understandable why the others are leaving and Hlomu is replaced coz in the book they are not that present. #TheWifeShowmax.

@Leemo_k Stained glass ruins everything they touch hai Hlomu The wife series is a wonderful story.

If we have to vote for hlomu on the wife @Larii_M_ she will kill the.

Hlomu Photo,Hlomu Photo by dali,dali on twitter tweets Hlomu Photo

At this point The Wife doesn’t have to return😓Hlomu, Nkosana AND Mandisa leaving!?! I need to know who fumbled what💀#Hlomu.

Who sings the song that was playing in the background during Mqhele and Hlomu traditional wedding … “hamba ngal’ Mandla engikunike wona” … who sings that song 🙏👏🏽.

@PhilMphela Ok so Bhut’omdala, Zandile, Hlomu & Mandisa for now . . . .Sithini i story line se 3rd season kanti bahlali? Sorry I didn’t read the books..

Both Bhut’ omdala and Hlomu aren’t coming back for Season 3 ? Apparently there’s a 3rd cast member as well ? Khona int’ eOFF. 🧍🏽‍♀️.

@Motlatjo21 the actor that plays bhuti-omdala, & then the actresses who play mandisa & hlomu & then mbau also leaving. wonder who they gonna replace them with?.

What’s the point of watching this show now? Hlomu, Big Brother, Zandile, Mxm..

Three more characters are leaving and they all play lead. .@ShowmaxOnline #TheWifeShowmax #Hlomu.

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