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I understand South African players might feel let down or taken aback by Hugo Broos’ stern words today but serious self introspection is needed. Our best players yo-yo to and from Europe, while many - if not most - are inconsistent in the PSL and in the national team..

Hugo Broos press conference. 🗣 “The problem in SA is that we don’t have those high quality players like Morocco, Ghana and France.” #sabcsport411.

Hugo Broos says the PSL isn’t good enough but cites the transformation of Belgian football from 2006 as a perfect reference of what can change..

Hugo Broos Photo,Hugo Broos Photo by Lorenz Köhler,Lorenz Köhler on twitter tweets Hugo Broos Photo

🗣 Hugo Broos: “Let’s face the problem, the level of our PSL is not high enough, we don’t make players with high quality.” @iDiskiTimes.

Bafana Bafana Coach Hugo Broos on what could solve some of the problems the national team faces right now. 🎥: @Lorenz_KO.


The fact that South Africans are discussing Hugo Broos, and not the content of his statement, in 2022 – the year of failed Vision 2022’s supposed fruition, a week before SAFA elections, shows how SA football has sunk down to new lows, writes @KingKAzania.

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Hugo Broos has identified the football problems South Africa face and told the public. His words and tone bothered a lot of people. It stung. However, his truth bombs may be targeted towards SAFA, the decaying association, writes @tash23vard.

Hugo Broos in brutal Bafana Bafana assessment - PSL lack quality players unlike Ghana.

Percy Tau is one of the best SA players at the moment and he can’t succeed in Al Ahly, this is not Bafana Bafana head coach Hugo Broos has opened up on Percy Tau’s future after Pitso Mosimane left Al Ahly last week..

Hugo Broos Photo,Hugo Broos Photo by iDiski Times,iDiski Times on twitter tweets Hugo Broos Photo

We Pimp homes Please do check out our services Hugo Broos Kabza Sol Phenduka Sarafina June 16 youth day Mac G Gogo Maweni Ramaphosa.

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Hugo Broos says Percy Tau struggling at Al Ahly is a reflection of how low South African players have fallen 😬.

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@neightm04 @Erasmus_95 Like I said before, everyone is entitled to there opinion snd that’s the views of Hugo Broos. I don’t agree or disagree wit the man, I don’t work wit the Bafana team to opinion on whether it’s right or not. All I know is that we SA 🇿🇦 have unbelievable talent..

Former Bafana Bafana and Orlando Pirates striker Jerry Sikhosana has called for Hugo Broos to be replaced, and has made a suggestion on who should take the reins. #SLSiya Read more:.

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I was wondering why Hugo Boss was trending. Then I saw it’s trending under football. Now I am thinking Hugo Boss has gone into sports and are sponsoring our national team because SAFA is also trending. Kanti our national coach is Hugo Broos. Bendinga mazi nomazi..

Hugo Broos has been giving us problems and undermining our football, are you available to takeover Bafana Bafana?.

@legend3 @Moroka_Swallows What Hugo Broos should be doing, understanding our culture, our society and how it relates to our football. Coach next season you will definitely do well, thank you for making the attempt to understand who we are!.

Hugo broos might be condescending idk but this is the sober utterances we needed as a football nation. Some of us have even lost interest in PSL and Bafana Bafana..

Do you agree with Bafana Bafana coach, Hugo Broos, that the PSL is not internationally competitive?.

Hugo Broos is telling it like it is. I don’t know why many are catching feelings instead of self-introspecting. The tone may be questionable but it’s the simple pain truth nonetheless. There’s not a single SA footballer plying their trade in the EPL, La Liga or German league..

9 YEARS OF HARD WORK AND PROGRESS IN SOUTH AFRICA. PRESIDENT ZUMA LEGACY THREAD. * Frame 1: R81 Road. LP * Frame 2: Spring Groove Dam. KZN * Frame 3: De Hoop Dam. LP * Frame 4: EPWP. SA #ThomasAndSkhumba The ANC Shalulile Lucas Radebe Zola Afriforum Hugo Broos.

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In my humble home language, IsiZulu, we say iqiniso liyababa (the truth hurts or tastes bitter or sour). And so it was for many South Africans after hearing what Bafana Bafana coach Hugo Broos had to say about the standard of our football on Tuesday..

@JacquesMaringa1 This is not about Hugo Broos’ selection my brother. It’s about the quality of our players and league..

Hugo Broos did not lie and the reason for the poor quality in the PSL is simple. The people in charge care more about the money involved than the love of the game. There’s no actual passion for soccer, it’s just a business transaction..

Hugo Broos tell it like it is and in this country we don’t like that, people like him are not popular..

“Now is the time to face the real problem and the real problem of SA is that we don’t have high quality players,” Broos said..

@komphelasteve Holding all other factors (tone, carelessness and lack of tact) constant, was coach Hugo Broos telling the truth about the state of our football?.

Breaking News Hugo Broos just told us the truth as a Nation but Coach @komphelasteve is complaining about the way he addressed it. (tone).

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Hugo Broos 🇿🇦 and Gareth Southgate🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 should leave their position with immediate effect, poor bosses.

Hugo Broos is correct. The PSL is piss poor and our players who are playing abroad are not good either..

NWU, Potchefstroom 📍 ABC Motsepe League National Playoffs Stars of Africa Football Academy Technical Director Farouk Khan shares his thoughts on the tournament so far and responds to comments by Hugo Broos. 📹: #ABCMotsepeLeaguePlayoffs.

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