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“He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years, and I, and his whole family, and this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim, or we shall ever know.” -Her Majesty The Queen, 1997.

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Karen Davila
Karen Davila ()

I don’t know if these videos are even good for the President. Filipinos are DYING of COVID and they released videos of the President playing golf & riding a motorcycle?

Candace Owens
Candace Owens ()

So glad the @MLB moved the All-Star game from a predominantly black city to a predominantly white one in order to *checks notes* help black Americans. Democrats know best. Nothing screams “I’m fighting racism” quite like transferring business from black to white people.

The Royal Family
The Royal Family ()

“He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years, and I, and his whole family, and this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim, or we shall ever know.” -Her Majesty The Queen, 1997.

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Vice President Kamala Harris
Vice President Kamala Harris ()

I want all those who have lost a loved one to gun violence to know: @POTUS and I will never, ever give up on this fight.

Benjamin Condesian
Benjamin Condesian ()

@m_rutler To you please I feel bad. Ask her why she has a knife and please talk to her dont judge her just ask her why she did that I dont believe this. I am think Eminem was with her holy want to know her intention bringing a knife I swear I saw it on camera

darbs ?!
Darbs ?! ()

@adoreasterling @whoisaddison can she atleast be active i miss her i know it’s easter BUT


@likeuknownya it’s i know it must be hard being in love with a please baby, take all the time you i’ll be here waiting for you

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Elena Nicola 🤍
Elena Nicola 🤍 ()

Why am I up at 6 on a bank holiday ? I legit checked to see if there was a club statement 😭 Even tho I know he’s not going anywhere for a while

xingqiu — in the heavens.
Xingqiu — in the heavens. ()

@nakanothe12th // SAME PLS ... i am still Kinda in my kpop phase and after all these 3 years of learning i only know how to tell someone to sit down or curse someoje Pls

♡ banana
♡ banana ()

I need someone to vent to that is fully unbiased towards my life but also not my therapist ya know

Kira ()

@Touyarokii Phione is a nice Pokémon, I don’t even know why it’s hated so much. I prefer not to use status moves. Eiscue, same with Phione I don’t care about nature or IVs.


@boltsbucsbabe @JennaLaineESPN Reread my tweet, he’s referring to multiple people who are gookin, multiple people who are gookin are “gooks” I know that doesn’t sound right, and when I first heard that word grown up in the hood I thought it was the racist context, but then I found out it meant something else

Sonia ()

Earlier today I was going down the slope so fast and I ate shit. My skis, my poles, and my beanie all came off from the single impact 🤣🤣 I probably did a front flip cause I don’t know how that all came off lmao

peter sphere
Peter sphere ()

i know we’re supposed to encourage men sharing their emotions but when the british judge starts crying at the beauty of shitty glaze work on the great pottery throw down he projects insurmountable psychic weakness

Sumslight✨ ()

my man has been sleeping for 3 hrs now. like i know this gorilla grip put you to sleep but sir i’m hungry wake uppp😒

val ⁷ 🐰
Val ⁷ 🐰 ()

okay i know we were joking about it earlier but here i go ☝🏻happy anniversary lor!! i swear u never fail to make me laugh and it amazes me that one tweet about u wanting to get closer but u were too awkward has resulted to this 🥺 i’m so grateful for u i love u my corgi 🥶😈🥵

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Swati Mandyal
Swati Mandyal ()

I bet he will be lost if left alone on the streets of India, wont even know how to book a ticket to reach 10 Janpath 😆😆

luvrgirl le❕
Luvrgirl le❕ ()

@Sufficive @idrcwtvr I got off priv bc he posted about me. I’m always one priv So i responded one bc he called me his gf etc which is wrong. two I’m not in the wrong. I talked to him already. You don’t know the situation, and you not Finna beat my ass . I don’t have to publicly apologize to satisfy u

moody with a booty
Moody with a booty ()

Talking to a guy friend and he’s sending me voicenotes you know ur down BAD when u find a good friend of urs voice attractive. I’m tired of being single!!!!!!!

auds 🧭⟠ ࣪ .
Auds 🧭⟠ ࣪ . ()

@honkmeeka as far as i know at least, i dont think theres any planned streams tonight!! so i would get some sleep while u can :]

Soph ()

i know shine got pentagon’s name out there but they couldve blown up way more if cube didnt manage the whole triple h/edawn/hyuna situation so poorly and thats really sad

Jac ()

So i saw a TikTok that said we’re attracted to people of the opposite immune system as us and honestly that’s really bothered me for a minute because i have one of the best immune system i know and the fact that I’m supposedly more attracted to a guy with a sucky one is upsetting

Dory ()

Welp guess I’m joining the Scouts. If you love me, tell me now because you’ll never know if I’ll come back 💀

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Ava 💋
Ava 💋 ()

Donald Trump & I live drastically different lives. While my father is wealthy, and I enjoyed some privilege, DJT is in an entirely different class. And, do you know what he did? He sacrificed it all FOR US!!!. I love that man. Appreciate him. Always will. 🇺🇸

Rao Tariq Mehmood
Rao Tariq Mehmood ()

@Rvi_Ranchi Did you saw the clip of #SLvsWI In which SL batsman given out by obstructing the field, Rules are Rules But #Big3 are free from these rules because of their interests I know

Nationalist Dracula 🇺🇸🧛🏽‍♀️
Nationalist Dracula 🇺🇸🧛🏽‍♀️ ()

i know that not everyone is a kid person. i know from experience that a crying child can be triggering if you grew up in a home with a lot of physical violence and or neglect. i know many people have no interest in having kids. these are all valid. and. kids are still people.

tootsie roll
Tootsie roll ()

I’m just as bad as they come. It was a good decision for you to leave me. That how I know you’re different. You’re smarter than the others. I sometimes wish you weren’t. But I’m glad you are. You make me proud.

Ok ()

Realized today I look extremely good in high waisted don’t know how to act now.

b 🌻🎃
B 🌻🎃 ()

@loviedoII i don even know how it happens it just saves weird like that after i post smthn lmao i could prolly recreate it tho

Bruce Bogtrotter
Bruce Bogtrotter ()

Hella random af I know but I don’t understand how Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby allowed himself to get wrapped up all in between his cousin and Gatsby’s drama! I woulda been like “yal wild” and left three pages in

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