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@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA Notting Hill #ValentinesDay2020 #iHeartAfrihost oh I loved this movie

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Jalapeño Burn ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA Notting With Hugh Grant #ValentinesDay2020 #iHeartAfrihost

Rephologile Sesera ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA #iHeartAfrihost Notting Hill starring julia Roberts #ValentinesDay2020

Shonisani ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA Best i ever had - Drake How do i live by - LeAnn Rimes #ValentinesDay2020 #iHeartAfrihost

Tiisetso ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA Hero - Mariah Carey I knew i loved you We belong together #ValentinesDay2020 #iHeartAfrihost

Maritsa pozyn ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA #iHeartAfrihost 1-i kissed a girl, 2-because you loved me, 3-only the loney

Matt Marvel ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA This kiss by Faith Hill Just the way you are by Bruno Mars It must have been love by Roxette #iHeartAfrihost

S A T A F R I K A N 🇿🇦 ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA #IHeartAfrihost Notting Hill staeeing Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

Jamie ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA Its Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts😻 #iHeartAfrihost

DrivenCpt ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA 1. Shekhinah & Kyle Deutsch - Take me back to the beach 2. Lionel Richie - 3 times a lady 3. Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart #iHeartAfrihost

Red🔴Apple ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA #iHeartAfrihost 1) Don’t let go ,DJ Kent 2) Sway , Dean Martin 3) Sexual eruption 🌋 , Snoop Dogg

Nicky Bailey ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA 1) Shoop Shoop song - Cher 2) I swear - All 4 One 3) Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley #iHeartAfrihost

Bianca McCallaghan ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA Omg I love this movie Notting Hill #ValentinesDay2020 #iHeartAfrihost

Nicky Bailey ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA Notting Hill starting Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant #iHeartAfrihost

ℒerato ℒebaka ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA 1. Beyoncé - Crazy in Love 2. Justin Bieber - One Time 3. Adele - Someone Like you #iHeartAfrihost

Eugene Albertus ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA Peabo Bryson - Endless Love Stevie Wonder - I just called Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy breaky heart #iHeartAfrihost #ValentinesDay2020

Mariza Benrkia ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA Notting Hill - Julia Roberts with Hugh Grant #iHeartAfrihost

Tracy jacobs ()

@Afrihost @JBLSOUTHAFRICA Notting Hill #ValentinesDay2020 #iHeartAfrihost oh I loved this movie

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