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Tweet247 | Updated: Sat, 21 Apr 2018, 14:04 PM IST

Independent Media Top Tweets On Twitter

  • This is a photo of the professional, independent media pool covering Justin Trudeau’s latest junket in London. Can’t wait for the fair and balanced news reports!.

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  • I had no friends/family in the media when I joined independent local radio station aged 19. I joined BBC local radio and worked v hard for years before I became a news correspondent and then political correspondent. I always exercised my own judgement.

  • Why don’t these corporate media charlatans focus on crimes committed by their own government instead of smearing independent journalists & peace activists?.

  • 2nd Half 5times MLA aina experienced sr medha Oka independent ni nilabettina Elevations🙏🙏 Theatre fight Goosebumps 💪💪 Pressmeetlo Media ki Chalaa Gattigaa Ichharu Stroke 👊👊👊 #BlockBusterBharatAneNenu.

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  • The same liars in the media who pushed Obamacare down our throats, are now trying to act like independent truthkeepers, but the American people see right through their bluff!.

  • Guaranteed: North Korea has agreed to give up their nuclear testing, but the media will find a way to make President Trump look like the bad guy. They are [deep] State run media. There is nothing fair or “independent” about them..

  • The front-page stories published by Independent Media newspapers today were utterly reprehensible, damage journalism in South Africa and impugn excellent reporters and editors. The media group and its proprietor, Iqbal Survé, should be condemned in the strongest possible.

  • Exposed: @CNN shows its true colors by viciously attacking independent media. According to CNN being anti war, for Medicare For All and tuition free college you are a Nazi extremist. Fight for #NetNeutrality #420Day.

  • Sanef slams Independent Media groups Stratcom smear of journalists via @News24.

  • Bellingcat smeared regular Finns in social media as Russian trolls already ages ago with Finnish defense force employee in a book. My pal Chantal was used as an example. She actually is not a troll but an independent thinker like me.

  • Confused by the Denis O’Brien and #INM controversy? Here is my attempt to explain what is happening @rte @rtenews.

  • @tommundaycs Proof we have a pluralistic, independent media? They let this radical say whatever he likes.

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  • Why with such intellgence we have no independent Indian Social media platform , I wonder why ??🤷🤷🤷.

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  • Twitter down: Social media platform not working around the world.

  • While our “watchdog” press seems committed to ignoring the anti-democracy impact of Koch money, there are independent reporters and researchers on that critical beat of the Koch-tentacled network..

  • Troll me and I troll back. I hereby declare the website as an independent digital country, connected to the world via the highway called the internet, and other social media. Enter my country as a scumbag? You will be exposed:.

  • @alantaylor420 @daily_politics @DerbyChrisW @Jo_Coburn Complete lack of independent investigation by BBC journalists as if somehow frightened by the consequences of what they might find. Instead they have taken on the role of debunking journalists whose only outlet is social media who seem to have much more credibility!.

  • #tytlive this disgusting cnn hit piece is about dismantling independent media it’s not journalism. Destroying any media that challenges power.

  • So fantastic to see Michael West @MichaelWestBiz writing for @SatPaper - Great story on #BanksRC. Ive been following him since his article in @independentaus I highly recommend supporting independent media. Congrats.

  • @JordanChariton @bayarea_bias @CNN @jimmy_dore This is the first time MSM has taken a real public swipe at independent media. They just started the war. They’re gonna regret it.

  • Irelands Owned. RTÉ has defended a decision by the #SixOne news not to name Denis O’Brien in its coverage of contact between a PR executive acting for Independent News & Media and Denis Naughten, the communications minister. #rtebias #INM #redacted.

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  • Media professionals have come out defending themselves on allegations labelling them “Stratcom” agents on front-page articles published by all major Independent Media-owned newspapers on Friday..

  • CNN Smears Independent Media, Gets Ads Pulled From YouTube @cnn @cnnpolitics @youtube #420day #Happy420 #IndependentMedia #IndependentNews.

  • Thank you so much for our new pledges who joined the MOB family in April! As independent media, words cannot express my gratitude to everyone who supports the #MonteroOnBoxing brand. Grazie mille famiglia! #boxing #TheNeutralCorner #Patreon.

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  • Protestors are being beaten and killed in Nicaragua. The independent media is being shut down. Communications are being cut. @SenBillNelson you have 1,000s of Nicaraguan constituents. U need to make a statement condemning the dictatorship of Ortega. @ananavarro #SOSNicaragua.

  • @DoItForMaMa Absolutely! A sad watershed mark for black “independent” media outlets as well. A corporate gift..

  • Yesterday, scores of "Staff Writers" at Independent Media managed to coincidentally use the same story, in defence of their parent company. Today, the IOL website has become self aware, and is posting its own opinion pieces! Exciting times!.

  • Bashir fires Sudan foreign minister: state media.

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  • Nanny statism is now being taught in Irish schools..

  • It’s now incumbent on platforms like #Facebook to earn back public trust. Key to that will be independent, peer-reviewed analyses performed by diverse academic researchers—including voices who have been disproportionately harmed by social media..

  • The 10-minute chat that rocked Independent News & Media to its core via @IrishTimesBiz.

  • Twitter down: Social media platform not working around the world - The Independent.

  • @Al_Czervik1 Being an independent doesnt have anything to do with it Lmaoooooo there’s “good” in both parties “but no media outlet on our mainland tells us the truth” hahahahaha yooo you are something else, plenty of people that didn’t vote for Hillary can see through this fascist bullshit..

  • Independent Media wish to respond to the Sanef statement by asking the following 20 questions: READ:.

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