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Ghost Hunting at Ireland’s Alcatraz: Before Vs. After 🚨full video out now!🚨.

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Bill Cash
Bill Cash

Being a real Brexiteer for sovereignty, democracy and self-government, I have voted for @trussliz. She has led from the front on Ukraine, repeal of EU law, saving Northern Ireland, and real policies for economic growth. Vote for Liz today #LizForLeader.

NEW: An Oxford study estimating the environmental impact of 57,000 food products in the UK and Ireland has been published. Researchers found that plant-based foods have the lowest environmental impacts and more nutritious foods are often more sustainable. 🧵⬇️.

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A grudge match over 30 years in the making 🔥 @ChrisEubankJr and @ConorNigel pick up where their fathers left off 😤 LIVE on DAZN worldwide | DAZN PPV in UK + Ireland #EubankJrBenn.

Conor Benn-Chris Eubank Jr. grudge match finally official, Oct. 8 at The O2 in London. DAZN PPV in UK and Ireland, fight takes place 29 years almost to the day of Oct 1993 rematch between Chris Eubank Sr. and Nigel Benn. #BennEubank #BornRivals.

Chris Eubank Jr vs Conor Benn is official for Saturday, 8 Oct at The O2 in London. Will be DAZN PPV in the UK/Ireland, and regular DAZN elsewhere. #boxing #EubankBenn.

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11,189 students and their families have fallen in arrears during the Covid-19 pandemic across Ireland, Students4Change can reveal following 33 Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2014 requests to all third-level institutions in Ireland..

Your regular reminder that repealing EU law in GB while Northern Ireland aligns with it for goods will likely make the NI Sea Border more awkward than it already.

@a_paris5 Depend on country. For example in Ireland the only good choice is slightly conservative capitalists whereas the progressive socialists have transitioned to full on pie in the sky politics.

Did you know that Ireland is celebrating 50 years of membership of the EU? The @EuropeanNK is publishing a series of articles by leading commentators celebrating our membership. This is in partnership with the @dfatirl for the #CommunicatingEurope initiative..

@RapCaviar @NICKIMINAJ “How you ain’t know a queen from a rat. Ireland you gon be Dublin back.”.

@davesumnersmith Inevitable: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England (North), England (South)..

Heavy wet fog at 6am this morning in the west of Ireland. I love fogs & mists. Almost apple picking time if the birds leave me any!! #NaturePhotography #NatureBeauty.

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@NiecyOKeeffe Even explaining this in Ireland is bizarre. Is the goat getting tested before being crowned? A cruel and unusual custom.

@F92Zulu @davesumnersmith It’s Brexit that has hastened the inevitable. Neither Scotland nor Northern Ireland voted for it. Truss insults the Scots daily and the Tory Party has morphed into the English National Party. What do you expect?.

@Ready4Rishi @DominicRaab Rabb admitted to not reading the good friday agreement when dealing with northern ireland..

My main bet in the ISPS Handa World Invitational is @JohnCatlin59 at 18/1. Catlin won at Galgorm Castle in 2020 and was 7th in Northern Ireland last year. Also 4th last month in the Irish Open. Other bets are Marcus Kinhult at 30/1 and Renato Paratore at 100/1 #WorldInvitational.

How Do You Pronounce “Scone?” – Map of the UK and Ireland via @brilliantmaps.

@DaviesCZM @DavidHenigUK And next door, Ireland with the same language and legal system, and all the same challenges, boomed..

@KilclooneyJohn I’ve many Protestants friends here in Ireland, and to be honest they don’t give a shit about the Union , a very happy to be in the Republic and don’t care for a monarch or commonwealth.

@mikegalsworthy I just assumed for ages she and rishyready were actors on parody sites… We have our fair share of idiot politicians in Ireland but the UK takes the gold medal in this competition 😢 Light to guide you back to EU family burns forever 🇪🇺.

@BrugesGroup BoJo the clown has already done irreparable damage to the union. Thanks to him we’ll likely have an independent Scotland and a reunified Ireland before 2030..

Imagine being one of 18 who is allowed by law sign every check for Ireland & no one can stop you Not even one of the other 18 And to get your job Just a few of the other 18 need to approve you & then you are Untouchable by law The Sopranos ? no The 18 Secretaries General.

@soundmigration @FordPre08385980 That’s ok I tuned in for myself and made my own mind up. You should try it..

Ireland v Afghanistan: Hosts clinch seven-wicket T20 victory in Belfast opener.

@TheLastDegree Like going back in history 7/5/2011 Galantas Reports Record Second Quarter 2011 and Funds Drilling Out of Cash-Flow Galantas Gold trading update for the second quarter2011, from its wholly owned subsidiary, Omagh Minerals Ltd (OML), which operates the only gold mine in Ireland..

@brianrushe81 So much for promoting organics in Ireland. No margin there and same will happen here if too many people go organic..

North Down Sinn Féin continues to oppose ‘bloodsports’, by which this means dog fighting, badger baiting fox hunting and Hare coursing. #BanFoxHunting in Ireland. 🦊🦡 #BanHarecoursing in Ireland. 🐰.

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@JackBriggs0108 Perhaps if you went to some Irish language events, you would realise that many many people in Northern Ireland have great Irish..

For your admission into any foreign institution in the uk,US, Canada,Australia,Ireland. We got you covered. Send a dm #JapaOrStay.

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