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We enjoy the way MacG tells the truth without filtering any u have a problem with that ,stop watching MacG ....finish and klaar #IsMacGWrong.

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Even if you open a space as chillers, we dont care #IsMacGWrong.

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Its funny how no one called out Minnie shen she made claims that MacG is a rapist. We see the selective judgement #IsMacGWrong.

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His niche is disrespecting Black Women in the way he engages them in conversation and how he talks about them. Mac Gs niche is tapping into the misogynistic market because surely it is those who are funding the podcast because they share the same views. #IsMacGWrong.

So anyone calling women out for their dum fuck ups they get up to is considered a MISOGYNIST 😳 we live in interesting times where we see things as they are and we are been told not call them for how they are, lanyela nxa #IsMacGWrong.

Guys thank you for all your opinion, good, bad left & right. It was my first spaces and it trended I still can’t believe it. Summary: no one deserves to be cyber bullied we all are different and have a difference in opinion. But we can express then respectfully. 🤍❤️ #IsMacGWrong.

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Why are y’all always forcing social media influencers to be role models do your children??? #IsMacGWrong.

#IsMacGWrong? Space is one-sided. If people agree with MacG and make valid points as to why, the hosts say something shady or worth double standards. But when the speakers disagree with MacG, the hosts applaud them and say nice things. Double standards, hypocritical and unfair.

#IsMacGWrong People stop connecting what @MacGUnleashed said with #GBV. Those two have no connection or what so ddnt abuse her, but he called her.

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MacG giving them sleepless night . Kutricky🤣@MacGUnleashed and @Solphendukaa 😂🤣😂🤣😂#IsMacGWrong.

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Yoh!!🤔 MacG must fall for what manje??. We understand its witchcraft time but dont expose yourself girl😭😭 #IsMacGWrong.

#IsMacGWrong Don’t y’all get tired? Fucken stop watching podcast if you got an issue with it You’re trying so hard to cancel @MacGUnleashed the podcast is flying 600k subscribers Mac Never told these girls to move the way they do, call a spade a spade 🚮🚮.

Men got on podcasts and exposed the misogynistic ways they live by #IsMacGWrong.

I just asked myself the very same thing 🤣🤣🤣 #IsMacGWrong.

Mac G is not wrong. You cant be a celeb or public figure and expect people to keep quiet when you do immoral things. #IsMacGWrong.

The way Kgosto was forcing his way, I just knew he would come with foot foot nonsense #IsMacGWrong.

Eyi eyi Mac G spoke about a trending topic!! MUSA is the one who dropped a name! #IsMacGWrong.

So every other week people will come on here and complain about MacG and still go and consume he’s content? You have the power to filter what you consume. If you don’t vibe with he’s content, don’t consume it. #IsMacGWrong.

Boring guy👌🏾 you nailed it! Negative rights versus positive rights🤔 interesting take #IsMacGWrong.

#IsMacGWrong If you hate MacG then you hate the truth and since you hate the truth then you can stop watching the show and let us people who love the truth watch out show☺️💯.

That co-host could have just saved time with our opinions ragrding the matter,she was just pushing her own Agenda. Talk about being la sisi! #IsMacGWrong.

#IsMacGWrong 😭😭😭😭they wished MacG death These toxic feminists need to be stopped.

The way he speaks about women, I’m shook that this is someone who has a gf/wife or whatever the situation and a mother. Forever using derogatory terms when talking about women, and y’all don’t see anything wrong with that? 🤮🚮 #IsMacGWrong.

They call slandering black women being “real” or exercising “free speech”. I think the boys club just doesn’t want to get it at all. People hold public platforms but don’t want to be held accountable for the harm they deliberately cause. 🙄🙄#IsMacGWrong.

I’m here for Kgotso and his friend sharing his 2 minutes 😂 #IsMacGWrong.

MacG is not time people know what these industry girls really do to have the lifestyle #IsMacGWrong.

#IsMacGWrong Minnie used her P power to get where she is proof was stated Zodwa used her P power to get where she is without hiding it They both under the same label just that one has a cover up Mac G stated facts stop hating on the Venda boy.

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#BlackMenAreTrash will do anything to bash the womb who they come from. Black women you are on your own!!! Wake Up and realise that Black Men are your biggest oppressors and killers!!! MacG needs to be cancelled! #IsMacGWrong.

At some point as women we will have to take accountability for our actions, this is the reason abantu abafana naboKelly are thriving , iqiniso asinalo m glad that oMinnie bazele abafana nabo uzoyizwa kowakhe naye #IsMacGWrong.

Did Mihlali tell you that she doesn’t have a child because she doesn’t want someone to look up to her? You guys are even lying unprovoked. 😂😂😂 #IsMacGWrong.

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