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New Italian PM says “we will never be slaves…at the mercy of financial speculators.” Sounds just like 1930s in Italy and Germany. No thanks for the memories..

This month, Sweden voted for a right-wing government. Now, Italy voted for a strong right-wing government. The entire world is beginning to understand that the Woke Left does nothing but destroy. Nov 8 is coming soon & the USA will fix our House and Senate! Let freedom reign!.

Speaking as an American, the most shocking thing about Italy’s Election is that they counted all the votes in one day..

The PM today tweets her congratulations to Italy’s new far right Prime Minister but a month ago wasn’t sure if the President of France was an ally or not?.

Italy’s 1st woman prime minister is B A S E D. Chills watching this..

In Italy, where fascism was invented, the most extreme government since 1945 has come to power. In Britain, where fascism is the unspoken, the most extreme government since 1945 has come to power. Spot the difference..

Italy’s new leader with a bolder message than 95% of Republicans..

The EU is threatening to punish Italy for electing a right-wing coalition government. How dare they democratically elect people the EU doesn’t like! The sheer nerve!.

Spreading throughout Italy and other parts of Europe, the mass burning of energy bills, people refusing to pay the extortionate prices 🔥🔥🔥 🔊sound.

Fox News
Fox News

Italy on track to elect first right-wing prime minister since World War II, first female to hold the office.

My latest on the rise of fascism in Italy and how its connected to the American right wing. Hope you can share..

Reinfections are soaring again in Italy. Back up to all time high. The new variants are no joke. If there is a new virus, don’t you want to update your anti-virus software patch? Get the new #Bivalent #BoosterShots..

Messi bersama Argentina tahun ini : vs Venezuela ⚽️ vs Ecuador vs Italy vs Estonia ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ vs Honduras ⚽️⚽️ vs Jamaica ⚽️⚽ Gaada 🐐.

White supremacy has always relied on active enforcement by white women, particularly when it comes to upholding racist, pro-natalist narratives, writes @natashalennard..

With fascism on the rise around the world, Americans can fight back in this country. Please vote against all Republicans..

#THFC have made contact with the agent of Inter Milan defender Stefan de Vrij, according to reports in Italy 👇.


#MintPrimer | Italy has elected an ultra-conservative government, soon after the election in Sweden that saw an anti-immigration party making gains. (@MattooShashank reports) Mint explains the Italian polls and the implications for the world:.

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Delighted by this! My film about Fascism in Italy (and elsewhere) has been added to the European Film Awards shortlist. Thank you so much.

It is so sad and worrying to see the extreme right on the verge of taking power in Italy, with Berlusconi cheering them on..

Italy is showing us how to win back your Country’s Sovereignty. The people have had enough..

Pictured is more of @KimKardashian wearing @DolceGabbana in Milan, Italy for their Milan Fashion Week show this past week! 🤍.

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After a difficult weekend in Italy, we head into this double-header feeling more optimistic about our competitiveness. well at least someone is optimistic !! bless u lance.

Italy, Ipsos analysis: Men | Women FdI-ECR: 28% | 24% PD+-S&D|G/EFA: 18% | 20% M5S-NI: 15% | 16% LEGA-ID: 8% | 10% FI-EPP: 8% | 8% A/IV-RE: 9% | 7% AVS-LEFT|G/EFA: 3% | 4% +E-RE: 2% | 4% #ElezioniPolitiche2022 ➤.

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Italy: Ipsos analysis shows that the Centre-left alliance amd A/IV are strongest among Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Executives, Office workers and Teachers Right-wing alliance and M5S are strongest among Traders, Artisans, Self-employed workers and Workers #ElezioniPolitiche2022.

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@credenzaclear2 No problem! That goes for all olive oil out of Italy unfortunately. Californian olive oil is always going to be the most pure region you can buy from ironically lmao..

@kieranstead95 @SkySportsNews Can put it along side your took Italy to penalties trophy you won last year 🤫.

@VanessaHudgens heading to the Versace Fashion Show After Party in Milan, Italy - September 23rd.

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85+ people from Lebanon, Palestine and Syria drowned while trying to flee their countries to reach Italy. Some of them sold their houses and everything they owned to collect the price of a seat on the migrant/death boat..

Unfortunately as climate change and peak energy etc affects more regions (River Po Italy) - it is driving people towards right wing fascist parties. This will make coming together as a collective, which we must do, even harder..

👀 The eye-catching performance certainly had everyone.

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