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Can i give Shoutout to #DeshKiBeti @smritiirani who defeated Italy ka Beta 🙈

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Mahmood Fazal
Mahmood Fazal ()

In a video interview held somewhere in the wilderness of Italy, Tarkovsky is held by the branch of a tree, hands behind his head, and invites coming generations “to learn solitude, to love to be on their own” - Valery Vinogradovs

Dafe Great
Dafe Great ()

The Milan derby, the biggest rivalry in Italy. #WhatsappStatus

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The_Geno ()

@k_gue_ I could find 20 more putting New Haven on top! 😎 BTW, I lived two years in Naples Italy. No one in their right mind would think Rome or Chicago beats la pizza Napoletano! Right mind! 😈

Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga
Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga ()

Can i give Shoutout to #DeshKiBeti @smritiirani who defeated Italy ka Beta 🙈

Alex Belfield
Alex Belfield ()

BREAKING NEWS Italy 🇮🇹 Fight Back #IOpen 😳 5000 Restaurants Open Today During Lockdown 👏 👇👇👇📺👇👇👇

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DepressionGoblin ()

just some casual 4 hour reading about Mussolini + facism in Italy after working all day

Anand Abhirup 😷 🦂
Anand Abhirup 😷 🦂 ()

Interesting collections in the Museum at #Netaji Birth Place in #Cuttack include 22 original letters written by him from Geneva, Milan in Italy, Mandalay Jail, Rangoon Jail in Myanmar, Presidency Jail, Alipore New Central Jail in Calcutta and Berlin to parents and family members.

Christy Love
Christy Love ()

F it! It’s Friday! Episode 14 little Italy dog park! Spicy 🌶 Food via @YouTube

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Pradheep J. Shanker
Pradheep J. Shanker ()

The UK and the US are kicking the crap out of every other country in the Western world: Europe in toto (including Germany, France, Spain, Italy) Switzerland, US and UK are so far running circles around the rest.

Hayden ()

@garius WWII was really the “but for” war. But for this treaty UK may have lost Atlantic. But for a dozen Icelanders we may have been blinded to weather conditions in the Atlantic. But for US Mafia in Sicily we may not have taken Italy. But for 1,000s of little things we’d have lost.

Portorriqueño 🇵🇷
Portorriqueño 🇵🇷 ()

DC Seattle San Francisco Madrid Barcelona London NY Rural areas of Italy Rome

Jeremy ()


Hannah C
Hannah C ()

@crazykarens 1904? Her family are newcomers to this country. They need to go back to Ireland, Italy, or wherever they came from.

Swifty ()

@homphs @Miatadoge I drove in Italy and weirdly the gear stick being on the opposite side was grand. I think it was because it was like mirrored in my head.

Fabrizio Romano
Fabrizio Romano ()

Confirmed. Fikayo Tomori will be in Milano on Friday to have medicals as new AC Milan player, paperworks signed today with Chelsea. 🤝 Final details: loan until June 2021 [6 months] with buy option around € [£25m]. He’ll fly to Italy in the next few hours. 🔵 #CFC #ACMilan

Canadian Forces in 🇺🇸
Canadian Forces in 🇺🇸 ()

At 20, he left Toronto for battlefields in Italy and Holland. He wants you to never let it happen again. He will be 100 on January 31, but can’t celebrate with family and friends. Won’t you write to Trooper Ed Stafford? 4251 Dundas Street West Etobicoke, ON, M8X 2Z5

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Milan Airports
Milan Airports ()

@laurencemodiano Hi Laurence, to have information about your transit or staying in Italy, you can look here

MarcyFashion ()

Sparco - MONZA-GP Made in:Italy Geschlecht:Herren Modelltyp:Sneakers Obermaterial:Leder Einlegesohle:Leder Intern:Leder Sohle:Gummi Details:Rundspitzeenge Passform

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Wales v Italy Rugby
Wales v Italy Rugby ()

#rugby history Born today 21/01 in 1967 : Giovanni Grespan (Italy) rugby v Wales in 1994WCQ

Benjamin ()

@GeorgeAylett Yes but again, saying it only “started” to impact the USA is disingenuous, given there’d been over 10,000 deaths, which was a lot at the time, and they were three days off overtaking the current epicentre of the crisis, Italy. And saying Biden had “no policies” was disingenuous

ಭಾರತೀಯ ()

@yashurs @RahulGandhi Rahul Vinci you want conversion in italy or English or will u use Google trandlater to hear who is NADDA

World Architecture
World Architecture ()

noa* network of architecture creates self-contained green tree suites raised on stilts in South Tyrol: #architecture #italy

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Phil Rees
Phil Rees ()

@andrew_lilico But thats the point - UK wants to have diplomatic contact with EU countries - eg Germany, France, Poland, Italy, etc.

Isko ()

Someone wins one game after “100” years, someone a trophy every year. 9 Italian Super Cup 9 times in a row champion of Italy. J U V E N T U S ⚫️⚪️

Sinan Özel
Sinan Özel ()

What Facebook had returned to me was an irrealis Alexandria via an imitation Paris imitating an unreal Alexandria in a small town in Italy called Nervi.” Excerpt From: André Aciman. “Homo Irrealis”. #aciman #Homoirrealis

Viola 🐚
Viola 🐚 ()

what the actual fuck. it is virtually impossible to get a test result in English here in Italy, especially if you don’t live in a city. bureaucracy is a nightmare here, and (i do recognise my immense privilege) i can’t imagine how it is in other countries. i am shocked.

Fariz Ismailzade 🇦🇿
Fariz Ismailzade 🇦🇿 ()

Despite pandemic difficulties, ADA University today sent off 53 students to exchange programs in Italy, France, Korea, Germany, Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Czech Republic, USA, Austria, Croatia, Japan, Russia

Ms F Tutu
Ms F Tutu ()

Daring to look at flights abroad for the end of the year. Could be lunacy. Thinking Bologna. Never been to Italy, should go for the big hitters, but Bologna also looks beautiful, has one sculpture I desperately want to see and presumably would be less packed and a little cheaper.

Matjaz Marcina
Matjaz Marcina ()

Et tu, Matteo? How Giuseppe Conte survived political assassination See it was one of my proposed paths and an ultimatum so my right friends should to wait a while for. ;)

Ted Lieu
Ted Lieu ()

Dear @SecPompeo: You described your dad as a proud Italian-American. You attended the Sons of Italy’s 2019 Ambassadors Ball. You practice multiculturalism yourself. So either you are a hypocrite, or you believe you are stoking divisions by being multicultural.

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