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Tweet247 | Updated: Sun, 22 Apr 2018, 16:04 PM IST

J Cole Top Tweets On Twitter

  • J. Cole fans: Real hip-hop is finally back Me: Ok but we weren’t even talking about- J. Cole fans: REAL HIP HOP IS BACK. THROW AWAY ALL THAT OTHER GARBAGE. COLE WORLD.

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  • J Cole bodied Lil Pump with a Ted Talk. #1985.

  • J. Cole and kiLL edward on the track. 🔥 #KOD.

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  • What did J. Cole do to yall ? Lmao mfs talk about bro worse than the SixNine nigga.

  • All those tweeting “ KOD is Lit🔥” questions would be ask to fill in the blank spaces 😅smh💪💥.

  • J Cole look like every Black Israelite yellin outside of gallery place Chinatown.

  • Ngl that j cole album aint even that good.

  • I been a huge J Cole fan since forever but his fan base is mad annoying.

  • if j cole were digression is my strong point.

  • 🚨 COLE BACK 🚨.

  • Should be studying for this exam tomorrow but here I am with J. Cole new album on repeat..

  • Never listened to J Cole much but wow KOD is incredible.

  • @JColeNC. Thank u for being u 🙏 Photograph by J. Cole.

  • ⚡️ “J. Cole reveals what his new album name stands for”.

  • Did J. Cole really just killed these trash rappers with kindness? That’s hard af..

  • @sagelings__ @christiannjr_ Decent but no where close to the level of big seam Kendrick and j hoping his next album surprises me.

  • I’m floored and absolutely distraught. G-Eazy has some bops, don’t get me wrong but never has he done anything even close to the poetry J. Cole blesses us w. This is a joke, right?.

  • Ok now I see why people hate j cole fans.

  • Will I be able to get that J Cole album on #Fakaza or #NaijaVibes?.

  • Why do people hate j cole so much? I’m very confused?.

  • Lecimy z tym panie J. Cole! ❤️.

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  • @kingsleyrino u blind as shit or pay attention both them niggas garbage. j cole for the fake deep people who are still seeking fulfillment in life cuz they are bums. lil pump for niggas who ignorant and never plan on changing just a bum. both of em bums..

  • new album is better than Born Sinner! 🔥🔥🔥.

  • @Flop_Sinclar Black Album, tjrs traumatisant mais je vais bumper le comme il se doit.

  • I know it’s got nothing for you to hit ya dance too & dabble in your favourite vices, but I quite like this J. Cole album on first listen. Which means it’ll probably grow on me..

  • I’m not even a big J Cole fan, I just think he’s a cool storyteller with his music that’s all.

  • J cole my new fav Rapper 🤷🏽‍♂️🔥.

  • J. Cole is a legend because his birthday is 28th of January and so is mine.

  • J Cole’s album is now a bleaching cream.

  • J Coleのアルバムはなんか、期待はずれ(?)でした。 いまいち説得力もなく、流行りの三つ子フロウとフックで同じフレーズを連呼するリル•ウージー•ヴァートのような謎スタイル。 J Coleに求めてるものではなかったな、という印象です。.

  • When J Cole said “All a nigga know is how to fuck a good thing up” I felt that on a spiritual level.

  • Stop comparing J Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Cole speaks to the people and Kendrick speaks for the people.

  • Man you can only but give thanks to God for the wonder that is J. Cole.

  • Stream J. Cole’s New Album KOD.

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