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  • Fraud charges against former South African President Jacob Zuma are reinstated, prosecutors say

  • BREAKING: Former South African President Jacob Zuma will face prosecution. He will stand trial on 16 charges of corruption. More soon on

    Jacob Zuma twitter.
  • BREAKING: Shaun Abrahams reinstates corruption charges against former president Jacob Zuma #ZumaCharges

    Jacob Zuma twitter.
  • [WATCH] #ZumaCharges: NPA Shaun Abrahams has decided to prosecute former President Jacob Zuma. Courtesy #DStv403

  • A special message from Former President, Jacob Zuma. #BestDay

  • Jacob Zuma must personally #PayBackTheMoney. "We have consulted our legal team & begun the legal process of retrieving every cent of this R15.3 million from Jacob Zuma." - @MmusiMaimane.

  • BREAKING: We have today received a letter from the State Attorney revealing that the Presidency has spent R15,300,250 of public money over the past 9 years on the “Spy Tapes” case. - @MmusiMaimane

  • Zuma spent R15million legal fees. Quite frankly if you’re an NGO trying to get funding and you haven’t changed your name to ‘Jacob Zuma’s Legal Fees’, you don’t know what your are doing..

  • Zuma will face 16 charges, including racketeering, fraud and money laundering.

  • Jacob Zuma was quite a trip: A commander-in-chief and an editor-in-chief.

  • "After consideration of the matter, I am of the view that there are reasonable prospects of successful prosecution of Mr Zuma on the charges listed in the indictment."

  • Zuma, 75, resigned as president last month after he was ordered to do so by his party, the African National Congress.

  • Former South African president Zuma faces charges over arms deal

    Jacob Zuma twitter.
  • Recordando. Ataque ao BRIC,S. Soberania da África do Sul ameaçada. Desonravelmente descarado: Jacob Zuma está sendo derrubado na África do Sul, @stanleyburburin, @CCambara2 via @DinamicaGlobal.

  • Explosive book claims that former President, Jacob #Zuma , was directly involved in the creation of the controversial Gupta-linked news channel #ANN7 . In the tell-all book, Indentured - Behind the Scenes at GUPTA TV, senior journalist @Rsundaram05 claims

  • Jacob Zuma acted as de facto editor, managing director and shareholder of Gupta-family owned broadcaster ANN7, an explosive new tell-all book claims. | Ferial Haffajee.

  • They said the Guptas were calling the shots and Running South Africa today they say so called " Semi-illiterate " Jacob Zuma was acting as an editor, Managing director and calling the Shots at ANN7.

    Jacob Zuma twitter.
  • #ZumaCharges DA leader Mmusi Maimane has welcomed the decision by the NPA to reinstate charges against former President Jacob Zuma..

  • Ex-South Africa leader Jacob Zuma to face corruption charges

    Jacob Zuma twitter.
  • Former South African president Jacob Zuma will face prosecution on corruption charges that haunted much of his...

  • @_BlackTwittaSA Jacob Zuma.

  • @SihleNotwabaza @Switch_PTA Congrats!! Now I know how Jacob Zuma got removed..

  • Jacob Zuma to be prosecuted on corruption charges @CNNAfrica

  • Politics... Anyway, in the light of the evidence now revealing, they can judge former president Jacob Zuma and finally put an end to these allegations #ZumaCharges.

  • Former South African president Jacob Zuma charged with corruption

  • In my view Jacob Zuma is not going on trial for anything. He knows too much and can spill the beans on others. He may get his wrist slapped, but that’s about it.

  • Ou comment l industrie de l armement tue les démocraties ...

  • Reinstatement of charges against Jacob Zuma welcomed #bollywood #bbc.

  • ⒈ Syokimau ⒉ #UCLdraw ⒊ #NairobiRains ⒋ #10over10 ⒌ #TimizaKE ⒍ #DiamondOnMseto ⒎ Athi River ⒏ Coast ⒐ Jacob Zuma ⒑ Liverpool 2018/3/17 04:45 EAT #trndnl

  • South Africa farm murders: Jacob Zuma calls for white land to be confiscated @ShireenMorrisMs Read this!

  • #JacobZuma To Be Prosecuted On Long-Dormant — And Now Revived — Corruption Charges #president

    Jacob Zuma twitter.
  • Former South Africa President, Jacob Zuma To Face 16 Counts Of Corruption, Money Laundering & Racketeering - #STVNews #STVUpdate #JacobZuma

    Jacob Zuma twitter.
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