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Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars After Comedian Made ‘ Jane’ Joke About Jada Pinkett.


Quem aí viveu essa era? Há 10 anos atrás, o Fifth Harmony era formado por Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui e Normani. O grupo conquistou um legado de fãs harmonizers ao redor do mundo e ainda possuem diversos recordes. #10YearsOfFifthHarmony @FifthHarmony.

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This week we lost three former members of the General Assembly, Jack Reid, Charlie Waddell and Jane Woods. But when @GovernorVA ordered flags lowered he only recognized the two men. Incompetent staff or does he not think women should be honored?.


Hi Jane, our members, who worked all through the pandemic, are angry that they are now told that they will lose jobs & conditions and have their pensions attacked after three years of no pay rise. The railway will be less safe and accessible and we are fighting for all passengers.

One of my all-time favorite Jane Elliott moments… Simple. Truth..

Oferta Amazon 🟡 📔Orgulho e preconceito - Capa dura 💰R$ 29,32 🛒.

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소꿉친구< 맛있음 짝사랑< 환장함 엇나간 사랑< 그냥더블락스핀중 엇나간 소꿉친구 짝사랑< 죽어줄게 ㅇㅇ.

I would run the best Jane Austen bot by having it follow myself, her only true literary heir..

Righteo. Glad thats over Overall, i give it a Jane and Mike story arc get 12/10. Scott and Charlene cameos just good for the soul tbh. #Neighbours.

Helping others is our theme for #FeelingsFriday This Watts portrait (@NTWightwick) is of Jane Nassau Senior (Hughes), the first female civil servant- the assistant inspector of workhouses- and founder of ‘Metropolitan Association for Befriending Young Servants’..

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역시브11에서커플이나오면 온커무가 쉬핑한다 ㅋㅋ 장인장모 등장~.

I thought it’d be all about Scott and Charlene but in the end it was Mike and Jane that stole the show 🥹❤️ #Neighbours #NeighboursFinale.

Came for Scott and Charlene, staying for Mike and Jane (Guy Pearce in this is magic) #Neighbours.

I know there were only like 3 names back then but I still think it’s so exquisite that Jane Austen named Elizabeth’s hot, perfect older sister her own name..

Frivillige kontrollører der stiller sig mellem folk med kniv 💪🏼 I må være lavet af noget helt særligt ❤️ Men hvordan polakkerne kan have knive med ind på stadion fatter jeg ikke noget af..

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Enjoy these retellings of Jane Austen’s beloved final novel..

They kind hunger that will waya this level 1 people this week🤣🤣🤣🤣 #BBNaija7.

Fairytale ending for iconic #Neighbours couple Mike and Jane in last ever episode via @MetroUK.


ชอบมือใหญ่ๆ ควยไม่ต้องใหญ่มากหรอกมันเจ็บ.

Is anyone else tired of What They Say by Maya Jane Coles being sampled in dance music songs?.

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We do know COA was a Sagg (makes sense), AOC was either a Cancer or a Libra, and CP was born in August so either a Leo or a Virgo Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard, and Jane Seymour are up in the air..

@HertsSid MEH about Scott & Charlene. Bit of a pointless tack on. The Mike & Jane stuff is as lovely though #NeighboursFinale.

@ulya_tse @serial_jane у меня нет такого размеренного графика. поэтому никаких эпплов. техника должна иметь запас хода больше, чем на сутки..

Jane and Mike that’s an OG couple right there. But liked Clive the (former) ginger too. #Neighbours #neighboursfinale.

@Jane_Banane__ Es ist inzwischen so oder so der Horror vor die Tür zu gehen. Am schlimmsten ist es neuerdings vor der Roten Ampel zu stehen und das neben einer Wenn die Ampel dann auf Grün springt kommt auch nicht mehr die Freude wie damals auf 🥳🥳🥳.

@delicatewhre @Animefacialrec1 mary jane what if i told u i have real diagnosed autism am i gtung on ur nerves.

Debo de ser digno!!!!!!! me ha llegado la figura de Jane Foster como #Thor del sorteo en el debate #ThorLoveAndThunder de @Maestro_Ciego con @ArkhamCyC Maravilla! Gracias!.

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@thegirlinlust 🤍 honestly jane is that one famous person i don’t mind that got super popular. she’s so genuine and authenticity really is lacking amongst celebrities (and people) nowadays. she’s a good example.

@___Jane__Doe__ Amo esse vídeo, é incrível como ele consegue ter uma profundidade filosófica e ser engraçado ao mesmo tempo Kkkkkk.

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