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Headhunting 101 for recruiters right here!👇 As someone who has been headhunted, do you feel you were treated in this way? #JobAdviceSA #JobSeekersWednesday.

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@JobAdviceSA A4: Native SA recruitment providers have yet to launch a successful app - what they do currently have are active and successful web portals. ##JobAdviceSA.

@JobAdviceSA @Careers24Jobs A3: The CV is screened for suitability. Manual screening is limited, and thus larger agencies use automated screening processes. [Tip: this is why your CV should not look like a fancy brochure, the data is all that matters.] #JobAdviceSA.

Vacancy: Short-Term Insurance Advisors Requirements: Grade 12/Matric 2-5 years experience in the marketing of short-term insurance, preferably within commercial sector. FAIS accreditation is mandatory. Applications can be sent to [email protected] #JobAdviceSA.

@JobAdviceSA A2: Good answer from @JobSeekersWed: Headhunting candidates can be tricky, that’s why its imperative that you don’t give them a pitch straight away - it’s a long game. In order to be successful, it starts w/ relationship building & trust. #JobAdviceSA.

@JobSeekersWed @JobAdviceSA Even if (somehow)there were bundles specially formulated in conjunction with these apps or something that could just allow job seekers to search without additional stress, will definitely give this a read #DataMustFall #JobAdviceSA.

@TheDylanGraham @JobAdviceSA Totally agree, #DataMustFall. We wrote about this exact thing a while back: #JobAdviceSA.

A4. The other factor is that most recruiters still use job websites and ask jobseekers to email their CVs rather than using apps to connect with candidates #JobAdviceSA.

I wish that someone would come on like maybe @TelkomZA 😄 #JobAdviceSA.

@JobAdviceSA A4: #jobadvicesa some have. Such as LinkedIn, ClockWork’s, Pnet, Indeed, careers24, careerjunction, job mail, glassdoor and careerjet. Glassdoor is very popular in the USA. Glassdoor is great if you are looking for a job in the bigger organisation..

A4. There have been several apps launched to enable companies to hire general workers but none of these have taken off for various reasons. Maybe nobody has come up with the ideal platform yet #JobAdviceSA.

@JobAdviceSA A4: Hi everyone! LinkedIn and the Indeed app are probably the most common. South Africa is not quite there yet for recruitment apps. #JobadviceSA.

@JobAdviceSA A4 hindrance is high data costs & smartphone penetration but, at the end of the day, its a mindset that people tend to search job boards & have not yet taken to “The Gig Economy” in South Africa. #JobAdviceSA.

@JobAdviceSA A4 The only one that’s really taken off is @SweepSouthSA. They have gained traction w/in the home-cleaning sector due to a high demand for affordable cleaning services, & of course a large pool of jobseekers. #JobAdviceSA.

What did you guys do with your first paycheck? #WhatIDidWithMyFirstSalary #JobAdviceSA.

Q4. Have recruitment apps taken off in South Africa, and why? Which ones? #JobAdviceSA.

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A3. Unfortunately most job websites simply forward the candidates CV to the recruiter despite there being software that can ensure that candidates are matched to suitable jobs first #JobAdviceSA.

Headhunting 101 for recruiters right here!👇 As someone who has been headhunted, do you feel you were treated in this way? #JobAdviceSA #JobSeekersWednesday.

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