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GOAL Sheff Utd 1-1 Spurs (33 mins) Spurs reply immediately! Harry Kane picks up on a loose ball and slots past Dean Henderson to level things up #SHUTOT

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Dave Aronberg
Dave Aronberg ()

The only vote (7-1) against a mask requirement in Knox County, Tennessee, was Mayor @GlennJacobsTN, who has performed as the @WWE Superstar Kane, for most of his career. 👇👇 There is no irony left in 2020.

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Spencer Kane
Spencer Kane ()

Yoooo! is live EVERYWHERE!!! Stream/Download this song here: Spotify: Apple Music: iTunes: Search Spencer Kane Watch the full music video here:

AD ()

He has always outshone Sancho whenever he has played for England. Rashford Kane Sterling 👍

金棒〝の〟かね@絵描き半V/絵の依頼受付中 ()

昼だけどおはようございます!! 昨日は夜更かししてしまったので遅めに起きてしまいました( ˙꒳​˙ ) 今日も沢山頑張ります(・ω・三・ω・)フンフン

Jazz #Jazz1k #VP10k #Falon10k #SemanaGhibli🏡
Jazz #Jazz1k #VP10k #Falon10k #SemanaGhibli🏡 ()

eu sou gado mas olha o lado bom, eu n fico com joguinho de desinteresse com as pessoas (coisa q acho extremamente infantil) se eu tenho interesse EU MOSTRO nem q for

Erik Lambert
Erik Lambert ()

Michael Jordan Walter Payton Bobby Hull Ernie Banks Patrick Kane is knocking on the door.

Yeezy ()

an actual thing a customer just said on the phone “hi can I get an extra large half cheese half pizza, wait, half cheese half cheese, half pepperoni”

Discourseteca ()

@haleiga *P. Diddy spoken word outro on Damaged by Danity Kane voice* sometimes you have to go through the pain (KH3) to experience the joy (FF7R) (disclaimer: I have not played either game)

Giorgio Giraudo
Giorgio Giraudo ()

@LucasKinn Espero que o novo do Fincher sobre Cidadão Kane chegue bem forte pra ele finalmente ganhar melhor direção

Walter J. Liveharder
Walter J. Liveharder ()

@kane_one_ @joey_torresomar 🙋🏻‍♂️. Damnit I was just out that way too!!! 😂

Being Author 📚
Being Author 📚 ()

Gripping - The Intense, Psychological Suspense Thriller That Will Hook You From The Very First Line. @L_J_Kane_Author

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FAMOUS 10.07 🧪
FAMOUS 10.07 🧪 ()

Vous voulez sincèrement faire partie des gagnants ?? Rejoignez ma team. Samedi di nguen xam Kane leih😌

ᵖᵏ ✊😭
ᵖᵏ ✊😭 ()

@Ayslan_Vieiraa tão lá em cima mas voltaram mal, ganharam na cagada do Spurs, anularam 3 gols do Kane, eu tmb não corro não, esqueci nada

Carli🐝 ()

i am just learning this and want to take the opportunity to hopefully educate others. “eyebrow slits” aren’t a trend they are in fact a cultural legacy first noticed on rapper, Big Daddy Kane. to call them “slits” alone is a micro aggression as they are actually called “cuts”

Paddy_1892⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ()

@MarkAshley25 @LFC Did u watch ur own game ? Idiot Harry dribble Kane is shit lol we’re champions and you haven’t won any trophy in years horrible club .

Rapha ()

A seleção que Gareth Southgate tem em mã Interessante hein? Apenas Maguire (27), Kane (26) e Henderson (29) têm mais de 24 anos

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Football.london ()

The moment that summed up the issues around Harry Kane | @AlasdairGold

Arteta FC
Arteta FC ()

@zanemehdi My guy was more known for being thrown off a wheelchair by Kane than he was for his championship wins 😂😂😭

Tottenham News
Tottenham News ()

The moment that summed up the problems around Harry Kane | @AlasdairGold

Alasdair Gold
Alasdair Gold ()

A slight rant about the lack of quality and a plan from and for those attackers around Harry Kane tonight and the one moment that summed it all up for me.

JaiP ()

@LastWordOnSpurs One positive. He’s saying it like it is. Front 3 behind Kane were shocking. Kane had 4 chances and scored them all. Just pass the ball to him you idiots

Ben Richards
Ben Richards ()

I’ve had to rewatch Kane’s disallowed decision. VAR shambles!

Team Albanians (Shqip)
Team Albanians (Shqip) ()

Mesazhi i Jonidës për komunitetin shqiptar: Mendohuni dhe kuptoni deklaratat që bëni, ndikimin që ato kanë. [3/3] 📍 Washington, DC

SteveW1968 ()

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 well done Harry Kane for winning the month and day trophy 🏆👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

4kO ()

What a Game !!! 4-3 best game of the season so far Kane is BACK!!! WITH 4 GOALS #COYS #SHUTOT

Premier League
Premier League ()

GOAL Sheff Utd 1-1 Spurs (33 mins) Spurs reply immediately! Harry Kane picks up on a loose ball and slots past Dean Henderson to level things up #SHUTOT

金酒おっぱい ()

Hyper Scapeとかいう新作バトロワ見てるけど、復活簡単すぎないか?これ

Curtis Woodhouse
Curtis Woodhouse ()

Deli Ali is a runner, soon as he realises this the better. He thinks he’s a passer, he isn’t. That happens a lot to players, they get success and try and over complicate it. All he needs to do is run off Kane for 90 minutes and he gets 20 goals, let the ballers ball, you just run

△▽△朱音△▽△ ()

@shinzya_2nd なんかつくづく思うねんけど、なんか俺の周りの人冷たいねんな()

James Benge
James Benge ()

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has 50 Premier League goals in 79 games. Only Cole, Shearer, Van Nistelrooy, Torres and Salah have reached the tally quicker. Thierry Henry took 83 games. Harry Kane 90. Alexis Sanchez - the man Aubameyang was signed to replace - 101.

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