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37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo has won the same amount of Premier League POTM awards as Mo Salah, Harry Kane and Kevin De Bruyne COMBINED this season 🐐.

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Six Premier League Player of the Month awards. Only Harry Kane and Sergio Agüero (7) have more than Cristiano Ronaldo 🏆.

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Harry Kane, al enterarse de que Haaland será el delantero de Guardiola la próxima.

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🤯 Loris Karius is the last goalkeeper to save a penalty taken by Harry Kane in the Premier League.

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Kane Williamson generally a good captain but second time he is keeping a spinner against Russell in the last over..

Westside Gunn just stopped the Griselda show in Chicago for a wrestling match between Kane and Hollywood Hogan 😭😭🤣😩.

【KOF XV】 As a special bonus, EXTRA costumes are available for DLC Team SOUTH TOWN characters Geese Howard, Billy Kane, and Ryuji Yamazaki! Take on the world with these iconic fits. #KOF15 #KOFXV.

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Last summer £100+m for Kane talks. Could have been similar with Haaland. Wait a year. Top of the Premier League still. And could have a striker for just over £50m. Cracking business. Great patience. #ManCity #MCFC.

Kane feeling unwell, not 100% and will be assessed ahead of #THFC’s trip to Norwich. No other players feeling unwell and no suggestion of food poisoning outbreak..


🔨 “I’ve seen a lot of pundits trying to hammer #AFC for a disappointing season.” 👀 “Arsenal have overachieved! Looking at #THFC, they have two world-class players in Kane and Son. Arsenal have zero!” @Ga11Agbon believes Arsenal have ‘overachieved’ with their players 🔴.

Luis Diaz has won more trophies in six months than Harry Kane has ever done at Spurs…what a signing!!!!.

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Tottenham fans prayed for 6 years that one day Kane & Bale would play with each other and when they did they got Conference League & a Carabao Cup runners up medal..

Harry Kane, o jogador com mais gols contra o Arsenal NA HISTÓRIA da Premier League: 13 🖼 #PremierLeagueNaESPN.

Why do people fan themselves when they’re fending off tears? Cooling down your cheek bears no relation to eye water. If anything the breeze from the hand will encourage eye moisture. Mugs..

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On This Day in 2017, Harry Kane scored a hat-trick to claim his second consecutive Premier League Golden Boot ⚽🥇 #THFC.

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Kane Williamson was absolutely bamboozled by @ZahirZk7575 🌪️ #20yearsofT20.

おはようございます☀️ #新澤菜央 #しんしんタイム.

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Agüero leaving Atletico upset me a lot. As did Griezmann. I really wanted these players to stay at their clubs and retire there, if possible. I like the idea of rewriting a club’s history. I don’t believe that every great player/prospect must go to a “bigger club”. Vardy. Kane..

📌 On This Day: Gameweek 38 | 16/17 Kane rounds off GW38 with a hat trick in a 7 - 1 win against Hull, sealing the golden boot with 29 goals. #FPL.

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Lots of injuries this week so I can’t play the bench boost. Salah, Ronaldo and Havertz out for Kane, Mane and Zaha. Zaha captain as a fun pick. Good luck FPL Community 🙂.

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Mount has both scored & assisted in six different PL matches this season, the most any CFC player has done in a single campaign. Only two English players have ever scored & assisted in seven different matches within a PL season: Shearer in 1994/95 and Kane in 2020/21..

Orson Welles is one of only a handful of filmmakers who deserve to be described as a genius. These two are stunning and showing as a double bill tonight—Thursday—on BBC4, starting at 9pm (Kane) and 11pm.

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📰 Harry Kane is expected to stay at Spurs this summer. Via @AlasdairGold #THFC #COYS.

What does Mo have to do for these people to respect him like what is their actual issue? If they rob him like they robbed harry kane of PFA and give it to KDB again 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

EPL final 😶 Bowen to score DCL or Richarlson to score Tooney to score Kdb to score Kdb to assist Bruno G. To score Vardy to score Madison to score Lukaku to score Kane to score Son to score Man .u to concede 😂 que la force du ballon soit avec nous 💪.

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@Football__Tweet Last season Most goals - Kane Most assists - Kane PFA - KDB This season Most goals - Salah Most assists - Salah PFA - KDB.

it’s not harry kane so it doesn’t fit their ‘golden boy’ and ‘corrupt referees’ agenda 😂😂😂.

4th single sudah dipastikan guyss:) single album again! Gpp! SN emng strict soal mereka kalo lagunya ga kane gamau dimasukin ke album! Berarti kudu sabar nunggu lagu2 SN🙃 @5ecretNumber.

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