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N’Golo Kante was forced to leave Chelsea vs. Manchester United after just 13 minutes due to injury 🤕

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Nuceaa_x ()

je suis pour United rhey,mais kante te mange 10 change de photo

C A R E F R E E ()

No Kante, Pulisic or Hudson-Odoi for the Tottenham game and Abraham is a maybe. Here we go.

‏ً ()

Barkley needs a game and with Kante and Ruben out he honestly needs to jump in for Saturday. Stick Mount on the wings.

Hakim ()

@Jo_lo_mi I actually love kante. But it’s something I have noticed through out the course of the season. We were on a roll without him. Once he was included in the team, our fluidity in midfield disappeared

ツブカンテ ()

むてんまるぅぅ・・・何故逃げるぅぅ・・・ このツブカンテを倒すんじゃなかったカンテかぁ

Nmble ()

@Wietnamczyk93 @_tomek_cfc my środek pola powinniśmy przez reszte sezonu grać jorgi-kova a do nich dostawiać w zależności od rywala kante/mounta. ten duet przy tak elektryzujących stoperach to mus do uspokajania gry

VAR ()

@CFCBrano Think he’d be top, I meant as a club like have you been scouting him? Sadly looks like Kante will never be the same again, injured all the time these days

Dillon🇳🇬 🅙 ()

Ighalo overtakes Kante as the most adorable and wholesome Prem footballer. There I said it

َ ()

Anyone who says they won’t at least entertain the idea of potentially selling Kante for £80-100m is an absolute liar. The guy has become injury prone & might as well make the most of it whilst his stock is still high.

B3noh ()

I knew it will end in tears when Kante left the pitch 😭😭😭 #CHEMUN

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Malaikher malick ()

Beginning of season kante has improved so much on his attack Now stop using kante out of position 🌚

CFC_Alexander ()

@CarefreeYouth Kante, Azpi, Willian, Pedro, Barkley, Christensen, Alonslow, Bats all out. Probably more donkeys, but this list of frauds should leave instantly.

Daley ()

@nunn_harry You look like Kante but play like Dier and Williams 😂 (Dier from 16/17 season)

Little campos ()

chelsea levou perdeu pa saiu que ja podem fazer nosso sorteios das quartas,

Rooney mara é bilionária ()

@thhescripts cara eu to triste e pelo frank, foi burro de ter botado o michy mas o resto do jogo foi assalto e má sorte de perder o kante o povo culpando ele kkk

Josh ()

@Geoff_Barnes @khalidpschwarz I don’t even know how bad Kante’s is. Shocked me it happened so quick???

🇲🇾 ()

when Kante went down it was done. our best big game player. good luck watching Jorginho controlling the game

Cody Lee 🇬🇧🇨🇦 ()

@py_cruz Nah like The wingbacks worked as extra wingers while the forward wingers cut inside and you had a target man to play it off of and one midfielder pushed up slightly while kante sat back leaving usually 4 defenders 3 midfielders (fullbacks included and 3 attackers.

Matty Leighton ()

Man U are such a weird team man. Kante gets injured, maguire somehow still on the pitch, Willian given a yellow for being fouled and martial elbows Christensen in the face then seconds later beats him in the air and scores. The absolute definition of flukey bastards. #CHEMUN

Lamar ochs ()

@CarefreeEdition As much as CFC has played like shit playing Kante as a box to box w Jourgino as a DM is ignorant

Oui. ()

pogba kanté blessés ndombélé et tolisso jouent pas il est tps d’appeler le meilleur 6 français boubaKamara_4

Hitwin Predicts ()

Chelsea’s Kante injured in first 10 minutes of Man Utd clash

Cian🐐 ()


Gossipieh ()

Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante sustains injury in Manchester United clash

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W ()

pogba kanté blessés ndombélé et tolisso jouent pas il est tps d’appeler le meilleur 6 français @boubaKamara_4

Quinton ()

@LehmannsTerms_ He’s half decent and looks good in a 2. He definitely hasn’t got the quality to dominate that space The only place Pogba has played that role is for France behind Girezmann and alongside Kante in his best form. Didn’t play there for Juve and has been underwhelming there for Utd.

🐘 ()

Kanté il est blessé 😔 j’espère c’est pas grave mdr déjà qu’on est très très nul alors sans

Gonzalo Benjamin ()

El #Chelsea 0-1 en Stamford Bridge, con Kanté y Christensen lesionados. En sus lugares ingresaron Mount y Zouma. Los Blues tienen 45 minutos para dar la vuelta. #EPL

Bathfly ()

@youneshh I knew it when i saw the line up I knew it when Kanté got injured I knew it when batshuayi missed a lot of Lets see what happen during the new 45

B/R Football ()

N’Golo Kante was forced to leave Chelsea vs. Manchester United after just 13 minutes due to injury 🤕

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☚ #livwhu #KeaCupid ☛
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